• Gregīs appearance:
  • 2 Scenes:
    with Grissom and Nick

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/N

  • What we learn about him:
    He went to Stanford.
    He has a heart for
    handicapped people.

  • Misc.:
    He saw "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes".
    He keeps porn in the lab.

First Scene:
Greg is reading the test results then shows them to Nick. They discuss them. Greg starts to draw on the clearboard to illustrate something to Nick.

Second Scene:
Grissom is reading up on ricin. Greg walks in and they talk about it. Nick joins them and they talk about the case and the current suspect.

Best Dialogs:
Nick: "I always thought you kept your porn in there."
Greg: "I move it around."

Greg: "Ricinus communis. Castor beans, like castor oil."
Grissom: "Well, botanically speaking, it's a spurge, not a bean. Ricin is made from the husk. Castor oil is made from what's inside."
Greg: "Hmm, which makes two people who know that -- you and the guy who wrote the book."

My Comment:
Greg and Nick. So cute. Nick teases Greg about the porn he kept in the lab. Hey! Does he honestly?
Greg teases Nick because of his fear of diseases. Oh Nick. Such a baby sometimes.
Greg jokes he knows that everyone thinks of him - I'm just another pretty face who got to where I am by sleeping with Catherine. *giggle* Donīt let Catherine hear about this.
Nick jokes Greg only went to Stanford because one of his relatives got him in. No. I donīt think so. Our boy is smart enough to get in all by himself.

Greg and Grissom. So cute too. Grissom is busy and Greg strolls as casually in as a schoolboy into the classroom. Greg tries to impress Grissom with his knowledge and Grissom updates him at once. Wide-eyed grasshopper makes a joke which is also a compliment. The Master smiles. Aaaah, such a wonderful moment. Unfortunately Nick bursts in and disturbs their privacy. Nick displeases Grissom because he talks unkindly about the autistic suspect. Greg shows his tender heart and agrees with Grissom. Maybe he is just wiser because he senses the masterīs feelings. Maybe he does know Grissom better than Nick. Maybe Greg is just more sensitive. I love this boy.