At my Command - 4/6

Author: Daniela
Fandom: PotC: Pirates of the Caribbean
Pairing: Sparrington
Rating: NC17
Category: Angst, Romance
Series/Sequel: 1. Sequel to ´Stranded´
Summary: Jack fulfills important needs
Warning: M/M, Slash
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s my treasure.
Beta: Ysolde
Released: January 2005
Word Count: 3.904

"Oh, it´s ye." Jack didn´t hide his disappointment.

"Aye, it´s only me," Will voiced dryly. "Sorry to disappoint you so badly."

"Nay, I´m not disappointed." Jack stayed on the ground. He tilted his head and threw Will an easy smile. "Only bored. Who else would have come down here to save ol´ Jack but his good boy Will."

Will was speechless.

"How´s lovely Elizabeth? Do ye make her happy?" Jack continued the conversation charmingly.

Will became angry. "Get to your feet, Jack, now!"

"What do ye have in mind? I already found out that the safety of this prison improved a lot since me last visit." Jack smirked.

"Certainly," Will affirmed. "But I have the key." Easily, he unlocked the door.

Jack didn´t move. A strange sensation came over him. Is it possible....?

"Come on," Will urged him. "What´s the matter with you?"

"Where did ye find the key, if I may ask?"

Will blinked, surprised by the question. "One of the guards is a friend of mine. Now, let´s go."

Jack only squinted; apparently he was nailed to the dirty cell ground. "Have ye brought some rum with ye?"

"Are you completely daft? We have to leave," Will whispered sharply.

Jack stayed put. The sadness in him became displaced by curiosity.

Will sighed and gave in. "Elizabeth is waiting outside. She has a bottle of rum with her."

Jack jumped quickly to his feet and passed Will to climb up the stairs. "What are ye waiting for?" He heard Will swear and follow him easily because Jack was still limping.

At the end of the stairs the night and Elizabeth awaited them. "What took you so long? I was worried."

"Ask our friend here," Will hissed accusingly. "He´s not that eager to escape."

Jack didn´t correct him. He fetched the bottle of rum from Elizabeth and drank greedily.

"He´s just typical Jack," Elizabeth soothed Will. "Playing one of his games."

Jack swallowed and chuckled, amused. "Aye, darling." He attached the bottle to his belt. "This is very fine rum. Your father has good taste."

"Of course," she replied hastily. "What else would you expect?"

"Exactly this," Jack assured her and repressed a smile.

Will handed Jack a pistol and a dagger. "Why are you limping?"

"Got bitten by a shark. No permanent harm done." Swiftly, he fastened the given weapons next to the precious rum.

"A shark?" Elizabeth aspirated, disbelieving.

Jack knew what she implied. "A true beast darling, which almost killed me. Not yer good friend, the Commodore, who did everything to keep me filthy blood from soaking the hot sand."

"I wasn´t thinking....," Elizabeth started to defend herself and was interrupted by Will. "What are you talking about?"

"None of your business," she told him curtly.

Will looked offended and Jack chuckled. "Don´t ye start a fight because of me."

"So, James saved you from bleeding to death," Elizabeth confronted him, not minding her dear husband.

Jack shrugged. "That doesn´t mean anything."

"No?" she asked softly but, surprisingly, she changed the subject at once. "Shortly ´the Resolution´ will leave Port Royal. It´s certainly not a problem for Captain Jack Sparrow to figure out a way to get on board."

"Aye, darling. No problem at all," Jack agreed seriously.

Will found his voice. "In a few hours you can be far away from here. You´ll be safe," he encouraged him.

Jack snorted.

Elizabeth patted his arm. "Is something bothering you?"

Amused, he took her hand and kissed it gently. He admired her frank way. "No. Freedom is everything I´m longing for." He put his clothes in order. "Thanks for the rum and for the rescue. I won´t forget it. Now, I have to leave. There are places to go and people to see." Unhurried, he strolled down the path and vanished into the night.

Elizabeth nestled closer to Will. "I should have told him."


"He´s unhappy."

"Yes, maybe, but he´ll get over it. Norrington is a strong, educated man...."

Elizabeth dug him in the ribs. "Silly, I´m not talking about James."

"What? You can´t be serious. Jack...?"

" not quite himself."

