Alpha Boy - 9/9

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Sterek
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Adventure, Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Summary: What´s a boy supposed to do with a big scary wolf?
Warnings: M/M, Slash
Feedback: Doesn´t scare me. :)
Released: November 2015
Beta: badly_knitted
Word Count: 4.997

Hey, there, big, bad wolf. Stiles clutched the package to his chest. That didn´t help to keep his right leg from twitching madly. Are your eyes blue again? Did you fall back to being a Beta? Did you? Did you? God, no. Not for me, please. Not that sacrifice. I want you to be the Alpha. My Alpha.

"Stiles?" Derek´s voice cut the otherwise dead silence.

Okay. He could do this. Stop racing like frenzy, silly heart. He could face Derek. He could face whatever the future had in store. Fiddling with the package, as if it was an anchor he turned deliberately slowly. Yet the room felt like it was spinning, changing the faces of his friends into blurry flickering colors. Gee! He blew out a breath. Derek was looking gorgeous with brilliant dark hair and fiery green eyes. Ha! Seriously? What else was new? Well! The sky-blue shirt that Derek was wearing, for example, which suited him exceedingly well, and the happiness sparkling in those eyes, though he couldn´t ignore the dark circles underneath. Hadn´t the wolfman slept at all lately? Stiles swallowed. "Hi...I...uh...came by to say thanks for taking care of me." Really? That´s what you want to call it? That´s ridiculous, even for you.

"Is that so?" Derek surveyed Stiles from top to bottom, rubbing his right hand over his lips, keeping down the smirk quivering there. "Anything else you want to tell me?"

Right,... "...uh...yes." His own lips started tingling due to the memory of tender, wet kisses. "I brought you a gift."

"Okay." Eyebrows raised Derek peered at the package in Stiles´s hands. "Hand it over."

"Easy there, Alpha. Don´t get pushy." Stiles stepped closer and reached out, well aware that everyone else in the room was watching. Damn.

Derek´s fingertips were touching Stiles´s for a split second. "Am I then? Your Alpha?"

Aw. The spark. There it is. Stiles didn´t take the bait. Derek´s hands distracted him. The delicate nails. The sinewy palms. The smooth way Derek undid the wrapping. He just couldn´t look away. He just couldn´t stop thinking about how incredible those hands made him feel just a week ago.

"It´s your shirt," Derek said, voice cracking. "It belongs to you."

Thanks a lot, dad. "Uh...I...figured it rather belongs to you all things considered."

"Yeah?" Derek´s impressive eyebrows climbed even higher. "Are you sure?"

"Sure I´m sure," Stiles spluttered. Are we still talking about a shirt? He was itching to be alone with the Alpha and not observed like some freak in a Friday evening show. He wanted to talk the talk and walk the walk. But not in front of the pack.

"I have something for you, too." Derek nodded at Peter who was just coming down the spiral stairs.

Is he living here, too? Surprisingly the presence of the creep didn´t bother him as much as it once did. Since Peter had helped him save Rae, he didn´t see him as utterly bad anymore. He wasn´t good, no, but he wasn´t evil either.

Peter presented Stiles with a square piece of paper. For once he didn´t mock Stiles in any way.

In awe he stared at a kid´s drawing. At the top the moon. At the bottom right a bear-like figure in a red hoodie roaming through the woods. On the left the shape of a girl hiding in the bushes. The simple but expressive artwork was signed Alpha Boy and Me in crooked child-like letters. "That´s good." He sniffled. Jeez! That girl was such a sweetheart.

"Yeah. For a human so young she sees a lot," Derek agreed, putting the shirt in Peter´s hands.

Oh, Rae. What will happen to you? "Is it true? Did you offer to let Kali and Elias join the pack?"

"I think they deserve a second chance. Kali is more an unlucky girl than a bad person. So is Elias."

"Elias is an unlucky girl?" No. He couldn´t let that go. Making snarky remarks always helped him to feel more confident.

Derek bestowed the softest look upon him. "Kali bit him because his life was a misery. Like Isaac´s. They all suffered a great deal. Is it a problem for you that they will be part of the pack?"

"You´re the Alpha. If Peter deserves a second change they certainly do."

"Oh, thanks for that," Peter interfered, stretching the shirt to the limit. Did he intend to ruin the beloved but worthless item?

"Shut up," Stiles replied casually. No, he would never like Peter, but he had learned he could tolerate him.

"Already abusing your position, huh?" Peter fired back, sniffing his nephew´s present.

Stiles winced. Why did Derek give him the thing anyway? Was he finally sick of it? Was Derek testing Peter?

