• Greg´s appearance: Sassy
  • 4 Scenes: with Grissom,
    Catherine, Warrick and Sara

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    His grandfather´s name is

  • Misc.: He is bold enough
    to tell Grissom embarrassing
    family secrets.

First Scene:
Sara filters the water sample from the bath tub pipe. She checks the filter and lifts off a strand of hair. Greg walks into the lab and watches her work.

Second Scene:
Catherine, Warrick and Sara sit at the table to go over the case with Grissom on the phone. Greg walks into the Room with the test results. Grissom on the other end of the phone listening to Greg´s report.

Third Scene:
Greg and Grissom talk about the test results and something very private.

Fourth Scene:
The older doctors who fit the required description sit in a single row as Greg uses the ALS on their heads. He starts with the first doctor and goes one by one down the row of men. Finally, he finds the match.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "Propylene glycol. Active ingredient in rogaine for male pattern baldness. Personally, I don't use the stuff, but my grandfather, Papa Olaf -- he was Bruce Willis at age 16. Lucky for me, baldness comes from the mother's side, so I'm safe..."
Grissom: "Greg, please, I'm very tired."
Greg: "Well, maybe the guy we're looking for is going bald...or trying not to. According to Papa Olaf, a lot of guys who use rogaine also use propecia, kind of like a cocktail. I ran the hair through massspec. I got four peaks: Ethyl alcohol, propylene glycol, minoxidil, and finasteride."
Grissom: "Finasteride, the chemical name for propecia."
Greg: "But wait, there's more, and it's a family secret. Sexual. Happens in less than two percent of users. Papa Olaf was one of those guys that needed hydraulics."

My Comment:
A good episode. I can understand why Sara is not smiling about Greg´s joke, "Looks like she had a few friends over. A little nurses gone wild." The present murder case is too cruel to joke about.
The blunt way he is revealing a very delicate family secret to Grissom is hilarious. Grissom looks like, "Why is he telling me that? This boy is killing me."
Briefly, Greg is back in the field.
Grissom´s speech to the suspect: "It's sad, isn't it, doc? Guys like us. Couple of middle-aged men who've allowed their work to consume their lives. The only time we ever touch other people is when we're wearing our latex gloves. We wake up one day and realize that for fifty years we haven't really lived at all. But then, all of a sudden...we get a second chance. Somebody young and beautiful shows up. Somebody...we could care about. She offers us a new life with her...but we have a big decision to make, right? Because we have to risk everything we've worked for in order to have her. I couldn't do it..."
If you replace "SHE" and "HER" with "HE" and "HIM" you can imagine Grissom is talking about Greg. Yeah, my heart is filled with slash.