At my Command - 6/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: 1. Sequel to ´Stranded´
Summary: The future life of a pirate and a commodore.
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Released: March 2008
Beta: arizonaicerose
Word Count: 4.098

The sea was blue and calm; the sunset on its way, the scent of dozens of flowers thickened the air. It was indeed a marvellous Caribbean evening. But James Norrington had no eyes for the beauty of nature. Nervously, he rolled the bead, which he kept in his pocket all the time, between his fingers, while he watched the horizon for the arrival of one ship only. "He´s late," he growled. "Again." He let go of the bead and stroked over his gray hair. "Bloody hell, pirate. After all those years it still makes me furious to wait for you...but only...because...I miss you so much and..." He tore his eyes away from the deceitful picture of a perfect world. I´m always back, luv. I´ll never leave ye. Sulking, he didn´t notice anything or anyone around him.

"Good evening, Admiral Norrington," Commodore Groves called out to him.

"Evening," James grumbled absently. I luv ye, Jem.

"Isn´t it a nice evening?" Groves notified innocently.

James glared at him. "Is it?" Only ye.

"I think...well...excuse me," Groves stammered and hurried away.

James pressed his lips together and continued his walk until he reached a small graveyard. His hand had stolen back into his pocket to feel for something besides the bead. Something special which seemed to burn his flesh. Something he had let made...just for... Damn! He approached a grave with a plain but dignified stone.

Thomas Mallory * father
Thomas Mallory * son

"He´s not coming," he addressed the stone with repressed anger. "Why is he doing this to me?" The stone stayed gray and mute. "I know it´s dangerous. All those years we have sailed very close to the wind. Sometimes too close. But that´s what excites him, isn´t it? The danger to get caught." He sighed. "I should have listened to you, Thomas. You were right. He is just a filthy pirate. He´s not worth my heart...."

"I didn´t expect to find you here on such an enchanted evening."

James whirled around and saw Elizabeth standing a few feet away. Her son Tom was with her. They visited the grave of Elizabeth´s father Governor Swann, who had died two years ago. Elizabeth put a few amaryllis on the grave and saved one in her hand.

"Hello, uncle James." Tom waved cheerfully at him.

"Hello, Tom and Elizabeth." He forced himself to a casual smile. "Obviously we had the same idea to visit our dearest blood."

"Obviously." She made the crucify sign to honour her father and came over. "Where is Jack? Wasn´t he supposed to be here this very day." Tom was running around between the gravestones.

"Certainly, but you know Jack," he replied airily. "Never on time."

"Right," she agreed and put the remaining amaryllis on the grave. "Admiral Mallory would have loved your idea to put Tommy´s name on the stone as well."

"He would have," he said sadly because he hadn´t thought of this while the Admiral had been still alive.

"Do you want to come over for dinner?" Elizabeth asked warmly. Despite the many years which had gone by she was still stunningly beautiful. With three children and a husband she had chosen herself she lived her life to the fullest.

Unlike me the bachelor who had no one but an unreliable pirate. "Thank you. I´d like to come."

"Fine." She patted his arm. "You are always welcome." She called for her son and together they walked along.

The Turner family lived in a house that suited them well. Not pompous but comfy and amiable. Since the two grown-up daughters had married and moved away there were only Will, Elizabeth, Tom and a few servants living in the house. Will welcomed James cheerfully and was not in the slightest displeased by having a surprising guest. After he had figured out that James was no danger to his happiness with Elizabeth anymore they had become good friends over the years.

"Where is Jack?" Will started the conversation as they were waiting for the meal to be served. "Wasn´t he supposed to..."

Elizabeth kicked him under the table.

"Ouch! What for..."

"We were visiting the graves of our fathers," Elizabeth interrupted her husband hastily. "It would be nice to see you there more often too."

Will silenced but threw her a curious look. What?

The butler serving the meal distracted them. Tom cheered and licked his lips. Elizabeth and Will showed their appreciation. Even James´ stomach grumbled. They began to eat.

"How is the meat, James?" Elizabeth asked. "Tasty?"

"It is fine," James granted politely. Yes. Everything is fine. That´s how I feel. No more, no less. I wish I could condemn Jack for the way he is but I can´t. I´m just used to him being selfish.