Apparently not. Derek ignored his uncle. "You belong to this pack. So you have a voice."

"Do I?" Stiles said, and started fidgeting. For heaven´s sake. Stop that!

"Always," Derek said grimly. "Don´t you know that Kali only considered my offer because of what you did for Rae?"

No. Stiles didn´t know that. A spike of heat surged over his cheeks as if he had done something wrong instead of right. Okay. He had to admit having the pack as a witness to Derek praising him was rather pleasant. "Um...I did nothing, really..."

"You saved a life. You caused a truce that appeared impossible," Derek said with confidence. "That´s why I decided that you´ll be in charge of negotiating for the pack from now on."

"Really? You trust me that much?" The heat on Stiles´s face was spreading over his neck to his shoulders. The spot on his arm started itching again. Oh, come on!

"Of course I do. You proved that you´re more than capable."

"Yeah? How exactly?" His throat was tight due to overwhelming joy.

"Helping me form a pack, giving me the courage to make a move, succeeding in winning the enemy over."

Stiles burnt all over now. How was this real? How could he handle being this happy? "I trust you, too," he murmured, somewhat bashful, and hoped that only Derek could hear him. Considering the room was crowded with werewolves he knew he hoped in vain.

"I know. It´s you, you know - no magical object needed. You own the magic. You own me."

Oh, man. Derek had never talked so much in such a short time. That was something he needed to get used to, as well as to the pack smothering him with fondness.

"Congrats, Batman. I always knew you had it in you," Erica cheered, kissing him on the cheek.

"Thanks, Catwoman," he repaid the compliment with honesty. Boyd´s love had brought out qualities in Erica that had always been hidden beneath her outer shell.

"Looking good, man." Boyd used his fixed hand to give him a high five. He was a down-to-earth guy. Hardly unnerved by anything. "Just don´t flirt with my woman."

Stiles laughed. "Won´t happen again. Scout's honor."

"Brave after all," Peter said, rapping his knuckles over Stiles´s back.

He cringed. Easy there, creep. Still not friends.

"Way to go, buddy." Scott hugged him as if they hadn´t seen each other in weeks.

"You, too." Stiles squeezed his shoulder. "I never knew you were such a stud."

"Uh..." Scott let go of him. "I don´t know what you´re talking about."

"Sure." This time he was the one gloating. Ah. Look, who´s next? The snuggle couple. Allison and Isaac. The hunter gave him a friendly peck on the cheek. "Á la bonne heure!" Isaac shook his hand like some suit. "Réel génial." As usual he was wearing one of his stupid scarfs.

Why even? The heat in here is almost killing me. My hands are goddam hot. Stiles snorted. Seriously? How did Scott put up with those two? What about them talking French?

Finally Lydia who embraced him like an old lost friend, kissing him heartily on the lips.

Oops! No. Stiles felt not a trickle of the spark he had felt every time he was kissing Derek, though he caught fire seeing the Alpha scowl at him. Okay. His crush on Lydia was officially over. That was a good thing, right?

The whole pack started clapping. "Hurrah for Stiles!"

"Stop that right now," Stiles said, squinching up his face. Enough was enough. He didn´t know how to behave naturally anymore, least of all in front of a man with whom he had spent the night bare ass naked.

"Yes, don´t speak too highly of him. I should give him a spanking for what he pulled off," Derek said, breaking into a smile that revealed his teeth.

"You wouldn´t dare!" The smile blew Stiles away. Is this really happening? Am I dreaming? Am I losing my mind?

"Wouldn´t I?" Derek crossed his arms over his chest. "Mm. I should, though, for going alone and putting yourself in danger. None of the pack is allowed to do such a thing."

"You´re serious," Stiles realized, scratching at the spot on his arm. Damn it! Stop itching.

"Sure I am, Alpha boy," Derek said, smiling wickedly. For a few seconds he kept his posture but then he turned to Peter and fetched the infamous shirt back from him. He smoothed it out. "Do you like my new home?"

"Um...yeah...sure, a bit Spartan maybe..." Stiles was startled. The sudden change of subject was irritating. He didn´t want to talk about boring furniture. He wanted to talk about-

"It´s the initial phase. I´ll make it personal, or maybe someone else is eager to contribute his personal touch."

His! Holy fuck! As if! Derek never did boring conversations. Stiles was getting a boner. Oh God! I can´t even.... "Can I have something to drink? How about some music? Is this a party or not?" He started fidgeting again.

"Right." Derek winked at him. "Our house, our party."

What the hell? Stiles shunned Derek and grabbed Scott instead, dragging him to the other side of the room. He needed some space. Just for now. Just to calm his nerves.

