Crow´s Feet

  • Greg´s appearance: Energetic

  • 7 Scenes: With Grissom, Sara
    and Brass

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He likes riddles.
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Officers and other personnel gather outside the tented house. Grissom parks the SUV out on the street front. He, Greg and Sara exit the car. They meet up with Brass who fills them in. They make their way under the crime scene tape toward the front house entrance. Grissom, Greg and Sara walk into the tented house. Grissom opens the front door. He turns on his flashlight and sees the dead insects on the floor. They approach the dead body, face down on the floor. Sara and Grissom are nearest the body. Greg steps on a dead insect. The crunching sound is loud in the house. He kneels in front of something. Eyeglasses, he tells Grissom. Near the eyeglasses he finds a pool of throw-up. Greg stands up and continues to look around the house. Sara opens her kit. Greg looks around in the other room and finds a blue feather on the desk and a cluster of blue feathers on the floor. He heads back into the living room and tells his findings to Grissom. Then he goes to bag them. Sara takes photos of the body.

Second Scene:
Sara examines the outside of the tented house. She snaps photos of the tent and of the clips holding the tent sides together. She steps around the house and we see Greg also photographing the side of the house. Greg points out to Sara that someone tampered with the tent. He pushes the tent aside to reveal a partially opened window. Sara tries to open the window wider. It doesn't catch and slides back down. Greg points out a trail of sand leading away from the house and straight to the neighbor's house. They both head for the neighbor's house. They knock on the neighbor's back door. The neighbor is coughing as he answers the back door. They question the neighbor, Rory Kendell, and tell him they need a urine sample.

Third Scene:
Sara is at the computer running a search through the database when Greg walks in. He says, Rory Kendell's urine analysis is still pending. Sara picks up the print lifts from the window and tells him they´re a match to the neighbor on the other side - Zach Alfano. Greg turns around to look at the computer screen. She tells him Zach Alfano is still in the hospital because he was vomiting, he couldn't breathe and he passed out. Brass is taking his statement.

Fourth Scene:
Greg fingerprints the front door. He tape lifts a print off the doorbell. Sara stands in the center of the living room looking at the rug on the floor. Greg walks in and reports. The print on the doorbell is a match to Zach Alfano. He found vomit in the bushes. Sara notices something about the floor rug.

Fifth Scene:
Greg goes through the database looking for a match to the blue feather. Sara walks in. Greg hands the evidence bag with the feathers to Sara and tells her the results from the ornithological database. He asks her why Brass and she didn't involve him in the interrogation. Sara says he´s still a trainee, but she compliments him as well. She leaves and Greg goes back to the computer.

Sixth Scene:
Greg stands in the bedroom at the back of the house looking around for something. He passes the hallway and sees white smoke leaking out from under the closet door. The fire alarm rings. Greg opens the closet and finds white smoke leaking into the house from an opening at the bottom of the closet. Greg phones Grissom and informs him, "We got smoke. Coming from an uncapped electrical conduit."

Seventh Scene:
INT. CSI - BREAK ROOM -- DAY: Brass walks into the break room where Sara and Greg sit at the table. He informs them the hotel manager of the Four Aces said Elliot tried to check in with his bird. The manager turned him down because he didn't have a cage, so supposedly Elliot went home to retrieve it, but neither he nor the bird ever returned. Greg says, "Looks like we need to find that bird." He and Sara return to the Beckman Residence and look around the area. Greg heads for the hallway to check out the bedrooms; Sara heads for the kitchen. From an open storage cabinet, flies buzz. Greg walks up next to Sara and sees the flies. Lots and lots of flies. Sara gets a step ladder to check it out. She finds a dead rat. They don´t find the bird.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "So how come you and Brass didn't involve me in the interrogation?"
Sara: "Greg, you still have the solo to complete, and, technically, you're still a trainee, but you're doing a great job."
Greg: "Thanks."

My Comment:
A lot of scenes with Greg and probably a good episode for Greg/Sara shippers but nothing of particular importance. The search for evidence is the main topic.
Anyhow, I noticed a few interesting things.
Greg carries two kits (Grissom´s and Sara´s???). Grissom turns around to check on Sara or Greg or both? Brass notices Greg but this time he doesn´t say a thing.
Greg doesn´t like bugs as much as Grissom does. Ha!
Greg finds something and tells Grissom by giving him a riddle. "What flies when they're on and floats when they're off?" Grissom plays along and, of course, he knows the answer, "Feathers". While telling Grissom, Greg is playing with his flashlight. Guess what I was thinking by watching this? ;-)
The sunglasses Greg wears in the scene with Sara doesn´t suit him.
Again, Sara is very nice to him. Honest but nice. I like that.
Brass finds Sara and Greg sitting together and teases them, "Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson, I presume?" I really love Brass, he´s my third favorite CSI character after Greg and Grissom. My fourth favorite character is Hodges, even though a lot of fans hate him. He´s a nasty piece of work but he´s never boring and he always inspires me.

The best quote of the episode comes from Grissom, when he accuses the two exterminators "Does it ever bother you that you make your living killing insects?" Gilbert Grissom is really one of a rare kind.