"Why do you look so sad, uncle James?" Tom asked out of the blue.

James was slightly startled by the bold question but also beyond denying. "I miss my friend Jack."

"But why? I see you fighting every time he is here."

"They always fight because making up is so much fun to them," Elizabeth interfered, amused.

"Oh," Tom squeaked, surprised. "How do they make up?"

Will burst out laughing. "You asked for this, my dear."

"Yes, how do they?" James asked, his eyes a blazing green.

"James!" She glared at him.

"You were saying..." he teased her with glee.

"Stop it."

Will kept laughing.

"Tom, time for bed," his mother ordered with red flecks on her cheeks.

"But I haven´t finished..."

"Do as your mother says," Will said, still laughing.

Pouting, the boy left, taking his half-full plate with him.

"Stop it, Will." Elizabeth punched him firmly.

"Go on," James pressed her, pretty amused. "How do my pirate friend and I make up?" The evening didn´t turn out to be a total disappointment after all.

An hour later, he entered his own home - a home filled with loneliness instead of laughter. The two servants he employed had gone to bed hours ago. He threw his hat and wig somewhere and went looking for a bottle of rum. He needed to get drunk. He felt terribly alone. He hated to feel this way. He needed to forget his nagging desire for a pirate to come home. I´m unfair. I chose this way of living myself. I chose Jack despite my knowledge he is not the kind of man who is able to be close to one human being all the time. A man who is longing for freedom. A man who is drinking way too much. A man who always gets me into trouble... Rashly he knocked two glasses down. The rum tasted...strange. Curiously he stared at the bottle. Is it tainted? He shrugged. "So what?" In spite of it he knocked three more glasses down. He needed to stop thinking about...him... I chose that man and have to accept that...even if...ah...pull yourself a man... More glasses of rum followed and he became three sheets in the wind. A sudden noise startled him from his drinking. He looked around and pricked his ears. It sounded like breathing. He wasn´t alone after all. "Hello?" He stumbled to his feet and reached for his sword. It was too late. His knees gave in. His vision blurred. The rum! It has been spiked! That´s why... James grabbed the edge of the table. It didn´t help. He tumbled to the ground while the table toppled over. Panting he lay on his back. A voice floated to his ears. "Easy, luv. Everything´s gonna be fine." James tried to stay awake but...fell...into darkness...

...he was eyes were closed...but all his other senses were wasn´t him who was was the earth around...up and down...up and down...the air smelled like thickly he could taste it in his very much like him...up and down...up and down...his stomach started to complain...he moaned...up and down...up and down...he tried to open his eyes...tried to lift his head....up and down...up and down...a hand touched his forehead...soft and cool...up and down...he slipped...and fell once more... hit the ground in brightness. His head hurt, but only slightly. He smelled the ocean; the sound of breaking waves rushed to his ears. He opened his eyes. A little dazed he looked around. Where am I? Ahead of him lay the ocean, blue, glistening, alluring. He lay on his side in the shadow of a tree. How long was I out? He tried to stand up and couldn´t. He realised his hands were tightly bound behind his back. "What the..." Realization moved over him like a heavy wave of water. The open sea. The beach. The island. The blurry memory of a whispering voice. Jack´s voice. Did Jack...? He tore at his bonds. "JACK!" Damn that pirate, the filthy scoundrel. This time he´d gone too far...

Someone was singing. James´ head snapped around. It was a song he knew only too well. A pirate song. There! A figure was coming from the left into his field of vision. He squinted. It was Jack. He would recognize this walk anywhere. Though how many years had passed since they had met for the first time Jack seemed to have stayed the same. He looked barely older. Only a few gray strands showed in his braids and the beard. He cocked his head and presented his well-known, nonchalant smile. His eyes were dark and glassy. As usual he was filled up with rum.

"Well, Admiral. Finally awake. Are ye feeling comfortable?"

"Are you completely mad, Jack? What for have you done this?"

"Pirate. Savvy?"

"Is this one of your games?"

"A very ol´ game. I wanted to be with ye."

"You are not serious," James scolded, disgruntled.

"I thought ye would like the idea."

"God damned, Jack! You could have had me easier!"

"Wouldn´t have been that much fun. I know what we need."

