Blood Moon

The murder at the convention of werewolves and vampires.

Best Quote:
Greg: "This has Van Helsing written all over it."

Best Dialog:
Nick: "Vomit? Is this really what we are gonna talk about right now, man? I´m eating."
Greg: "You´re always eating."

My Comment:
Silliness. Idiocy. Brutality.
It starts with a hot moment between Catherine and Vartann and cut to a very brutal decapitation. Jesus!
What is it with sex and violence put together like this? Disgusting! The episode continues with very gross
shots of the head and the headless body. *Yuck!*
A young woman killed her boyfriend, because he was a werewolf before he became a vampire,
and therefore she chopped his head off with an axe! Oh please! Are we living in Twilight-world now?
Greg shares his knowledge about vampires. Nothing special. Every little girl knows this stuff today.
Hodges gives Catherine advice for her relationship with Vartann. funny
By the way: Lizzie Borden was never convicted for murder. It was never proven she was guilty.
The case remains an unsolved mystery. Anyhow everybody sings this stupid little song about her and talks
as if she was a convicted murderer. Not fair. Just give her the benefit of the doubt, please.