As if he had given a signal, the whole pack scattered off in different directions. Isaac and Allison put some music on. Peter handed out none-alcoholic cocktails, leering at Lydia. No. Lydia didn´t smile back but she shook her head in amusement, giving her hair a backflip. Mm. Maybe Peter wasn´t that delusional about her returning his affection. Well. Whatever. None of his business. Boyd and Erica were smooching each other on the dance floor. No. The sight put off neither his nerves nor his boner. fuckfuckfuck

"How are you?" Scott said, leaning close. "Still mad?"

"I´m not mad, just confused." Also, damn hot! Getting rid of his hoodie he threw it on the sofa.

"Yeah, well, I know what you mean. Sometimes life is not at all predictable."

"I agree." Stiles peeked at Derek strutting up the spiral stairs. God, that ass! "Let´s get a drink. I´m dying of thirst."

"Those cocktails are ill-suited for getting wasted," Scott reminded him.

"I don´t plan to get wasted," Stiles said. Well, not like this.

For the next couple of hours they celebrated. Though Stiles was not able to eat or drink a lot, he laughed frequently. He even dared to ask Lydia for a dance. Okay. That was easier than asking Derek. Duh!

"Are you happy?" Lydia whispered into his ear.

"Yeah. Sure. Pretty much," he replied, surprised that he most definitely was. The sight of Allison, Isaac and Scott dancing together as if they were meant to be was less surprising. Yes, he was happy, still he couldn´t stop looking at the clock. He was hurting to be alone with Derek. "How about you? What´s going on? I know there´s something."

"Oh, Stiles." She sighed and put her head on his chest. "I wasn´t honest with you. There is something I need to tell you."

Oh, crap! What now? "You can tell me anything."

"I saw disturbing things, you know. At first I thought I was going crazy." Right that second the music stopped and she silenced.

Damn. Stiles kept leading her, holding his breath. Come on, Isaac. Play something. Play anything. Finally the first beats of the next song echoed through the roomy loft.

We get it on most every night
And when that moon is big and bright
It's a supernatural delight
Everybody's dancing in the moonlight

Of all things. Stiles rolled his eyes.

Dancing in the moonlight
Everybody's feeling warm and bright
It's such a fine and natural sight
Everybody's dancing in the moonlight...

Lydia on the other hand lightened up, and impressed him by floating over the floor like a fairy. "Since Jackson left I feel different. At the time Kali arrived I started having visions about people dying. People I knew. That´s why I screamed. I knew about Samual before it happened. I knew he was doomed. I didn´t know how, though."

"Uh...that´s...uh...awful." Holy Shit! Does Derek know? Does the pack know? "Why didn´t you tell me? I could have helped."

"Sorry. I was too scared to tell anybody. My grandma had been in a mental institution before she died. That´s why I couldn´t talk about it. I had a hard time dealing with it. Peter figured out what´s going on by himself. He helped me. He trained me to focus on the important things. He taught me to handle the visions better."

Okay, Peter. That´s two for you. "So?" he croaked. "Have you seen anybody else dying in your visions lately?"

"No. Nobody I know. I´m still puzzled that me screaming did not affect the wolves in our pack. The wolves should have been, you know, considering their sensitive hearing."

"Eh...I was definitely affected. Does that mean I´m not part of the pack?" He wriggled his eyebrows.

"Human idiot." She slapped the side of his head. "I don´t know why I care about you."

"You do?" He stroked her hair behind her ear. "That´s cool." Banshee. She´s a banshee. God, I´m surrounded by supernatural creatures. What´s next, huh? The Abominable Snowman?

"It is, isn´t it?" She jerked her head at Derek lolling on the sofa.

"Shut up," he shushed her, whirling her around. Jeez! Does everybody know? Am I that obvious?

No scream slipped past her lips but a pearly, satisfied laugh. "That´s what I figured." She finished their dance and spun along to Peter. The Beta welcomed her, unusually bubbly.

Ugh! Quickly Stiles turned his attention to Derek. The Alpha´s eyes were closed, his legs stretched out. His right hand was busy playing with Stiles´s red hoodie.

Is he asleep? Is he dreaming? Is he thinking about me? He had to look away, catching his breath. Aaah. He was feeling so hyper he could barely get a hold of himself. He was very much aware of what Derek had been doing in the last hours.