"Oh please." James rolled his eyes. "Therefore you dragged me out to this forsaken spit in the sea."

"Aye, because we had the best of times here."

"The best of..." James croaked. "You tortured me."

"Eh?" Jack flattered with his eyelashes. "It was never me intention to torture ye." He bent down and laid his hand firmly on James´ thigh, fondling it gently. "Much."

"Don´t you dare touch me," James sailed into him. "I´m quite mad at you." He bucked his hips to struggle the hand off. Sand sprayed around.

"Ye being mad at me makes me even hotter." He moved his hand to James´ face, teasing the lips. "Promise me that will never change."

James turned his face away from him. "I won´t..."

"...promise anything to a pirate, eh?" Jack continued provoking him. Firmly, he seized James´ chin and forced him to look at him.

"Cut me loose," James spat, more excited than angry.

"No." Gently he stroked through James´ thick gray hair. "I like ye so unpresentable and...defenceless. I like these opportune moments."


Jack kissed him. "Did I ever tell ye how much I love yer eyes?"

"Jack...we are way too old for...this..."

"I prove ye wrong," Jack giggled.

It was useless to fight him. Feeling Jack´s knee pushing against his groin was enough to make him give in. James´ muscles tensed while his cock hardened quickly by having Jack this close. He had waited so long for him to be back. So damn long. It was useless to fight himself. He wanted to surrender. He wanted to give in. His cock needed to be released. I have to get rid of these breeches...

"It´s so good to be completely alone," Jack whispered into his ear. "The things we can do..." He started rubbing James´ groin through the breeches.

James cringed in lust. His cock was beyond ready. He was in danger of soiling himself - again.

"Me Admiral didn´t have much fun for some time, eh?"

James laughed without shame. "That´s your fault alone." His cock pleaded for his lover´s touch. These breeches are too damn tight...

Rashly, Jack ripped James´ breeches open and seized the eager rod demandingly. "Moist and ready. Just the way I like it." Keenly, he dug into the balls, almost clawing.

James howled. His feet worked the sandy ground.

"That´s the spirit," Jack spurred on while he worked the horny flesh through and through, leaning closely into him.

James gasped for air like a stranded fish. "Oh...not so...I can´t..." His cock burnt in his lover´s relentless grip. His hands tore at the bonds in vain. His hips bucked violently. The sand sprayed highly.

Jack giggled with joy. He felt the first drops of release sprinkle over his hand. "Already! I was just getting started."

"Shut up!" James bellowed, torn between anger and lust. He came, no, he burst with cream, wetting his groin...his breeches...and Jack. It could have been embarrassing but it was too good - too satisfying.

The pirate licked him silently clean. His touch was soft. His touch was endearing. His touch was love.

James resistance was broken. "Jack...oh Jack, I missed you so much. Don´t stay away so long again."

"Do say it was a great idea to come here." Jack smiled against James´ cock.

"Yes," he groaned. "It was." His lust wasn´t gone. "It is." He needed much more and he was ready to beg for more.

But he didn´t have to. Happily, Jack wriggled his tongue around James´ shaft, caressing it back to hardness.

"I don´t think happened the first time," James gasped between heavy groaning. His head was spinning. No, it felt like the whole isle was spinning.

"The first time is always different." Jack´s mouth rushed around James´ groin kissing and licking everywhere. "Mmm...British officers are me favorite..."

"Oh...God..." Every word of Jack increased his lewdness. Having no hands, he wrapped his legs around his lover instead, to make their ride wilder. He cheered loudly. Nobody could hear them anyway. In an intimate bundle they rolled around, turning over and over, sometimes Jack was on top, sometimes James. They reached the water and were overrun by the salty waves, soaking wet in no time. James started coughing and spat water but he didn´t order Jack to stop who continued sucking noisily on his slippery shaft. James´ feet splashed the water, his hips shoved his cock deeper into Jack´s mouth, pleading desperately to still his hunger.

Jack ate him up. His tongue and lips kept busy as a bee, his hands stole into the breeches to get a firm grip on James´ wet ass. He pulled violently to suck him in deeper. Once...twice...His muscles clenched around the cock, his hands squeezed the ass constantly...

James cried out and almost threw Jack off as his seed sprayed out in a victorious flood.

