Bodies in Motion

  • Gregīs appearance: Professional

  • 10 Scenes: With everyone

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He knows a lot about radio stations.
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Ext. Trailer Park - Night:
The CSIīs arrive as the officers are putting up the crime scene tape. They stop just outside the tape and look at the damage. Warrick tells Greg heīs working with him and Catherine.

Second Scene:
Int. CSI - Hallway - Day:
Greg reports to Grissom as they walk through the hallway.

Third Scene:
Int. CSI -Garage - Day:
Greg has his hand in the soupy mess in the trunk, while Sara sits nearby, watching. Greg pulls the plug in the trunk back. The soupy goo splashes on his face and into his mouth. He groans, disgusted. Sara hands Greg a cloth to wipe his face. The soupy goo is draining through the bottom of the trunk. They check the car for evidence. Greg finds a bullet fragment.

Fourth Scene:
Int. CSI - Ballistics Lab - Day:
Bobby reports his findings to Greg.

Fifth Scene:
Int. CSI - Forensic Autopsy - Day:
Robbins prods through the skeletal remains as he shares his findings with Greg and Sara.

Sixth Scene:
Int. CSI - Lab - Day:
Greg reads off what he has found to Sara.

Seventh Scene:
Int. CSI - Lab - Day:
Greg and Sara are checking evidence.

Eighth Scene:
Int. CSI - Lab - Night:
Sara and Greg go over their information. Hodges enters and hands Sara a report. She looks through it. Greg notes the comments on the monitor. Suddenly he leaves the lab but quickly he is back with new information.

Ninth Scene:
Ext. Drive-in - Night:
Greg and Sofia interview the Drive-in manager.

Tenth Scene:
Int. CSI - Break Room:
Sofia goes through the papers on the suspect with Greg, Grissom and Sara.

Best Dialogs:
Sara: "Technically, that makes you a cannibal. Grissom would be proud."
Greg: "Grissom wouldīve tasted it on purpose."

Sara: "You got it."
Greg: "And the student becomes the master."

My Comment:
A moderate beginning of the season. Familiar cases, familiar people and familiar undercooled relationships. Work is work and feelings are not allowed. I liked this at the beginning of the series but in the meantime I just want to see a little bit more than a bunch of workmates solving cases. I donīt ask for a soap opera. Just something. Anything. Any ship would satisfy me except for Grissom/Sara. PLEASE DONīT DO THAT WRITERS!

Positive: The team is together again.

Negative: Out of the blue Warrick is married. I understand why Catherine is pissed. They are friends. A friend tells a friend important stuff like getting married. Her later confession to Warrick about her fantasies is indeed stunning.
Nick is back to work. A bug scares him. So what? Besides that nobody talks about what has happened to him. We get nothing. For starters I can imagine Nick isnīt sleeping that well lately.
Sofia is suddenly a detective. Hey! When did this happen? In the summer break. Thatīs the easy way, writers.

Greg and Sara. They are working together. They are a team. Sara is nice and Greg behaves. When the soupy goo (from two bodies!) splashes on Gregīs face and into his mouth she hands him a cloth to wipe his face and his mouth. His comment about Grissom is perfectly right. I think Grissom is the only one who will kiss Greg ever again. I donīt think Sara want to after what she had witnessed. Urgh!

Greg and Grissom. Not much. He reports to the boss. Touches him slightly with the file folder on the chest. Ups. Nice. In the last scene, Greg smiles at him and Grissomīs look is very mild.

Seeing Hodges is still a delight.
Hodges to Grissom: "You got a real thing for blue paint. You know that?" The supervisor ignores that.

Greg leaves the lab in the middle of a conversation. Hodges: "Is it something I said?" Sara smiles. "Probably."

Random thoughts:
Brass is still teh man. I simply adore him.
Grissom: "Iīm not a pervert." HA! Prove it, Bug man.
Grissom: "Car condom." Do you think constantly about sex, Gil?