"You´re mistaken."

She kissed him softly on the cheek. "No, I´m not. I think he´s unhappy because of James, that´s the reason why I should have told him the truth."

"Nonsense. In an hour, Jack will have forgotten everything that has happened in the last couple of days."

They headed for home. "I don´t think so," Elizabeth insisted. "You don´t even know what had happened in the last couple of days."

Will stared at his beautiful but headstrong wife. "Obviously, you know more than me. So, tell me."

"You know I can´t do that. Jack wouldn´t mind but James would never want me to."

"Elizabeth!" Will blurted out, hurt. "I´m your husband...."

"Do you want me to betray his trust in me?"

Will had no answer. They disappeared around the next corner.

It wasn´t that Jack was unhappy it was just that he wasn´t happy either. Unsatisfied was the perfect word to describe his feelings. Aye, he was unsatisfied but also he was determined to change that by taking things in his own hands. Heading directly for Norrington´s home, he passed the deserted night streets quietly and unseen, like a cat. Well, like a cat with a wounded paw. The lack of moonlight turned the town into a sea of darkness. He welcomed it like an old friend. On his way, he emptied the whole bottle of rum. Slightly drunk, he reached the house which he had never visited before but which was once pointed out to him by Will. He had no problem to overcome a small wall before he climbed up to a broad balcony, where lights were seen behind the window. Only slightly out of breath, he entered through the open doors and found himself standing in a bedroom. A few candles cast light on the big four-poster bed and the two paintings on the wall. One showed a ship fighting a storm. On the second were three well-dressed children. Two boys and a girl. One boy had green eyes and brown hair. For a moment, Jack stood still in front of the painting, thoughtful. The room was plainly equipped. A wardrobe completed the furniture. The paintings were the most personal things around. The home of a bachelor, the home of a lonely man. A man, who was used to his home being the sea.
A noise, floating through the door from the next room distracted Jack. The door had been left ajar. A soft splashing sound, Jack realized, grinning. Perfect. Me timing couldn´t be better.
He tore a cord from a bed-curtain, seized the pistol from his sash and slipped quietly through the opening. As assumed he found the Commodore taking a bath. "Aye, exactly how I figured. Instead of coming to rescue me ye´re hiding in here."

For a second, James stared at him, frozen, then he blurted out: "You are mad to come here!"

"Me compass pointed here, savvy?" Jack purred, while he took a good look at James´ presented body. "I´m glad to see ye got rid of that wig."

"Get out of here," James ordered coldly.

Jack pointed the pistol while he bowed down to get a closer look. Hot steam heated his face. "I don´t think so, me dear Commodore."

James didn´t try to cover himself up. "You won´t shoot me."

"Try me." Jack pulled back. "Get up," he ordered.

Now, James looked puzzled.

"Commodore, please be so kind and get up before I blow a hole in yer adorable body. Don´t be shy. There´s nothing I haven´t seen before."

His eyes a gleaming pair of emeralds, James mumbled something and obeyed Jack´s command. His dripping body was a feast for Jack´s eyes. "Step out of the tub and turn around." Skilfully, he bound James´ hands with the cord behind his back. "Like ol´ times, eh?"

James didn´t make a sound.

"Lean against the wall," Jack demanded nonchalantly.

James obeyed once again. His nakedness was brilliant against the wooden wall. The faint candle light conjured a wonderful shine over his skin. "Do you have to do this? Why don´t you get away before anyone finds out you´re gone?"

Pleased by the view, Jack began to undress. "No, no. First, I have to put things straight."

"Are you out of your mind?" James snapped.

Jack continued undressing. "Absolutely." Sash, shirt, breeches, and empty bottle fell to the ground. The dagger clattered loudly. Leaving Jack clad only in the bandage around his thigh. He stepped into the tub.

"What are you doing?" James whispered eyes fixed on Jack´s spirited member.

"I never have forgotten yer complaints of me being filthy." He fetched a sponge from a nearby standing stool and started to scrub his skin. Still, the pistol was held to his aim. "Stay were ye are."

James stopped his movement and leaned back against the wall. "Jack, listen...."

"No. Shut up and observe. I know ye like it." Slowly, he led the sponge over his chest, teasing the rosy nipples, again and again.

Angrily, James pressed his lips together and lowered his eyes.