Smoothly, Jack held on and sucked him empty. "Oh tasty, these drops of silver and gold." His lips were glistening brilliantly while he let himself fall off James and into the water.

James continued fidgeting. "Help me up!" He tore at his bonds. "I have to take a piss."

Jack laughed out loud. "Just like ol´ times. But I remember ye were using more formal words then."

"The first time is always different," James mimicked him, slightly sour. He felt like drifting flotsam. His limp penis hung from his unbuttoned breeches. His shirt and hair were a sandy mess. His stomach was complaining his hunger. But is it food I am hungry for?

"I thought it would be more fun this way," Jack replied, smiling wickedly, while he observed his lover with greatest affection. "It´s our 25th anniversary after all."

"I need to get up," James snarled. "Do I have to beg?"

Jack grabbed him nimbly and lifted him up. "Ye are free to go - for now." Quickly, he cut the bonds.

James struggled to his feet and relieved himself without turning his back to Jack.

"Ye wanna stick to those breeches?"

"Why, pirate? What do you have in mind?"

"Taking a bath."

"Swimming with sharks?"


James stretched his legs and turned around to take a look at their island. It seemed it hadn´t changed one little bit in those many years. "How can you be so sure this is the one island?"

"That´s why." Jack pointed at the tree at the peak of the isle.

James walked to the one tree, curious. The shape of a heart was engraved into the wood. It was worn out by wind and weather but the symbols inside were still readably sharp.

James knew he wasn´t the one who had done this. Oh Jack. A tremendously warm sensation swept through his body, which was even hotter and sweeter than the way he had felt a few minutes ago. He turned around to Jack who had followed him and pulled him into a hug.

"Bloody pathetic, eh?" the pirate mumbled into his flesh.

James didn´t answer but kissed him. The kiss seemed to last forever.

"As pathetic as the strand of hair you kept of me," James noticed and touched the one implanted curl in Jack´s mass of braids.

"As pathetic as this, eh?" Jack fetched a small ball from his breeches. It was the bead. "I found this in yer pocket, luv." He released it into James´ hand. "Confess ye did save me from the gallows that day because ye were horny for me."

"Does that still matter?" James rolled the bead between his fingers.

"It does to me."

"The truth is I don´t know. I just reacted. I knew I felt deeply for you when I saw your beaten face after we were rescued by my men. I hated Gillette for doing this to you." He put the bead in his pocket.

"I told ye he was jealous. Ye wouldn´t believe me."

James shook his head. "Gillette hated pirates. That´s all."

"I also found these in yer pocket." On the palm of Jack´s hand were two rings. Their stones were as blue as the ocean around and the sky above.

James blinked rapidly. "It should have been a surprise."

"It is."

"A gift for know..." His voice died.

"Savvy." Jack inspected the rings from all sides and made yet another astonishing discovery. "Pretty gravure."

James´ face was feeling hot but not from the sunshine. "I...thought...given the time of our..."

Jack put one ring on his finger. The blue stone was as shiny as the green emerald he owned since he was a boy. The second ring he slid over James´ index finger. "There. That´s what ye had in mind, eh?"

"Yes." James swallowed.

"Isn´t this a lovely day?" Jack got rid off his breeches. Stark naked he grinned at him. "Let´s freshen up."

"I don´t feel dirty enough." He surprised Jack and himself as he pushed him down and got on top of him. Quickly, he buried his hands in the dreadlocks to hold him in place. "Remember this as the day that I caught Jack Sparrow." He wanted to make him pay for bringing him out here, for making him all sandy, for letting him wait so long and for many other reasons. He wanted to fuck him into the ground. "Do I make myself clear?"

"Inescapably clear," Jack snorted, delighted, and took it like a pirate. As James pumped relentlessly into him he just muttered things like "Aye" and "Good" and "Luv" and "Now". A mess of sweat and sand and come covered their bodies when James seemed satisfied at last.

"Yummy!" Jack granted in bliss. The enclosing waves washed him up. He let go of James´ body and rolled into deeper water.

Lazily, James followed. "Me and you."

"Aye." They raced to the edge of the blue bay and back again. They captured each other in between and shared a lot of the sweetest kisses. No shark interfered. Finally they went to the cave to cool down.

