Alter Boys

  • Gregīs appearance: Sorry
  • 1 Scene: with Sara

  • Shippyness: G/S

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Greg pulls the results sheet off the printer and hands it to Sara. She is displeased with the results. Greg canīt help her.

Best Dialog:
Sara: "Is the printer out of ink? ND, ND, ND."
Greg: "It means "None Detected." The dry cleaning baked in the blood and it also degraded it to a degree that I just can't get a result."
Sara: "Try again. This could be victim blood. Try again."
Greg: "I have tried. It's chemically impossible, Sara. Nothing from nothing is nothing."

My Comment:
An intriguing episode. Sadly there is only a very short moment with Greg. Itīs obvious he doesnīt like to disappoint Sara even if itīs not his fault.