Jack smiled and circled the sponge further down, where it danced around his belly-button. "Oh nice, this warm wetness all around. There is only one thing better. All this warmth inside of ye."

James looked up again. He had the wild eyes of a cornered tiger.

Jack felt fantastic, James submissive attitude made him feel like King of all he surveyed and his rising erection showed off proudly. He squeezed the sponge and drizzled the water over the sensitive head of his cock. "Nice and clean. Like ye want it, luv." He caressed the rosy head, the hard length and the swollen balls. Excitement inherited his body and he started moaning.

The green sea-eyes rambled up and down Jack´s slender figure until they stopped at his exquisite rod. James took a deep breath, his lips quavered, his body shuddered.

Jack noticed the signs of his struggle. "Do ye want me, James?"

Stubbornly, James shook his head.

"Aye, ye want me." He aimed the pistol at James´ groin, pointing out the growing arousal, while he rubbed the sponge along the length of his cock. "Soon," he promised seductively.

James´ erection was visibly effected. "Stop it, Jack. I want you to leave."

Jack´s eyes narrowed, his expression became hard and relentless. He threw the sponge away and left the tub in a rush. Approaching James, he pressed the gun fiercely against his balls. The feeling of the cold and deadly steel between their erections was yet a greater stimulant to Jack. "Enough foreplay," he hummed. "Let´s continue in yer very inviting bed."

James´ eyes widened. "No."

Jack grabbed James´ member in a fierce grip. "I´m in command, savvy? That´s the payback for leaving me to destiny."

"Jack....," James struggled against the grip.

"I want this, I deserve this. Ye´re very lucky I only want to fuck ye and not kill ye."

"No," James whispered, agonised. "Please, I...."

Jack softened. He smoothed himself closer to James´ heated flesh but didn´t let go of the pistol. "Ye´ll luv it - Commodore." He loosened his grip on the tortured cock and stroked it gently. "Ye´re as horny as hell. I can tell."

James gasped and closed his eyes.

Jack grinned and licked the exposed neck. Then he captured him by the bonds and yanked him forward. "Prepare yerself to be entered by a pirate."

Groaning, James stumbled forward and was stopped in front of the four-poster bed.

Insistent, Jack nuzzled the barrel against James´ back and guided it along the spine. "Turn."

James did and answered Jack´s serious look.

Jack sighed quietly and pushed him down. "This bed is made for us. Ye and me, mate."

Lying on his back, his full-hard cock showing off like a red signal flag, James tried once more. "Jack, listen...."

"No," Jack denied again. "First I´ll take care of our needs. Later, ye can tell me whatever ye want."

James stopped begging. "You will never command me."

Jack stood over him, boldly intimidating and yet James showed no fear exactly only primitive excitement. Jack got down on him and seized the ready cock. "We´ll see."

James wriggled, silently.

"Scared?" Jack teased.

"I fear no bloody pirate."

"Do ye fear yerself then that ye´ll not let me luv ye?"

"You know nothing about love," James countered, angrily.

"We´ll see," Jack said once more and observed James´ cock, smiling. "Ye´ve quite a pretty member." Surprised, he saw James blushing. "Did Tommy never tell ye?"

"No," James granted quietly.

"Pity." After one deep look, Jack got rid of the pistol - it landed somewhere on the ground - and feathered a lot of kisses to the trembling tummy. His now unengaged hand palmed the quivering thighs.

James struggled; he grinded his teeth. "Get off."

"Nay," Jack mumbled. He licked the pale tummy. "Ye´ve such wonderful skin." He buried his face in James´ flesh and kissed him everywhere while he squeezed James´ cock with one eager hand.

"No, not this way," James breathed, helpless.

Playfully, Jack held him down and met him face to face. "What? Did ye assume I would rape ye?" He gave a kiss to the inviting full lips. A delicious taste swept into his mouth. He sighed. "I´ve never had to and I never will." He kissed him again - deeply.

James didn´t encourage him but his struggle weakened. Freed of the insisting mouth, he bit back a groan but succeeded only shortly.

Warmth filled Jack´s groin. "Why do ye try to resist me? What are ye afraid of?"

"I´m not afraid," James growled.

