Mea Culpa

  • Gregīs appearance: Observant

  • 4 Scenes: With Sara
    and Dr. Robbins

  • Shippyness: G/S

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Sara and Greg are walking into the room. Dr. Robbins and David go over the body with Sara and Greg. Robbins points to the bullet hole. They discuss the injury. Robbins asks Greg to insert a rod into the hole. He hands Greg a colored rod. Greg inserts it into the bullet hole. They come to the conclusion that the injury was self-inflicted and accidental.

Second Scene:
Sara and Greg are in the lab. They each have on a pair of goggles. Sara shows him how to take the polishing compound, and rub it on the obliterated serial number with a swab. She turns on a sanding machine and rubs the compound down. She adds the liquid to the serial number and dabs at it with the swab. They take a look at the serial number. Sara asks Greg to run it through NCIC and the local pawn shops to see if they can get an address. On his way out, Greg meets Conrad Ecklie walking in.

Third Scene:
Det. Vartan is waiting out front as Sara and Greg drive up. Sara tells Vartan the gun which was found is registered to a Paul Turlock, who happens to be the owner of the house. They head for the house. They reach the front door and see the newspaper on the ground. Det. Vartan takes out his gun and flashlight. Sara knocks on the door and it creaks open. He leans in toward the door as Sara takes out her weapon and gets behind Vartan. Vartan shouts, "Police! Anybody here?" He lifts up his weapon and pushes the door open. Det. Vartan and Sara enter the residence with their guns raised. After a while, it's apparent that no one's there. Sara puts her gun down. Vartan puts his gun away. Greg walks in and they all look around the house. Greg sees a box and looks inside. On the coffee table on an old newspaper, Vartan finds a photo of two men drinking beer. On of the guys is the victim. In the box Greg finds five macs with the serials obliterated. Vartan walks over and checks the answering machine. One message is, "Hey, Paulie, we, uh, liked what we saw. The deal's a go. Five large for five units. I'll call you back to arrange a time." The second message goes, "Paulie. 9:00 P.M. Monday." Greg says, "That's tonight." Sara thinks the meeting could be maybe at the parking lot where they found the body.

Fourth Scene:
A car drives into the parking lot and circles around. The engine stops and a man steps out of the car. He looks around and zips up his jacket. Sirens wail as police cars circle and pull up into the parking lot. Vartan exits his car, his gun pointed at the buyer. Sara and Greg exit the car. "I'm an agent," the man says. Another non-descript car pulls up. An ATF agent gets out of the car and holds out his badge. Special Agent John Calder, ATF confirms the other man is an undercover agent. Sara tells the agents that their suspect Paul Turlock is dead for four days.

Best Dialog:
Warrick: "You're listening to music."
Mia: "It was Greg's suggestion."

My Comment:
A few moments for Greg/Sara shippers and Greg is doing well in this episode. Go Greggo! Show them what you are made of.

You have to take a very close look to notice anything. Itīs the little things, you know.

Dr. Robbins asks Greg to do a squirmy examination to the body and Greg doesnīt hesitate to do it. Of course, because Sara is watching closely. He canīt lose face in front of her, can he?

After Sara is finished with the sanding machine, Greg smiles very peculiar at her. I asked myself: What was that about? What are you thinking?

I want her right here and right now.
God, she is gorgeous.
I knew, you only love Grissom but....I love you.
Ah, I like working with you.
Miss I-know-it-all.

Maybe, you can think of something else. Use your imagination.

Mia plays music in the lab because Greg says so. Oh dear.

Ecklie is a friend of Hodges. Is anyone surprised???

Passing Ecklie in a doorway, Greg saves his face and is very polite to him. "Excuse me," is all he says to Ecklie. Iīm proud of him.

Greg goes in the field with Sara and Det. Vartan. He is considerate and calm. He really grows up. The result of their investigation is not very satisfying. Still it was a field trip, right Greg?

Ecklie points out the weaknesses of everyone: Grissom-supervising skills, Warrick-gambling, Sara-drinking, Cath-Sorry, I donīt remember, Nick-in the past he agreed too easily with Grissom. I was a little bit disappointed he didnīt say something about Greg. A secret, some event in the past, anything would have pleased me.

I have to admit I shouted, "YES! YES!" when Ecklie says "Greg Sanders" is with Grissom. Iīm grateful dear writers.

On one subject I have to agree with Ecklie: Grissom is a fantastic scientist, but he never was the best supervisor. His lack in people skills is in the way. I work with people a lot and I know how difficult it is and how much you have to talk to them to help them to do better work. Still, I donīt like Ecklie and Grissom did improve his skills since he became a supervisor.