• Gregīs appearance: Considerate

  • 5 Scenes: With Grissom and Sara

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He reads forensic journals.
  • Misc.:
    Grissom praises him.

First Scene:
Greg walks in with his kit and asks for Grissom. Heīs in the bathroom, Sara tells. Greg heads for the bathroom and finds Grissom sitting in the tub holding his flashlight down at the drain. Grissom asks him for the multi-tool. Greg puts his kit down and picks up Grissom's multi-tool. He takes out the Phillips screwdriver and hands it to Grissom. Grissom takes the tool and starts unscrewing the drain, looking for blood. Grissom removes the drain cover. He holds it up and looks at its underside with his flashlight. He puts it aside. He uses the forceps and removes a wad of hair in the drain. He holds it up and looks at it with his flashlight. He asks Greg to swab and phenol it. Greg takes a swab from Grissom's open kit on the toilet and kneels down to swab the wad of hair. He tests it with phenol and the swab tip turns pink. Blood. Grissom holds out the wad of hair for Greg to take. He asks him to label it and to send it to DNA. Greg takes the forceps from Grissom.

Second Scene:
Greg walks into the lab. Mia is at the counter working. She doesn't look up when he stops near her. He notices that she's got earplugs on. He waves a hand in front of her face to get her attention. She takes the earplugs out and gives Greg a plug. He sticks it in his ear and hears a male voice speaking in French. It's Jean-Paul Sartreīs "No Exit". Mia tells him the results of the blood, the hair and the semen they had found at the Crime Scene. Then she points to the microscope. They exchange places and Greg looks through the scope. The guy's immune system doesn't recognize his own sperm. Antibodies are attacking the little guys. Killer had a vasectomy, then had it reversed.

Third Scene:
Sara is working on the geography. She shows Grissom what she's found. Grissom praises her. She smiles. Greg walks into the room to report what he's found. Grissom is impressed. Greg smiles. They talk the case.

Fourth Scene:
Officer Akers holds a photo of Jesse Acheson. We see Jesse Acheson sitting at a table drinking his coffee. Greg and Officer Akers observe him. Greg is bored. They talk the case. Jesse Acheson puts his cup down on the table. He folds his magazine, picks up his glasses and puts them on as he stands up. He leaves. Greg and the cop walk over. Greg picks up the coffee cup and puts it in a plastic bag.

Fifth Scene:
Mia reports her findings to Sara and Greg. Their suspect is not the rapist and murderer.

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "Get this -- the rapist's semen came back positive for cocaine."
Grissom: "We don't usually run a panel for semen, Greg."
Greg: "I know that, but given our suspect's priors for blow, I had a tech run an immunoassay specific to the drug."
Grissom: "Wow. You guys are rendering me obsolete."

Grissom: "That's it? A compromised wad of hair?"
Hodges: "No, uh, I called you to discuss the bleach. The hairy wad smelled a bit woodsy to me. Which is odd, considering it should only smell like bleach."
Grissom: "You sniffed it?"
Hodges: "That disgust you?"
Grissom: "No, actually, it's the first time you've ever done anything to impress me."
Hodges: "Hm. Anyway, um, I analyzed the bleach. It contains a cedar additive. Thought you'd want to know."
Grissom: "Thanks, David."
Hodges: "Sure, Gil."

My Comment:
Iīm honestly sorry for what I have to say. I love my Greggo but itīs Hodges who really made my day in this episode. I have never seen him like this. Grissom tells Hodges for the first time heīs impressed by his work and Hodges is perfectly stunned. He looks as if he almost has a heart attack. For a moment he is unable to speak fluently. He will be never the same again. The master praised them. Thatīs what he was waiting for since the day he had started to work here. Iīm sure of it. I had a laughing fit in the middle of the night. Finally, Grissom calls him even "David" and Hodges says "Thanks" and "Gil" in return. GOOD GOD! What is happening? I canīt remember not even once that Greg dared to call Grissom by his first name. Iīm still waiting for this special occasion to happen. Oh please, please, dear writers. Just for me.

Greg appears at the Crime Scene sees Sara and asks at once, "Whereīs Grissom?" Itīs funny isnīt it? All he wants, all he needs, all he takes interest in is Grissom? Well, Sara is here but he doesnīt care. Oh boy is he gay.
Letīs talk about the object of desire - Gil Grissom. Greg greets him with "Hey" and Grissom answers, "Hand me my multi-tool, will ya, Greg? I need a Phillips." No hey, no hi, zilch. Work is everything that matters to our great supervisor. Pity everyone who loves such a man. No matter if itīs Greg or Sara or someone else.
Greg, by the way, the grasshopper obeys. I expected nothing else. He hands the tool, watches his role model, swabs and takes the greasy bunch of hair. Urgh! The job of a CSI is definitely not for me.
Later Grissom praises Greg generously. "Wow. You guys (Sara too) are rendering me obsolete." Look at Greg. Look at him. Thatīs it what he is living for. The bossīs praise. In return, he shows a shy smile and, bashful, he lowers his head, avoiding Gilīs look. AH. CUTE. I think Gil gives him a lot of kisses later for that.

Greg and Mia. Well, he still flirts with her and she still turns him down. Plus, she rubs in she speaks French and he doesnīt. So what? The conversation ends in a competition who reads about a particular phenomenon in a forensic journal first. Oh well!

Greg observes a suspect. Grissom puts him there by asking Brass. "Could you just keep him under surveillance for now, let Greg tag along with your guy? We might learn something."
"Sure, I'll get him a bag of donuts," Brass replies. He is so funny.
Greg does a good job. First, he explains to the cop what could have been the possible motive for their suspect that he didnīt wear a condom in the first place while he was committing the crime. Considerate, he collects then the used coffee cup which was left behind by the suspect. "Litterbug," the officer calls the suspect, disgusted. Gregīs coolly reply, "CSI's don't mind the bugs," is so very, very interesting. Gil loves bugs. Greg loves Gil. Greg has learned to approve of bugs. Also, he adds, "If the DNA on this cup matches the seminal DNA, Grissom won't need a warrant. We'll be making an arrest." Grissom wonīt need a warrant not we wonīt need a warrant. Itīs always all about Grissom.

Greg and Sara. They work together. She teases him a little when he immediately asks for Grissom. Later, Grissom praises her like he praises Greg. The G/S/G triangle is always worth watching.

Starring Greg