A Bullet runs through it - Part 2

  • Gregīs appearance: Thoughtful

  • 2 Scenes: With Grissom
    and Sara

  • Shippyness: G/G

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
The bullets gathered from the crime scenes are lined up on the table and labeled. Also on the table is a clipboard and photos of the crime scene area. Greg writes down something on one of the photos. Grissom walks into the lab from the hallway. Greg reports. Hodges walks into the room and reports as well.

Second Scene:
It's dark. Grissom has a dummy positioned where Officer Bell stood behind his car door. In the dummy's neck is a laser rod. Inside the Torres' residence, Greg is in the living room and on the phone. Down on the street, Grissom turns the laser light on. In the Torres' apartment, Greg keeps his eye on the beam. Greg instructs Grissom to move the beam. Greg turns and sees the light going in the wrong direction, away from the candle. He instructs Grissom further to the left.

Best Dialog:
Hodges: "In a crisis you can always count on me." Hodges leaves.
Greg: "Doesnīt he bug you?"
Grissom: "No more so than anyone else around here."

My Comment:
Greg. Grissom. Hodges. A perfect and funny moment with the three of them together. Hodges teases Greg with "Oh, hey, Greg. Been on vacation?" (Oh, Hodges missed you a lot.) Greg runs Hodges down after Hodges is gone. Grissom gives him a proper answer.

Hodges - calls Grissom "sir" - refers to Grissom by saying: "Iīm only a soldier in this war. General gave me an order and I followed it." Dear me! Is this dedication or does he suck up to the big boss?

The end was heartbreaking and made me cry. My poor, poor Brass. He doesnīt deserve this.