I´m the Boss - 16/24

Author: Daniela
Fandom: CSI:Crime Scene Investigation
Pairing: Greg/Grissom, Nick/Sara (implied)
Rating: NC17
Category: Romance, Smut
Series/Sequel: Breaking the Ice
Disclaimer: I don´t own them but I love them dearly.
Summary: Grissom takes advantage of his position.
Warning: Slash, M/M
Feedback: Yes, please. It´s the icing on my cake.
Email: daniforblue@yahoo.de
Released: December 2003
Word Count: 1.148
Beta: None

"Hi, Greg. How´s it going?"

"Great." Greg´s smile showed his happiness.

"Obviously, you´ve fixed your special problem with the boss," Michael stated, smiling back.

"I really don´t know what you mean," Greg replied innocently but his eyes were telling the truth.

"Sure. You wanna play games I don´t mind. It´s fun to watch. Both of you."

Busy talking, they didn´t notice Grissom, who had just arrived at the lab.

Grissom´s mood wasn´t as good as Greg´s. The new murder case seemed to be unsolvable and he just came back from an annoying meeting with the new sheriff. Noticing Greg and Michael standing close together, grinning brightly at each other, he reached rock-bottom. Seeing Greg with the man, who was known as the best looking guy in the lab, let him feel something, he thought, he would never feel ever again in his life.


Being so vulnerable made him angry. "Haven´t you no work to do?!" After a pause, both men were staring surprised, he added: "Again."

Not looking guilty at all, Michael´s grin broadened. "Sorry, boss, but I´m just passing by. I couldn´t resist having a little chat with my best buddy here."

No response from Grissom. Greg intervened quickly. "Michael is already on his way."

"Pleasure talking to you - buddy." Emphasizing the last word deliberately, Michael walked away.

Greg grinned boyishly. "Hi, Gil, what´s up?"

"Do something you get paid for. Understood?"

Greg´s grin faded off and he looked puzzled. "What´s the matter, Grissom?"

"Just do what I told you. That´s an order. Maybe, you have forgotten, I´m still your boss."

Greg´s eyes became blank, his lips very small. "Yes, sir."

Without another word, Grissom left.

Greg dropped into his chair. Cheerless, only working by rote, he printed the finished test results out. His mind was busy with much different things. Grissom´s behavior was sometimes more than unreadable to him. More like intolerable. Greg hadn´t a clue what was going on. What had he done now? He couldn´t think of a thing. Slightly pissed, he took the papers and walked to Grissom´s office.

The big boss was sitting at his desk.

"I have the results."

"Close the door from the inside."

Confused, he carried out the order.

"Come here."

He advanced the desk and Grissom took the papers from his hands, laying them down, unread. "Didn´t I tell you, I don´t want you to bring your private life to work?"


"You were flirting with him?"

"With whom?"

"Michael Andrews."

Greg was stunned speechless.

Grissom raised his eyebrows. "I see. You´re not even defending yourself."

Greg found his voice again. "No. I mean...yes. I wasn´t flirting. I´m with you. You know that."

"Exactly, if you wanna get off with someone at the lab, it´s me."

Greg blinked, perplexed.

Grissom´s eyes were burning. "Blow me."


"I said blow me."

"Here? You can´t be serious?"

"I´m your boss. That´s an order."

"Someone could come in here any second."

"Do it."

Just now, Greg noticed the visible bulge in Grissom´s pants and was pretty surprised by his lover´s horniness. Persuaded, he gave in, mumbling submissively: "Yes, sir." He knelt down, freed the hard cock of his boss and started to lick him affectionately.

At once, Grissom´s anger melted away. Closing his eyes, he enjoyed the intimate endearment to the limit. He had needed this so much. "Yes. Suck me. Harder. Faster."

Hearing Grissom expressing his feelings so open-hearted was a new experience for Greg. It excited him very much and he doubled his efforts to satisfy his lover. Sucking him harder and deeper. Deep into his mouth.

Grissom´s hands clenched around Greg´s upper arms, while he gasped loudly. A little too loud.

"Shhh," Greg soothed him, before he was circling the sensitive tip of Grissom´s cock teasingly with his tongue. But Grissom´s impatient complaints made him quickly swallow the whole length down his throat again. Devoted, he sucked on the hard-on until Grissom gave in.

Biting his lips, pinching his fingers into Greg´s shoulders, he exploded. A stifled groan was the only sound he made.

Greg enjoyed the tasty liquid while Grissom was coming down from his climax.

Greg stood up, smiling at his lover.

His boss tried to keep his countenance. "Why are you still here? You can go now!"

Greg kept smiling, he didn´t feel offended by Grissom´s words at all. Not anymore.

Grissom´s eyes narrowed. "Go."

Giving a shrug, Greg turned to get the door.


"Yes, sir?"

Grissom was looking sorry. "Come back for a second."

Greg did.

Grissom kissed him so tenderly it showed his fondness. "You are the best."

"Thank you, sir."

"I´ll see you after work."

"Is that an order?"

"Of course. I´m your boss."

Greg showed his special grin. "Okay, Gil."

"Your obedience will be rewarded. That´s a promise. Do you feel like going out afterwards to grab something to eat?"

"You mean together?"

"That´s right, Greggo."

"I like it, when you call me by that name."

"Don´t get used to it. It won´t happen very often."

Greg leered. "Sure - sir." - "Don´t get used to it. It won´t happen again."

"Getting smart again?"

"Well, maybe it would be better, you´ll teach me more lessons tonight, Gil."

"Maybe, I should, Greggo. Out now, before I forget myself."

Greg almost ran over Sara and Nick on his way back to his desk.

"Hey! Watch it," Nick scolded softly.

"Sorry, I didn´t see you."

Nick looked curiously at his friend.

Greg was glowing.

"What´s the matter with you? I see you being distracted very often lately."

"Nothing. There was just something on my mind. I have to go. Much work is waiting for me and I wanna go home early." Greg chuckled and almost took off.

"I think he is in love. Big time."

"Why do you think that?" Sara asked, unconcerned.

"He never behaved this strange before. He was lovesick a few weeks ago, but now he seems perfectly happy. Something has changed."

"Do you know with who he is in love?"

"I don´t know for sure. Yet."

That amused even Sara. "Tell me if you´ll find out. Being a CSI this must be no problem at all."

Nick smirked at her. "Very funny, Sidle."

But Nick had no intention to tell Sara, what he suspected nor whom. He had seen where Greg had come from when he had been skipping on his way like a schoolboy.

Grissom´s office.

It couldn´t be. He was just imagining things. Greg and Grissom? No way! But what, when he was right. Nick suspected for some time that Greg had a crush on Grissom. But he would never believe that Grissom could have resembling feelings. Not by any chance. But no matter what, he could never tell Sara. She would be heartbroken. Nick could never do that to her. He couldn´t hurt her; even she would always choose Grissom -- and not him.

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