Under a Cloud

  • Greg´s appearance: Unhappy

  • 9 Scenes: with Sara, D.B.
    and Finn

  • Shippyness: G/S

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

The CSI team investigates a John Doe found during torrential rains in Vegas.
Meanwhile, Greg Sanders is investigated and accused of framing a man for murder seven years ago.

Best Quote:
Greg: "My former supervisor Gil Grissom trained me to follow a particular prececure
so I didn´t have to rely on my memory. I was so afraid of making a mistake and being
send back to the lab that I followed that training exactly."

Best Moment:
Greg and Sara have a personal talk in the locker room and the break room.

My Comment:
I expected more from this episode. More emotions. More drama. More Greg. He is the accussed but still only on the margins in this story. I still wonder how my favorite character Greg Sanders turned from the funniest lab boy into the unfunniest CSI in the field. Greg became plain boring. I really miss Nick in the moments Greg is unhappy and desperate. I´m glad Sara is here and cares for him and that Morgan is not part of this. I enjoy the small moments between Greg and Sara. They seem authentic at last. Since Grissom is gone I ship them because I have nothing else that keeps my interest on CSI today. After five years I still miss Grissom so badly. I also miss Catherine. They can bring as much new female love interests along for Greg as they want. Greg will never have with them what Greg had with Grissom.


When Greg was a suspect of planting evidence to impress his boss, I thought to myself: Well, I think he could have been tempted to do so back then in the good days to impress the Master Gil Grissom.

Greg loved to impress him. Greg lived to impress him. In the end Greg DID impress him. *sigh* Those were the good days.