A Bullet runs through it - Part 1

  • Gregs appearance: Busy

  • 2 Scenes: With Grissom, Sara,
    Nick, Catherine and Warrick

  • Shippyness: G/G

  • What we learn about him:
    Does he like to bet on ponies?
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Grissom hands out instructions. They all pick up their kits and head in the direction of their assignments.

Second Scene:
Greg is still processing the street, evidence markers litter the roadway. Grissom walks up to him. Greg reports and complains about having so much work to do all by himself.

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "What do I get to do? Go back to the lab and wait for a phone call?"
Grissom: "This is a running gun battle that started twenty blocks back. You get that."
Greg: "Thats got to be, like, a mile? Whos with me?"
Sara: "A bunch of pissed-off locals with shot-up cars."
Greg: "Awesome."

Greg: "Howd you know that hubcap was connected to the case?"
Grissom: "Im a trained observer, Greg."
Greg: "No, really."
Grissom: "How long do you think a perfectly good hubcap like this would sit around out here? There's a freeway on-ramp about two blocks away. Check and see if there's any traffic cams between here and there."
Greg: "You know, you scare me sometimes. Its kind of freaky. You ever bet on the ponies?"
Grissom: "I prefer poker. Horses are hard to control. Make sure you document those skid marks."
Greg: "He said skid marks."

My Comment:
Greg and Grissom together. Finally. I missed them.
Grissom teases Greg a little when he asks "What do I get to do?"
For hours Greg is all alone in the field. He asks Grissom, "Did everyone else go home?" Grissom soothes him "No".
Greg asks for some help and Grissom says "Everyone else is busy". After that he points out, "You missed one (casing)." Greg sighs.
Greg admits that Grissom scares him sometimes. Grissom looks quite confused. *giggle*