Built to Kill Part 1

  • Gregīs appearance: Trivial

  • 1 Scene: with Grissom
    and Nick

  • Shippyness: G/G

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Greg is viewing the various security camera views on the monitor. He shares his findings with Grissom and Nick. Then Greg shows them footage of the man playfully grabbing the woman from behind. She drops her purse. Greg points out if they find it, it might get them an ID.

Best Dialog:
Greg: "Cirque du Soleil has cameras all over that theatre. They use them for performance review. I went through all the feeds the Cirque guys sent over, and I have to tell you, Siegfried & Roy's disappearing elephant no longer impresses me."
Grissom: "I'll tell you how they did that later."

My Comment:
1 SCENE!!! Oh please. Even Hodges got two moments. At least Greggo is with Grissom who says he is going to tell Greg how the elephant trick works later. Where? Alone in the closet?
Once more Hodges is the better amusement.
Hodges: "The green powder on your vic's dress is open-celled phenolic foam, holds more than forty times its weight in water. Reminds me of this girl I knew in college--"
Grissom: "I don't need to hear about that."
Needless to say Hodges tells him anyway and surprisingly gives Grissom information that really helps him on the case. Way to go, David.
Warrick and Hodges. Superb.
Hodges: "I perfected my butterfly technique on chicken breasts. I sauté them in a chardonnay reduction with herbes de provence. Drives women wild. Well, mom. Now say the magic words."
Warrick: "Shut up, Hodges?"
Hodges: "No. Open sesame."

Grissom shaved his beard. NO! I just got used to it. Nickīs hair. Yuk! Gregīs sideburns. Way too long. All the men in this serie change their hair very often. They all donīt know yet who they really are, do they?

Nice: Cath and Nick dance. Brass got a tattoo.