Curious Cat - 15/24

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Grissom & Catherine
Rating: PG
Category: Humor, Friendship
Series/Sequel: Breaking the Ice
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: A conversation between friends
Warning: None
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Released: November 2003
Word Count: 379
Beta: None

"So, how is your love life?" Catherine asked Gil out of the blue, while they were sitting in the lounge, having lunch together.

Grissom, just taking a bite out of his egg salad sandwich, choked and coughed. "What? Since when are you interested in my love life? We never talked about this before."

"Because there was none." Catherine opened her bottle of ice tea and showed a sarcastic smile.

"Very funny. Who said, there is one now?"

"I do."

"I see. You are wrong."

"I don´t think so."


"Gil, come on. I see the signs."

"There are signs?"

"Oh yes, definitely. You´re glowing all the time. You´re laughing more. You´re happier."

Grissom had to smile. "Well, maybe there is another reason for all that."

"Sure. Tell me the reason."


"Gil, we are friends for a very long time. It´s me. You know, you can trust me."


Grissom´s face showed his inner struggle.

"Besides, I even know who your love interest is. Young. Cute. Works at the lab. Adores you."

"Catherine!" Grissom was deeply shocked.

She grinned, amused. "Yeah. I know. For some time. I´m not stupid. Why did you hide it, anyway?"

"I don´t know. Maybe, I feared, you couldn´t like me anymore. Turn away from me."

"Oh Gil. Such nonsense. Don´t you know me at all? I´m so glad you found someone. Someone, who is good for you, who makes you happy." Catherine winked at him. "The chosen one is very happy too."

Grissom blushed slightly. "You´re exaggerating excessively."

"No, I don´t. Head over heels in love with you."


"What? Still denying the truth?"

"It´s just...we aren´t quite a perfect match, are we? "

"Certainly you are."

"You truly think so?"

"Yes." She smirked. "I could see this coming, since the first day, you have met."

"Please. Now, you´re really must be kidding."

"The way, you were looking at each other. You were both having an obvious crush at first sight."

The man, who was well-known for having always everything under control, became crimson. "Okay, okay. Let´s change the subject."

Smiling, but giving in, she continued to eat her salad.

For a while none was spoken.

Suddenly, Cath´s eyes were sparkling, and she burst out: "By the way, how is your sex life?"


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