Bite Me

  • Greg´s appearance: Competent

  • 4 Scenes: With Nick, Sara,
    Warrick and Catherine

  • Shippyness: None

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.: He became a role model.

First Scene:
Ext. Lester Residence - Front Drive - Day:
Greg holds a paper bag for the paramedics and they put their shoes in. Nick, Sara and Warrick walk by and greet Greg. Greg continues to question the paramedics.

Second Scene:
Int. CSI - Lab - Day:
Greg walks through the hallway when a lab tech informs him about the results.

Third Scene:
Int. CSI - Lab - Night:
Greg runs an ALS over the blackmail note. Sara and Catherine watch. He finds a watermark on the bottom.

Fourth Scene:
Int. Lester Residence - Day:
Greg and Sara enter the house to look for evidence. They find a fingerprint in blood.

Best Dialog:
Henry: "Maybe I don´t want to be a toxicologist my whole life. I mean, you went from DNA to the field, and I guess you´re kind of a role model to me."
Greg: "A role model, huh?"
Henry: "Yeah. By the way, where do you get your hair cut?"

My Comment:
A good episode with very funny quotes. But the lack of Greg and Greg/Grissom starts to annoy me. Though, I like the idea of Greg being a role model for all the other lab boys and girls. Plus I want to know myself where he gets his famous hair cuts.

What is it with Warrick addressing Greg constantly with "Sanders"?

The best moment had Dr. Robbins asking Grissom: "Fine line between pleasure and pain. But who doesn´t like to cross it every once in a while right?" Grissom just glares at him. What does Dr. Robbins know that we don´t know? Tell us, Gil.

Catherine remarks to Sara: "Lovers and co-workers. That never works." Ups. Why is she telling this to Sara?

Jeffrey Sinclair: "Lightning doesn´t strike in the same place twice."
Grissom: "Actually, it does. The Empire State Building gets struck twenty times a year."
Oh Grissom. Another brilliant reply.