At my Command - 5/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: R
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: 1. Sequel to ´Stranded´
Summary: James takes sides
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Beta: Ysolde
Released: August 2005
Word Count: 2.627

The sky glowed the brightest blue while the sun touched the sea in various shades of the same colour. He had no time to admire the beauties of the Caribbean. Steadily, with a firm hand, his sword clanged against the steel of a pirate.

"Hey Jem!" Tommy shouted cheerfully. "Still not done with that one?"

Angrily, he dared to throw a glance in Tommy´s direction.

Straight ahead, his lover for five years was competing with two feisty pirates at once.

The pure joy in Tommy´s face startled him. This is no game. Be careful. His rival attacked him again. Swiftly, he warded him off and drove the sharp steel into the filthy flesh. The pirate cried out in pain and fell to the planks, bleeding heavily. Gasping, he passed through the morass of fighting men to get to Tommy, who had already killed one of his opponents.

Grinning, Tommy attacked the second pirate who was already swaying.

His relief changed rapidly when he caught a glimpse of movement behind his lover. "Watch out," he yelled.

Tommy didn´t listen.

Puzzled, he realized the figure behind Tommy was his father, Commodore Thomas Mallory. What is he doing here?

Tommy quickly defeated the second pirate and waved playfully at him. "Hey Jem! Come over here! Don´t hide!" Smirking, he didn´t notice the figure behind him, looking grim and determined.

A dagger glittered in the bright sunlight.

What is going on here? "Tommy! Watch out!!" he yelled once more and rushed over. The happy face of Tommy changed right before his eyes and turned into Jack´s.

Jack Sparrow showed his adorable smile. "What is it, luv?"

Quickly, Commodore Mallory grabbed Jack from behind and cut his throat brutally. "This is for my son."

Blood spilled like a waterfall over Jack´s chest, his eyes glazed over, and he dropped to the ground, dead.

"Noooooooo!" he cried out and jerked forward - only to find himself entangled in a blanket. In his bed, in his room, in his home. With the cruel image of Jack bleeding still to the fore, he fumbled to find the pirate lying safe and sound next to him. His heartbeat slowed down and he fell back onto the bed. His arm snaked around Jack´s warm, naked body.

"Again?" the pirate mumbled sleepily.

"Wake up. You really have to leave now. It´s already morning."

"Mmh." Jack put his lips on James´ neck. "Kiss me, Jem."

Irritated, James struggled, torn between kissing Jack´s flesh and tossing him out of bed. "I am deadly serious. You are in danger of being caught again."

Smiling, the pirate played with James´ pretty messed up hair. "First I want a kiss."

"Desist!" James ordered sharply but at the same time, he gave in to Jack´s request. The kiss quickly became wild and desperate. At last, James kept his sanity and found the strength to break the kiss. "Jack, please."

Jack chuckled. "Aye, luv. I´m already on me...."

A loud knock at the door startled them both to perfect silence. They held onto each other and waited. The knock came again. "Sir? Are you awake? I´m sorry to disturb you, but the Admiral asked to see you immediately."

"Tell him I´ll be down in five minutes," James barked huskily. Shocked, he saw the door handle was pushed down. "Hide under the blanket," he ordered Jack quietly. "Keep absolutely still."

The door was opened and Cedric entered. "May I help you get dressed, sir?"

"No, Cedric, thank you. I can suit myself," James managed with the greatest effort of will.

The servant turned to leave and was pushed aside as the Admiral burst into the room. "James, I need to talk to you, now."

James froze. "Can´t this wait until I´m dressed?" Fact is I´m not the only one naked under this blanket. The body lying next to him tickled his skin.

"Sparrow escaped!" Mallory shouted, furious.

"Did he?" James held his voice steady while he felt a warm hand crawling up his thigh. Damn it, Jack. "Cedric, please leave us alone."

"Very well, sir." The door was closed.

The hand crawled higher and higher...James shifted heftily and covered his movement by putting the blanket around him in order. "When did it happen?"

"I don´t know but it´s obvious he had help."

"Indeed?" The impertinent hand covered his cock. You´re quite mad, Jack.

"The lock on the prison door was unbroken."

"Did you already start a search?"

"Of course."

Jack squeezed his cock.

James flinched. "Very well. I´ll be with you in five minutes."

Suspiciously, Thomas stared at him, apparently not ready to leave him alone.

James stared back, motionless. Jack squeezed his cock insistently. I´ll kill him. The second Thomas is gone....

"Alright." Dropping his gaze, the Admiral gave in at last. "I´ll wait downstairs." The door clicked shut behind him.

Furious but soundless, James turned to the pirate and pinned him to the mattress. "You´re quite mad, Jack."

Jack grinned. "Aye. Didn´t I prove this already by coming here?"

