Altered Stakes

Nick learns that a violent man he helped put in prison is going to have his conviction overturned,
the CSI race to find evidence to prove that he's guilty or else he's going to be released.

Best Quote:
Greg: "If the key fits you must convict."

Best Dialog:

Greg: "What´s up with him (Hodges)?"
Nick: "He went to Italy with his Mom. I think he brought it back with him."

Best Moments:

My Comment:
Greg finds a very important clue to solve the case. That´s always good to see. Greg cares about Hodges.
Well, who else it there for my boy since Grissom is gone. That Greg mentions Grissom at least was sweet
and made my day. Sadly, Greg isn´t playing baseball, too, but we, his fans, know he was never into sports, right?
I´m with Finn: Who wouldn´t make a move at Enrique Murciano? Huh? I know I would. Instantly!!!