Jack seized the sack between James´ trembling thighs and kneaded it with sensitive fingers. "Oh, ye are." He teased and stroked, caressed and nuzzled the balls, while he tongued his way down the chest and was delighted to hear another groan from James. Smiling, he put his tongue to the begging length and gave it the same exquisite treatment as his fingers did to the sack. "Mmh, this cock is made for sucking and it´s made for me."

No further complaints.

In a quick motion, Jack sucked the cock in. He enjoyed the feeling of his mouth filled up so completely and deliciously, while he continued the intense and experienced sucking until James gave in and met his rhythm. "Bloody pirate, I hate you!"

Jack let go. "I know." He smirked and returned to the sucking.

James´ defences were smashed. He started whimpering, quietly at first but the sound increased with every drag on his hot cock. "Oh...Oh...Oh God." His moans became a match to the rhythm of Jack´s demanding mouth. The lust enclosed him entirely. "Ah...Ah...Ah..."

The pulsing cock in Jack´s mouth was hard as steel, a keen piece of flesh hungry for release. He grabbed James´ thighs firmer and gave the lusting member everything he had.

James gave a stifled cry. He jerked heftily and Jack´s head went up and down in a wild and uncontrolled ride. One of Jack´s braids dissolved, a bunch of beads tore loose and sprang to the ground, rolling away. Neither of both men paid any attention.

James was busy groaning his pleasure.

Jack was busy with eating up a very tasty cock. The pressure in it built up and pressed against the roof of his mouth. The promising coming of release was near. Delighted, he rubbed James´ cock faster and sucked the tip with all his strength. He insisted and demanded. He needed and wanted. Come. Come. Come now.

James bucked up wildly and came. His seed shot out in heavy spurts. A sequence of open-hearted groans went along with his climax.

Jack stole every drop of the spilled seed and left James shaking. Jack didn´t swallow but sampled the sweet drops of heaven in his mouth, tasting them for a while before he spat them on his palm. Whistling softly, he smoothed his overdue arousal. He caught James´ stare, his enemy´s face was taught with passion, and grinned at him. "Ready for being taken?"

"Untie me," James pleaded. "My arms ache."

"No." Jack urged him on his stomach.

"Jack, I want....," James started.

Lying down on his back, Jack pinned him to the white sheets. "Ye can´t wait to have me inside ye, eh?"

No answer but no complaint either.

Jack breathed harshly. The feeling of having James so close was overwhelming as well as the pleasure of being in control. He longed to shove his cock inside him, inside Commodore James Norrington, his enemy. He had dreamt about this many times. "Until now it was easy for ye. Now comes the hard part." Excited, he rubbed his front against James´ firm ass, groaning in victorious delight. "I made him smooth and clean for ye, like ye want it. But ye have to beg me." His voice was cool and even, while his cock was hot and beyond ready.

Silence. The air was impregnated with the smell of seed and lust and a desperate need for deliverance. Jack breathed in and out to calm himself. His instincts told him to wait. His need to fuck James was more than he could bear but his need to hear James beg was strong as well. His patience was rewarded.

"Fuck me."


James swore but once more he choked out: "Fuck me."

"Fuck me...?"

"...Jack." The final gift came in a hoarse whisper.

"As ye command," Jack answered lightly, but his heart was filled with joy. With tender fingers he stroked James´ back and felt a quiver. Fondly, he kissed the back of James´ neck. His hand glided between James´ buttocks to smooth the hot centre with saliva and seed, which he had savoured in his mouth.

James panted, surprised.

"Tommy never did that, eh?" No answer was given but sometimes silence meant consent. The sweetest thrill of delight raced through Jack´s blood. He had waited for this since the first day he had laid eyes on him. Slowly, he sidled inside. Hot caressing tightness enclosed his member; it felt like paradise. He never wanted to leave again.

James sighed. "You deceitful devil, you...."

A sudden move and he slipped out only to push back inside, giving him a firm stroke to shut him up. "What is it, luv? I told ye I would never hurt ye." Once more, he rested inside of him.

"Why did you tie me up then?" James lamented, gasping.

"For ye, only for ye, luv," Jack answered mysteriously. The hotness inside James drove him to continue. Deliberately slowly, he slid out and pushed back in. Once. Twice.

"Lying pirate," James yelped.