"Yes, and I ..." he broke off, unsure, and kissed him instead. First on the lips and then on every fading bruise that Gillette had left with his beating.

Eagerly, Jack whimpered and wriggled in his arms. "That´s nice, luv."

James continued with the scars on Jack´s chest and arm. "Who gave you those scars?" he mumbled, curious.

"A British officer," Jack sniggered. "He almost killed me. But in spite of it I didn´t start hating all of yer kind."

Sighing sadly, James let him go. "You are right. Sorry for that. Now get dressed. They are looking everywhere for you. If they catch you this time they´ll hang you at once."

Lazily, Jack got up and looked for his clothes. "Probably but they´ll have to catch me first. I´m Captain Jack Sparrow...."

"Say that one more time and I´ll take you to the gallows myself," James scolded, while he cleaned himself at the wash-bowl in a rush.

Jack laughed. "Ye probably would." Whistling cheerfully, he got fully dressed and searched for pistol and dagger. While doing so, his look fell once more on the painting of the three children. He pointed at the green-eyed boy. "Is that ye?"

"Yes, with Tommy and his sister. She´s married to an Irish."

"Lovely." Jack seized dagger and pistol and put them into his sash. "Are ye two close?"

"Me and Tommy´s sister?" James considered for a moment. "Yes, very much."

"That´s good to know." He moved to James´ side. "I´m ready to go."

James dried himself. "Good."

"Thanks for the weapons and the rum but mostly, Commodore James Norrington."

Touched, James swallowed.

"Ye don´t want me to leave without giving ye a proper good-bye kiss, do ye?"

"Jack, we don´t have time for this...."

As quick as a cat, Jack closed the distance between them and pulled him into his arms. "There is always time for this, Jem." They kissed deeply, lingering for a while. When Jack broke free, he smiled satisfied. "Much better to part this way, eh?"

"Well!" James granted, licking his lips. "Go now."

"Will ye come after me?"

"I promise to hunt you down, Sparrow."

Jack fluttered with his eyelashes. "Do so because I still want to fuck ye numb."

James raised a mocking eyebrow. "Next time we meet it´s my turn, pirate."

"Yet another promise to a pirate? I can hardly wait, Commodore," Jack replied, enraptured.

"Please go. If the Admiral catches you...."

"No worries, luv. He won´t." Agile as ever, he climbed outside the window and was gone.

"I´ll miss you," James mumbled. A great emptiness filled him at once and he dressed himself without the intention to leave the house today or anytime soon. He´s gone. Gone for good. Probably, I´ll never see him again. Surely, we were talking about next time but.... A strong knock at the door interrupted his moody thoughts.

"I´m coming. Just a second." In breeches and shirt but still barefoot, he opened the door.

Will and Elizabeth were standing outside. "Morning, James," Elizabeth cheered. "Can we come in?"

"Certainly," James replied politely but puzzled. "What is it?"

They walked in. "I think you already have been informed that everyone is looking for Jack," Elizabeth said. "But don´t worry. Jack must be far away by now. He left hours ago."

"They´ll never catch him," Will agreed, quite as cheerful as his wife.

James grimaced. "Indeed? That´s why you came here? To tell me something that´s perfectly certain."

At the same time as James said certain, Captain Jack Sparrow swung back through the window. "Jem, luv, I almost forgot to tell ye...Oh...Hey there!" Not in the slightest embarrassed by Will and Elizabeth´s presence, Jack leaned nonchalantly against the window frame.

The three of them stood frozen.

"I forgot to tell ye. I´ll miss ye, too."

"God damn it, Jack!!" James swore, furious. "Get out of here! The Admiral...."

The door opened and Thomas Mallory walked in. "James, I´m done waiting...." Seeing Jack, he stopped right in his tracks.

"Nice to meet ye again," Jack said sweetly. "Sorry, but I´m in a hurry to leave." With a loving smile, he winked at James and the next second he was gone.

The Admiral, startled out of his trance cried. "Guards!!! The pirate is here!" He glared at James and ran out.

James didn´t move a muscle, he couldn´t. In shock, he stared at the spot were Jack had stood just moments before.

"Elizabeth is right. You are lovers," Will said in awe.

"We are not," James disagreed stubbornly. "It´s a coincidence he was here and..." he stopped and reconsidered. "Fine. It doesn´t matter anymore. Last night we were sleeping together. Anything else you want to know?"

"That´s not the point," Elizabeth interfered. "Why didn´t Jack leave hours ago? Why did you keep him here?"

"I didn´t!" James shouted, enraged. "Jack came here by himself. He was the one who didn´t want to leave. I begged him to flee."

"He must love you very much," Elizabeth realized.

James growled.

