• Greg´s appearance: Easy

  • 6 Scenes: with the team

  • Shippyness: G/S

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

Greg and Sara investigate the case of a female body found in car in a lake.
The case appears to be connected to the case of Catherine and Nick.

Best Quote:
Hodges: "You know I´m not a CSI - by choice."

Best Moment:
Greg and Sara try to prove their theory.

Best Dialog:
Sara: "Did you find Nemo?"
Greg: "Not unless Nemo was a BMW."

My Comment:
The beginning is disgusting. The rest is okay.
Is it just me who thinks that the cases are frequently connected lately?
Greg and Sara are still working well together. It´s a pity she is married to Grissom.
We got two great Hodges/Wendy moments. They are having their break together.
She makes him do things he doesn´t want to. She teases him.
I believe one day they will be a couple.