• Gregīs appearance: Rascally

  • 4 Scenes: With every CSI

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He likes to be a male.
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Greg gives his report to Grissom. He holds out the file folder. The phone rings; Grissom answers it and agrees to meet Mimosa at the Apple Martini at one o'clock. Greg asks, "Did you just get a lunch date?" Grissom doesnīt reply. Greg smiles knowingly at Grissom, he turns and walks out of the office, the smile still on his face.

Second Scene:
The team discusses the case when Greg walks to the hallway headed straight for the Break Room. He tosses a stack of photos on the table and gives Sara the information she had asked him to find out. Catherine looks through them and as she finishes them, she hands them to Grissom. There's something about a photo that has Grissom looking at it a little more closely. Grissom sees the next photo and recognizes Benway immediately. Greg continues to inform the team. Grissom looks at the photo from the Anti-Nuclear Rally. This Benway is instantly recognizable. Dr. Lavalle is Dr.Benway.

Third Scene:
Greg dusts the video film and lifts off a fingerprint. He scans the print into the computer.

Fourth Scene:
Archie and Warrick discuss the evidence. Greg walks in and tells those fingerprints on the video tape are a match.

Best Dialog:
Grissom: (to phone) "Grissom. Yes. Mimosa?" Grissom glances at Greg. "Yes. Today? The Apple Martini, one o'clock. I'll be there."
Greg: "Did you just get a lunch date?"

My Comment:
"For the record, I really like having a penis," is Gregīs best quote this season so far. I love him for this. The cheery on the cake is the honey-sweet look he gives Grissom, while saying it. Is he flirting with his boss? I couldnīt believe me eyes and my ears. This boy is getting saucier every day. The relationship between him and Grissom really changed a lot since first season. As always, Grissom acts cool. One irritated look and one lick to his finger (only to skim through the papers of course) is his entire reaction to Gregīs inappropriate comment and at once he shifts his attention to the result papers. I like to think they went somewhere later to make out. Could even be Greg will get his payback at home - in bed. In my dreams for certain. Maybe in a fic, if I get the time. Ah, all this wonderful, wonderful plot bunnies.
Greg doesnīt stop his behavior by talking about his penis. No, not at all. After he is a witness to Grissomīs phone conversation, he asks boldly: "Did you just get a lunch date?" Brave, boy, very brave. Are you jealous? No reply from Grissom. Greg walks out but he throws a teasing smile at Grissom. What a gift to every G/G slasher on earth. Thank you, dear writers.
Well, Greg is just himself. Grissom is visibly not pleased by having Greg a witness to his conversation. Why exactly? Does he fear the gossip in the lab? Greg is very famous for spreading news very fast. Could be, Grissom fears Gregīs jealousy and the fight they will have at home. :D

In the scene with every CSI present, Greg only addresses Sara: "Sara, you asked for some ... research." His tone is very suggestive and he is definitely flirting with her, in front of everyone. He hasnīt given up on her yet. Oh, and Grissom has one peculiar look. Then, Greg throws Sara the result papers but itīs Catherine who picks them up. Next, she hands them to Grissom. Sara isnīt able to take a proper look at the pics but she asks Greg a question. I even had the feeling she doesnīt like Cathīs and Grissomīs interference.

Random thought:
Grissom says, "I'm actually not interested in your ass," to a transgender. Dear Gil, in which ass are you interested?

At the end of the episode, Gil is very nice to Mimosa, a transgender. Despite his weaknesses (People skills, being a workaholic) Gil is one of the most tolerant human beings and I love him for it.
Again, you can see Nick isnīt that tolerant. A few episode moments ("Caged" for example) show us Greg is.