"Just as you love him," Will chipped in.

"Well, for the reason you two have figured out everything so pretty good, there is nothing else we have to talk about. I want to be alone."

"But won´t the Admiral expect you to participate in the search party for Jack?" Will asked shyly.

"I don´t care. Please leave."

Will opened his mouth to say more but Elizabeth dragged him outside. Finally alone, James dropped on his bed and stared at the ceiling. They will catch him. He will hang. I will have to watch him die. His eyes became wet and he covered them with his arm, rubbing the tears away with his sleeve. I can´t. Thomas can´t make me. I watched Tommy die. Isn´t that enough in one life time? I think it is. Nobody can make me watch Jack die. Nobody. For the next few hours, he stayed where he was. Nobody came to ask for him.

Around midday, James finally left the bedroom and walked downstairs to the kitchen. There, he found himself a half-full bottle of rum. It was the same bottle from which he had given his share to Jack. Just suitable. James started drinking and emptied the bottle pretty quickly. One or two times, Cedric and one of the maids came in and asked if he wanted anything. James simply said ´no´ while he noticed their curious looks, they had never seen him behave like this. Eventually, in the late afternoon, he was slightly drunk and staggered back to his bedroom where he was found by the returning Admiral.

Without knocking, Mallory walked in and stopped to bend down and pick up something from the floor. "I knew I noticed something when I visited you this morning." Then he took a chair and sat down in front of the bed. A full minute passed in silence.

"We didn´t find him," Mallory reported at last.

James´ heart leaped and the shadow of a smile flitted over his face.

"I see you are glad."

"Yes, I am."

"You are drunk."

"Not quite enough."

"I don´t get it, James. Why are you doing this? Why has it got to be that scum?"

"Don´t call him that!"

"I´ll call him whatever I want him to call him."

"Fine. And I´ll do whatever I want to do."

Mallory winced. "I always knew about you and my son. I didn´t like it but, well, I...tolerated it. I loved both of you and didn´t want to interfere in your...happiness."

James lifted himself up. "That´s in the past. Tommy is dead."

"Exactly. How can you, of all people, mess around with the scum who killed him?"

"Jack did not kill him," James said very slowly.

"How can you be so sure?"

"I´ll never forget the face of his murderer. It´s burnt into my mind." James felt the desperate need for another drink.

"I´ll find him," Mallory spat sharply. "Sooner or later I´ll bring him to the gallows. He´ll die." He threw the finding he had kept hidden in his hand on the blanket.

It was one of Jack´s beads. He must have lost it last night. That´s what Thomas had picked up from the floor. That´s what Thomas had noticed this morning. He knew all along Jack was in my bed. Strangely amused, James took the bead and rolled it between his fingers. "No, you won´t go hunting him," he said in the softest voice. "If you dare go near him or send one of your bloodhounds to do so, I´ll tell everybody about Tommy."

"About Tommy and you? You wouldn´t dare. Your career, your life would be ruined forever."

"No, not about Tommy and me. About the many officers Tommy fucked in his life."

The Admiral´s jaw dropped.

Feeling better for the first time since Jack had left, James smiled viciously. "You didn´t know?"

"That´s a damn lie!"

"No, it´s absolutely true. I can give you their names if you want to know them. Tommy was quite favoured by men of any rank."

Mallory stared at him, speechless.

"Sometimes I thought the whole fucking Royal Navy had your pretty boy in his bed."

"But you loved him still," Thomas whispered hoarsely.

"Yes, I did. But now I love Jack." The declaration of love he had never confessed to Jack slipped through his lips easily.

Mallory´s determined expression crumpled slightly. "What about our family´s reputation? My daughter´s? I know you care for her."

James softened at once. "I do. I really do. But she would approve. She always knew about Tommy and me and she always knew about Tommy´s lifestyle."

Finally, the last strength poured out of the Admiral´s body and he collapsed in his chair.

Stricken, James jumped to Mallory´s side. "I´m sorry, Thomas. I don´t want to hurt you. I love you. You have been my father since I was ten. You were always good to me. But I can´t allow you to kill Jack. I can´t watch my love die. Not again."

"I understand," Thomas sighed. "I love you too, James. I will always love you. Do whatever you want but don´t expect me to become acquainted with Sparrow in any way."

"I won´t."

"You don´t have to stay with me. Go on and find him." His face looked very old and very tired.

James patted his shoulder. "Not yet. I think we should go downstairs and find us another bottle of rum, what do you say?"

"But isn´t it your intention to pursue him?" Thomas asked, perplexed.

"Of course. I promised to hunt him down after all. I can hardly wait to get my hands on him again."

Mallory snorted, disgusted.

James grinned brightly in remembrance of the past. "I just want to give him one day’s head start."

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