Bump & Grind

Greg and the team investigate the mess of one body.

Best Quote:
Greg: "I don´t live in Kyrgyzstan."

Best Dialog:
Greg: "I know what you need H. Good night out on the town."
Hodges: "When?"

Best Moment:
The new hair cut mystery.
Greg will take out Hodges on a men-date. :O

My Comment:
Yak! The beginning is truly too cross.
The reward follows later: Greg and Hodges slash! Greg calls David H and David calls Greg G. LOL!
Also Greg will go out with Hodges to help him to get over Wendy. How sweet! Nick looks slightly irritated.
Hodges tells Greg a story about a bad hair cut at science camp, and later Hodges has a new hair cut.
Was it Greg who cut his hair? OH MY GOD! Is this going somewhere? Is this the beginning of a new and
wonderful friendship?
Greg trusts a credit protection service on the net. How naive? Still too kind and trusting our boy.