Clint Barton - Moments


Clint has his sights on Thor, though Coulson didn't give the order to shot him down.

The Avengers

The Hawk is in his nest. As usual.

Possessed by Loki, Clint shoots Nick Fury, but he doesn't kill him.

Tony calls Clint, "Legolas".

Clint hits a target without even looking while shooting at it.

Clint jumps off the roof of an exploding building.

Avengers - Age of Ultron

Clint tries to lift Thor's hammer.

Clint throws Captain America's shield.

Clint is the only one Wanda is not able to mind control.

Clint shows his anger towards Tony.

Clint takes Wanda under his wing.

Clint and Pietro. A game, until it isn't.

Clint risks his life saving a little boy. Pietro gives his life saving Clint. Clint is shocked by the sacrifice.

Captain America - Civil War

Clint fights Vision to take Wanda with him.

Clint verbally harasses and mocks Tony for what he did to them.

Avengers Endgame

Clint loses his family.

Clint travels back in time and almost sees his family.

Clint gets a call from his wife.

Clint finds the glove with the stones and saves it but trusts the wrong Nebula.

Clint kneels to honor Tony. (cut scene)


Clint disguises himself nonchalantly as a firefighter. Well, he is just some guy.

Clint doesn't care a kid prefers Katniss Everdeen to him as a superhero.

Clint joins in with LAPRERS to get the suit back and fights a fight for show and loses it on purpose.

Clint is forced to ride a toy unicorn.

Clint's hearing aid gets smashed and still he is the best fighting with a bow and arrow.

Clint makes the coolest trick arrows.

Clint and Kate wear ugly sweaters and celebrate.

Clint can knock somebody unconscious with a quarter or nickel from twenty feet away or switch the TV off.

After Kate figured out that Clint was the Ronin, he sends her home, switches the light off, and takes his hearing aid out. He then remembers the past, when he lost his family, became the Ronin, and the day he lost Natasha.

Clint drinks from a cup that says 'Thanos was right'.

Clint is forced to fight Yelena. Kate joins in. Yelena throws her off the roof. Clint thinks she dies the same way Natasha died. But Yelena had tied Kate to a wire, like Natasha once had tied Clint to a wire to save him.

Clint goes to the Battle of New York Memorial with the names of the Avengers and asks for Natasha's forgiveness for what he is about to do. (Getting into a fight he doesn't want to.) He takes his hearing aid out and almost cries making his speech.

In the Ronin suit Clint fights and beats Maya. He then takes his mask off and shows her his face. He tells Maya that her boss had hired him once to kill her father. He even learned more sign language to talk to Maya in her way.

Clint learns that the Black Widow who was hired to kill him is Natasha's sister Yelena.

Clint is so smug about how easy it is for him to make more trick arrows.

Clint jumps out of a building, and lands screaming in a Christmas tree. At least he got company. An owl.

Kate cut down the Christmas Tree with Clint in it.

Clint wears the new purple suit Kate had let made for him.

Clint hits a target without even looking while shooting at it.

Clint made an arrow that shrinks a truck and its passengers to a minimal size. Scott told him how to do that. The owl takes the truck and the passengers away.

Clint and Yelena clash violently, express their feelings about Natasha. Clint doesn't even try to hurt her; he just defends himself. When Clint whistles the secret whistle of Natasha and Yelena, Yelena finally accepts the truth. That Clint didn't kill her, but Natasha sacrificed herself, and Clint wasn't able to stop her. Clint confesses how much he had loved Natasha.

Yelena helps Clint up. Clint says he's sorry. A tear runs down his cheek. Yelena walks away. Clint nods and lingers on.

Clint wisecracks about his new suit to Kate to lift the spirits.

Clint burns the Ronin suit.

Clint Barton