Jack clenched his teeth to keep control. But more and more it slipped away. He couldn´t hold himself back any longer. He wanted to fuck James senseless. His strokes became firmer, harder. With every thrust his balls brushed against James´ ass. The burning in his groin was incredible. The feeling of James´ insides, the delicious smell of submission.

"Jack, oh Jack."

Hearing his name from James´ lips, only a quiet whisper but still...He fucked him harder, much harder. "Ye and me, aye?" Jack asked once again.

James denied him the answer. "Bloody pirate."

The feverish plunging of Jack took a desperate speed. "Ye and me," he insisted. "Say it."

"Bloody Hell," James swore, furious. "Fuck me and shut up."

Jack did and brought them to the edge of joy.

"Yes, oh yes," James groaned thankfully.

Jack stopped. "Ye and me," he repeated, merciless. "Say it."

James grabbed the sheets. "Fuck me now or I will...."

"Ye will what?" Jack laughed.

James stifled his moans in the white linen.

"What was that? I can´t hear ye, Commodore."

Mumbling, swearing, moaning and then: "You and me. Satisfied Captain Jack Sparrow? Will you finish what you started and fuck me?"

Jack grinned at his back. Oh yes, I´m satisfied but not quite, luv.

"Now, Jack, please."

The utter begging melted Jack´s heart and he sank deeper into James´ hot depths, giving one harsh stroke by one, groaning loudly.

"Jack, Jack, Jack," James chanted his name in a low tone.

The singsong was the most beautiful tune Jack had ever heard. "Aye, say me name, say it." Harder and harder he fucked that eager too-hot hole, was absorbed by it. In pure bliss, he felt James muscles tense and climax while he softened under him. Deeper, hotter, more, oh God more...Jack´s fever reached its peak, the pressure in his cock exploded to rush its seed out and spill it inside his dearest enemy. Jack collapsed on James, his body shaking and trembling in the aftermath. The enemies moaned a few more times until they went silent together.

Jack lifted up and dragged himself to the other room to search for his dagger. A few moments later, he was back to cut the cord on James´ hands. "Do ye know now what me sword is really made of?" he mocked kind-heartedly.

Quickly, James turned around and pulled him down to him.

The dagger slipped from Jack´s fingers and fell to the ground, to join forgotten pistol and beads.

James held him close and kissed the healing bite mark from their last encounter. "Do you always have to have the last word?"

Jack snuggled closer and licked his neck in return. "I´ll never put a dagger to yer throat again. Never."

James raised an eyebrow. "How do you know about the way Tommy died?"

"The Admiral told me."

James frowned. His response was not quite the expected. "You have to go. You were mad to come here."

"I had to."

"For crying out loud, why didn´t you leave with the next ship?"

"I thought, I made that clear," Jack pouted.

"Jack, I´m serious."

"So am I."

"You have to leave," James insisted. "They will capture you again."

"I don´t care. I want to stay a while longer. Anyway, they won´t catch me. I´m Captain Jack Sparrow, savvy?" He grinned.

"But I care," James snarled, angrily. "I don´t want to be a witness to your hanging. Not again. I don´t want to see you die. I can´t bear the thought of you being dead."

"I know," Jack breathed. "That´s why ye sent Elizabeth and Will to set me free."

James was silent; denying to grant him the truth.

Jack grinned against his neck. "I´m not that filthy anymore, eh?"

The Commodore embraced him tightly. "Yes you are, pirate, but it doesn´t matter anymore. Not to me anyway."

They kissed tenderly.

"How did you know it was me?" James asked curiously.

Jack laughed. "Will is a bad liar. The delicious rum they had brought blurted out the truth as well. Not to mention that lovely Elizabeth paid me a visit before she ran off to talk to ye."

James sighed. "She´s a fine woman. Everything would be a lot easier when..." he broke off and didn´t finish.

Jack was puzzled. "When what?"

James didn´t please him with an answer but with a kiss. A very thorough kiss, which left them both breathless.

Jack chuckled. "Aren´t we quite satisfied, Commodore?"

"Call me Jem."

Jack´s eyes lit up, his heart skipped a beat. "Are ye sure?"

James sealed his lips shut again. Kiss by kiss they sank deeper into passion and got lost to reality. They forgot their names and who they were and found their way to paradise once more.

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