CSI Down

The CSI unit investigates when an apparent murder victim sits up and needs help.
In fact, he's not just a victim, he's also a double murderer, and he hijacks the
Medevac helicopter taking him to a hospital.

Best Quote:
Greg to Morgan: "You miss me already?"

Best Dialog:
Greg:" You need professional help."
Morgan: "Oh. You´re offering your services?"

Best Moment:
Brass orders Greg to stand down.

My Comment:
The banter between Greg and Morgan is good but the way Greg behaves because Morgan is in danger
is totally out of character. He had never freaked out like that. Not because of Sara (who he was
in love with for a long time) or Nick (who is his best friend) or Grissom (who is the only one for him) ;).
And now he does behave quite irrational because of a woman he barely knows. He even calls a girl "bitch".
No. No. No. That doesn´t feel true, more like the writers force the relationship of Greg and Morgan onto us.
In the end when Morgan starts crying I was finally starting to like her. Until then she was too good to be true.