Crash and Burn

  • Gregīs appearance: Fresh

  • 2 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Nick and Sara

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S, G/N

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.: Greg knows that Hank
    is involved in the current case.

First Scene:
Greg exits his lab, crosses the hallway and enters the audio-visual lab where Sara's working. He has some information on the case for her.

Second Scene:
Greg sits at his lab table listening to rock music blaring from his tape machine. Grissom and Nick walk into the lab. Grissom turns the music off. Greg shares the results with them.

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "Hey, I hear you're working on Hank's case."
Sara: "I believe it's my case."
Greg: "Territorial. You know, guys don't like that."
Sara: "You're crowding me, Greg."
Greg: "Well, I have some information that could bring us even closer."

Greg: "Mrs. Lambert tested positive for cannabis sativa."
Sara: "Grass?"
Greg: "Grass? So '70s, man. Sticky green, the dank, the chronic, the cush, happy stick, wacky-tobaccy..."
Sara: "Well, wait, wait, wait. Grandma was high?"
Greg: "Yeah."
Sara: "Grandma was high..."
Greg: " a kite."

Grissom: "I just got a page from James Watson."
Nick: "And I got one Francis Crick. What's going on, Greg?"
Greg: "Well, as you both know...Watson and Crick are the grand-daddies of DNA. Without their discoveries, I'd have nothing to do all day."
Nick: "What have you been doing all day?"

My Comment:
Greg laughs a lot. Greg teases the CSIīs by paging them in code names. Greg flirts with Sara. Greg makes an effort in the case to help Grissom and Nick. Grissom thanks him and Nick turns the music back on. Greg has fun. Thatīs how we like him.

Hodges: "I didn't page you."
Nick: "No, I just figured I'd come by."
Hodges: "You're checking up on me again."
Nick: "No, I'm checking upon my evidence."
Hodges: "You think if you hover, the FTIR will work faster?"
Nick: "Yeah...Hodges, that's what I think."