The Case of the Cross-Dressing Carp

  • Greg´s appearance: Inquisitive

  • 6 Scenes: with Sara

  • Shippyness: G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He writes a book. He is interested in the history
    of Vegas.
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Sara has the original Rampart plans spread out on the table as she works the layout of the construction site in proportion to the old hotel. Greg drifts into the room and looks at the plans. It hits him what he’s looking at. Greg offers Sara his help with the case.

Second Scene:
Sara and Ronnie measure the length of the skeleton as Greg watches. Ronnie snaps photos of the skeleton. Sara brushes away dirt from something she finds.

Third Scene:
Greg is going through the large rock pieces around the skeleton. Greg puts the rock pieces together and makes a cast. Greg pries the rock pieces apart.

Fourth Scene:
Ronnie walks in. They talk about the evidence and look through the items. Greg finds something.

Fifth Scene:
Archie looks at the film while Greg sits at the computer monitor.

Sixth Scene:
Greg talks with Lily Flynn. She points to a man in one of the photos. Sara walks in and reports DNA results. Lily remembers. Greg takes Lily out to dinner to talk about stories that didn't make the papers.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "This is great stuff for my book."
Sara: "Your what?"
Greg: "Oh, this little piece on Vegas history -- stories that didn't make the papers."

My Comment:
He writes a book. Well, doesn´t everyone these days?

Greg inflicts his help on Sara. Is this love or work mania? He is so turning into Gil Grissom who has no life beyond his work as well.

Greg and the new girl - Ronnie. Please don´t go there, writers.

I don´t like that hat he wears. It makes him look unattractive.

Hodges has great moments.

He calls Greg Sherlock Sanders and quotes him "This town was built on dead bodies." Oh dear. How much he likes the former lab boy.

Sara: "Hodges? Here's the problem..."
Hodges: "You know, that's just what Mom says when all I ask is to come home for Thanksgiving."

Hodges: "Do I look like the Ghost Whisperer?"

Hodges: "If this works, I write the paper for the Forensics Journal, sole credit."
Sara: "Deal."
Hodges: "Me and my big mouth."

He compliments Sara...
Hodges: "Hi, Sara. You look like you're having a good day."
Sara: "Thanks."
...and startles her because Grissom had just proposed to her.

Grissom is working on the carp when Hodges walks in and looks over his shoulders.
Grissom: "Yes?" *giggle*
Hodges: "Oh, sorry, just a bad habit we worked the Miniature case together."
Grissom: "That was fun, wasn't it?" Really?
Hodges: "I thought so."
Grissom points to the carp.
Grissom: "What do you see?"
Hodges: "Well, those are eggs -- it's a girl."
Grissom opens up the fish.
Hodges: "And those white organs would be gonads. Male and female parts. Simultaneous hermaphroditism? Stop me if you already know this, but some fish do change sex naturally."
Grissom: "Not carp."
Hodges: "I heard of a study when I was attending a forensics consortium in DC. Feminized male bass were found in the wastewater effluent of the Potomac River."
Grissom: "It's the water."
Hodges: "Yeah, it was full of excreted pharmaceuticals and what they called personal care products, all of which supposedly altered the endocrine system of the fish and their young."
Grissom: "Good, Hodges. Well, now that we're working together again..." LOL!!!
Grissom opens the cooler and takes a carp out. He puts it on Hodges’ outstretched hand.
Grissom: "...take at least two organ samples along with blood. Send them with these water samples to our clinical lab for hormone quants."
Grissom puts the tray of water vials in Hodges’ other hand. He leaves the room.
Hodges: "You got it, partner."
Hodges is left holding the carp. O boy! Grissom is up to every trick, is he?