James found out that Jack had brought lots of rum, bread and cured meat along. "No fishing this time?"

"Nay." Jack winked at him. "We need our strength for more important things to do."

"Is that so?"


"So show me what your sword is really made of," James replied, provokingly.

Jack pushed him back against the stone wall. "Still rooting for ye, luv."

"My bloody pirate." Happily he let have Jack his way and making up for all the time they had been separated, for all the time they had wasted. It didn´t matter anymore. Now they were here. Now they were together. Now they were alone.

The stars above made the island look like a place from a fairy tale. They rested naked in the warm sand on the beach, watching the ceaseless rolling of the waves. Two empty bottles of rum lay next to them. They had eaten already half of the ration Jack had brought along. James belched loudly. Jack sniggered, pretty drunk.

"I thought you wouldn´t come." Gently, James stroked the pale scars on Jack´s thigh.

"I´m always back, me one and only treasure." Jack kissed the fresh monkey bite he had given to James´ neck. "Did ye truly think I tortured ye twenty-five years ago?"

"No, but I feared you would."

"Haven´t ye figured I wanted something different?"

"I had no fucking idea." James smirked. "We were enemies, remember?"

"Did I surprise ye?" Jack thumped him softly.

"Every time."

"Perfect anniversary gift, eh?" His eyes were gleaming with joy.

"Certainly, Captain Jack Sparrow."

"Not as perfect as this." With the finger which had the opal ring on he drew a wet circle around James´ belly button. "So neat. And the gravure..."

James´ lips quivered. He was overjoyed that Jack liked his present that much. But he couldn´t talk about the words he had engraved inside the ring. "How did you find back here?"

"Remember the night when I invaded yer quarters on the Dauntless?"

"Sure I do."

"I stole yer sextant and made the necessary calculations for a map."

"Pirate," James teased fondly.

"I kept the map all these years."

"I never thought you could be so thorough."

"I´m Captain - " His favorite saying was smothered by a loving but insisting kiss. After a while, he broke free. "Easy, luv. This body is not what it used to be."

James laughed, overwhelmed. "Why, no. The famous Captain Sparrow is beaten."

"Belay!" Jack snapped, amused but also challenged. They started to tussle like boys fighting for the specific order of precedence. But they weren´t boys anymore. Soon they had to stop, panting like old dogs.

"Enough?" James staggered around.

"Aye," Jack agreed. "Truce." Ungraceful, he dropped down. "We´re truly older, eh?"

"Mhm." James joined him. "Where is the ship?"

"No worries. I ordered the men to come back in three days," Jack yawned blissfully.

"What if something happens to them?"

"Ah, Jem. Then we have to stay here - forever stranded. Romantic, eh?"

James swore and took a mouthful of rum.

"Aye...a Captain without a ship...a compass that doesn´t point north...but to ye...only to ye...Jem, luv..." Jack slurred, and closed his eyes. Seconds later he started to snore soundfully.

"And for you I´ve betrayed the law," James joked dryly, while he snuggled closer to him. "But the one good deed to make me happy is enough to redeem you of a lifetime of wickedness. At last for me."

No dreams were haunting their sleep. Never when they were together. United they were always able to bury the past.

Three days later, they awaited, completely wasted and burnt up by the sun, the arrival of the Black Pearl.

"Why is the rum always gone?" Jack complained sadly, while he looked at his lover. James had lost any resemblance to an Admiral in the navy. Naked and uncombed, he just bent down to wash sand and salt off his face. "Every bone in my body hurts."

"It was worth it, was it?" Jack washed his new ring to make it shine brilliantly.

"Mhm," James grumbled, too tired to took up a fight.

Jack didn´t dare to provoke a fight as well. Maybe, he didn´t look older but at the moment, he certainly felt as old as he was. Unfamiliar quiet, he gazed at the opal ring, considering its mind-blowing gravure on the inside. I never thought that he...finally...after all these years... A flare caught his eye, and puzzled, he looked at the tempting horizon. "Blimey!"

"What is it?" James blinked drops of water from his eyes.

"Ah...don´t get mad."

"Why? What did you do?"

"There is a ship coming - but it´s not the Black Pearl."

"Bloody hell!!!" James swore testily. "...."

...and they fought and fucked happily ever after...

...didn´t they?


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