• Gregīs appearance: Airily
  • 1 Scene: With Grissom
    and Sara

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    Greg bleaches his hair.
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Sara looks at the video logs. Grissom refers back to the file in front of him. Greg walks in carrying the bagged pillow from Robbie Garson's room. It had lots of Robbieīs saliva on it. "Could be from drooling or from dying", Grissom considers. Greg found also slits at both ends of the pillow. He grasps the pillow aligning the slits with his nails and turns toward Sara and motions as if smothering Sara. She smiles. "Looks like we have a murder weapon."

Best Quotes:
Grissom: "Crazy or not ... here we come."

Greg: "Hey, how about some pillow talk?"

My Comment:
Oh oh. Another great moment for the GSG triangle. Greg teases Sara and she smiles while Gil looks clearly pissed. About what? Because his boy is flirting or his sweetheart is smiling? Though question. Well, whatever it is, the threesome is always fun to watch.

Again Hodges is hilarious.
Hodges: "If I were institutionalized, I think I would hope for something better. Clonazepam, maybe."
Sara gives Hodges a look.
Hodges: "What, you, uh, think I'm crazy?"
Sara: "Crazy is as crazy does. His chart indicated at least four other anti-psychotics. Why wasn't he getting those meds?"
Hodges: "Do I look clairvoyant?"

Again itīs obvious Hodges is jealous of Greg and canīt help himself to drop a hint about Greg. "Would you ever bleach your hair? I wouldn't. It's so Greg Sanders."

Starring Greg