Chasing the Bus

  • Gregīs appearance: Distressed
  • 5 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Sara and Nick

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/N, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He has the ambition to
    become more than being
    a lab boy.
  • Misc.: His first field trip
    is a failure.

First Scene:
The rescue workers are in the bus still removing bodies. Grissom continues to survey the site area. Suddenly Greg appears next to Nick. He came because he heard the call "Crims on the scene". Grissom joins them and corrects him, "Crims with īfield trainingī". Greg begs heīs capable. Grissom approves grudgingly and advises Nick, "He does no collection." Grissom walks away and Nick reaches into his jacket pocket and pulls out a notepad and pen. He gives it to Greg. "You're taking my notes. You didn't bring a warmer jacket?" Greg didnīt. Nick doesn't say anything and walks away from Greg who has a concerned look on his face.

Second Scene:
Nick questions the bus driver, while Greg takes notes. Eventually the bus driver stands up and puts a hand out on Greg. Nick steps forward to catch him and takes a look at his eyes. He asks the bus driver to do a preliminary field breath test and moves aside to get the things. While he holds out the breathalyzer and puts it toward the bus driverīs mouth, the man suddenly coughs up blood. He collapses against Nick who catches him and holds him up. Nick orders Greg to get some help. But Greg is frozen in shock.

Third Scene:
Nick and Greg walk down the hill. Greg feels bad for what happened before. Nick soothes him. Grissom is standing near the front of the overturned bus. He's looking at the passenger list on a clipboard when Nick and Greg join him. Grissom tells them one of the passengers is missing. Greg asks if anybody has checked the bus. Nick walks inside the bus and looks around. Grissom and Greg wait outside. Nick didnīt find the passenger but a paper package with the broken bottle of liquor inside. Nick remembers that he gave the bus driver a breath test. Grissom holds out a bag to Greg and orders him to bag it and take it to the lab to swab the rim for DNA. Automatically, Greg takes the evidence bag and opens it. Nick puts the paper bag into it. "You should be wearing gloves," Grissom says to Greg who says sorry and leaves.

Fourth Scene:
Grissom walks through the hallway. In the DNA Lab, Greg sees him and comes out of the lab to intercept him. Nervous, Greg tells him the results about the whiskey bottle. Grissom praises him and asks if he enjoyed being in the field. Greg thinks Grissom heard about his failure and gives it away himself but Grissom didnīt.

Fifth Scene:
Sara paces the floor as she waits for her results. Greg watches her and tells her he will page her with the results. But Sara wants to wait and continues to pace. Greg looks uncomfortable. She stops and says, "Greg? You're really good at what you do." Greg doesn't say anything. The results are printed. Sara picks them up, reads them and walks out of the lab.

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "Hey. Got here as soon as I could."
Nick: "Whoa, what are you doing here, Greg?"
Greg: "All hands on deck. That was the call, right? Crims on the scene."
Grissom: "Crims with "field training"."
Greg: "Come on. I'm capable."
Grissom: "He does no collection."
Nick: "You're taking my notes. You didn't bring a warmer jacket?"
Greg: "No."

Grissom: "Firefighters only look in the obvious spots."
Greg: "Just out of curiosity, what are the unobvious spots?"
Grissom: "For bodies?"
Greg: "Yeah."
Grissom: "Walls, hot water heaters, stuffed in the box spring of a hotel room bed. I found a head in a bucket of paint once."
Greg: "I get the picture."

Grissom: "Good, Greg. Did you enjoy being in the field?"
Greg: "You heard about it, too?"
Grissom: "What?"
Greg: "That I ... messed up."
Grissom: "No."
Greg: "Well, then ... I enjoyed it fine."

My Comment:
I will treasure this episode forever. Gregīs first legendary field trip. Gregīs first failure. He wants to be good and isnīt. His sadness his heartbreaking. Heīs like the little boy who got lost in the big, cruel world and in the end he is thankful to find home again.

Greg - the kid. He just comes to the scene without asking anyone. He didnīt bring a warmer jacket in a very cold night. He didnīt expect blood to look like that. Heīs walking down the hill by holding on to a rope desperately. This cracks me up everytime. Greg swallows Gilīs criticism and runs home. Greg tries to make everything good by being at his best in the lab. Greg pouts about his failure.

Lots and lots of shippyness.

Greg and Nick. Nick is like a big brother. He takes care of Greg and acts sympathetic about Gregīs failure. But he is also jealous of Greg being here. He doesnīt like that Grissom orders him to be Gregīs babysitter and lectures the inexperienced man. "You didn't bring a warmer jacket?" Greg says no and Nickīs look is pretty taunting. Also he tells Greg a story about a cruel murder. Itīs possible he does it to make Greg feel better. Itīs also possible he does it to scare him off.

Greg and Sara. She is a sweetheart in this episode. First she senses Greg is unhappy and makes him an earnest compliment. "You're really good at what you do." Greg is stunned speechless. Second she defends his reputation.
Vincent: "I heard Sanders broke out of here, fared poorly and disgraced us all."
Sara: "No, he didn't."
Thatīs somehow surprising and shows she does like him after all, and - what is more important - respects him and his work.

Greg and Grissom. The boss isnīt overwhelmed to see his boy at the scene. He doesnīt believe Greg can handle it. Boy, is he right. But Greg begs Grissom to give him a chance and his wish is granted - with Nick as babysitter. Later, Grissom tells Greg about unobvious spots for finding bodies. Greg asked for it but his smile shows he whished he didnīt. Grissom gives Greg evidence and orders him back to the lab. I think not only because someone has to take the evidence back. He could have asked someone else. Grissom took the opportunity to send Greg home where he is safe and warm. But not before he mentions that Greg should be wearing gloves. Now Greg is really unhappy and apologizes. He failed in front of his adored hero. He runs off like a scolded kid.

At the lab it gets even better. Greg sees Grissom coming and rushes into the hallway to jump in his way. "I had a feeling you were coming," he says. Really? Thatīs pretty amazing. Grissom looks quite surprised. Greg spills out the results in a rush while he looks like a very sad little boy whose candy was taken away. Grissomīs praise "Good, Greg" makes him look even more uncomfortable. Like he doesnīt deserve it. By any means not today. Greg feels like a looser and because he thinks Grissom already heard of his failure too he blurts out the truth himself. Thatīs too funny. Realizing his mistake, Greg lies to Grissom that he did enjoy his field trip. Grissom watches him go and smiles very peculiar. Either Grissom heard about Gregīs failure and doesnīt care or Grissom havenīt heard about it and has now the affirmation he was right by sending Greg home. Just one thing was quite clear for me when I watched this episode for the first time. They love each other.