A few times he strutted up the spiral stairs and back down again. Stiles had no clue what he was doing up there, though he had some ideas. Apart from that Derek actually talked. Gosh! On and off he even laughed. No way. He poured drinks for everyone and danced with Allison and Lydia. He showed Scott his books and might be trying to turn him into a good student after all. He practiced shifting with Isaac who almost strangled himself with his scarf. Ha! That serves you right. He stared at the framed target shirt, brooding, frozen to one spot. Finally he picked the red hoodie off the sofa and buried his nose in the thing.

Holy God! Did he sniff it? What did my scent tell him? Stiles gulped. Fuck! He was very much aware of Derek period. Why for god´s sake does Derek wear such tight pants? What is he waiting for, huh? Why can´t he make a move? Hey. Why don´t you ask Derek for a dance or just talk to him as normal people do? Why? He couldn´t think straight because he was so horny he was in pain. Yeah. He couldn´t take this any longer. Oh, please. Come on. I need you. I need you like right now.

Derek tore his eyes open and turned his head sharply as if he had gotten a whiff of his desperation. At that he nibbled on his lip which made him look much younger and kind of vulnerable. The other side of the Alpha. Soft. Kind. Teasing.

I´ll make you say my name again. Many times. That´s a promise.... Crap! He almost got off due to the incredible memory. Okay. That´s it. Seriously. He had to get out of here. Right now. He strolled to the door, minding every werewolf for obvious reasons. He almost made it but then there was Peter, blocking the way out.

"Come on, folks, all of us should go somewhere else now," Peter announced, looking insufferably smug. "Erica and Boyd, you can stay at Lydia´s for one night and Isaac I assume is not at all against the prospect of sleeping elsewhere. Let´s give these two some space."

The pack obliged, sniggering shamelessly. Peter escorted them out like a fucking gentleman butler.

Lydia´s place, huh? She and Peter were damn cozy, weren´t they? So what? Somehow he didn´t care anymore. Lydia was strong enough to handle Peter. What about himself? Could he handle a werewolf? Could he handle living with him? Could he handle losing him? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Still unsure he continued moving towards the door.

"No. Not you," Derek said, eyes still glowing in the same rich and brilliant green.

"I told you, you can´t run," Isaac said, and closed the door.

Derek was cocking his ears, making sure that the pack was really gone. Seconds later his posture changed; he appeared less stressed but more like the Derek who had licked him whole. The wolf who could sniff out what he was up to anytime. He dug the vial from the hoodie. "Wolf´s Bane? Really?"

Stiles shrugged. "Deaton wants me to get used to it."

"He´s a clever man," Derek granted the past advisor of his parents, and put the vial back. "So?"

"What?" he snapped to conceal his fresh arousal. Yeah. Stupid, considering Derek´s skills.

Derek folded the hoodie and put it on the table. "We need to talk."

"Yeah, so?" Stiles squared his shoulders. "Talk."

"Why did you run into the woods all by yourself at a full moon?"

Oh, shit. That! He thought they could skip that. His heart jumped to his throat. "Uh...there was my shirt in your bed..." He shuffled his feet, making a creaky sound on the polished floor.

"So?" Derek huffed.

"I thought, maybe, because you kept it all this time, you like me...uh..."

"Like you?" Derek snorted. "Okay. Fine. Why ever did you run away then?" His face struggled with a gamut of emotions, turning his voice into a harsh, grating noise. "I meant what I said. You don´t need a stuffed wolf. You own the real thing."

Seeing Derek Hale losing his shit gave him the push he needed. "Oh my God!" He flailed his arms. "Maybe I´m overwhelmed. Big, bad Alpha wolf and me."

"Is that so?" Derek coughed, rubbing his chin. "Well, in that case what can I do to make you feel more at ease?"

"Y-You really mean that?" Stiles hiccupped. God. Don´t do this. Don´t even...

"Sure. What is it? Me changed into a wolf ravishing you? Me chained up to a wall? Or rather on my knees begging?" Derek put his hands behind his back standing tall, though the tips of his ears turned quite red. "Tell me and it´s done."

That Derek trusted him that much did a lot to Stiles´s boner. "Uh...not like ohgodohgodohgod "...I want" His voice died down.

"What was that?" Derek cawed.

His face was on fire but he raised his chin. The times of missed chances were over. "You and me against the wall." Crazy, right? Actually naughty.

"Fine," Derek said, sounding wrecked. "Only one thing I need to do on top of that." Seconds later he shoved Stiles against the wall, slapping the curve of his ass. SMACK "That´s for running."

"Ah..." Stiles burst out laughing.

"What?" Derek pinned his hands over his head, breathing hotly on him.

Oh my gosh, you smell like the woods, fresh, lush and mysterious. "This. Us. I can´t even begin...oh..." ...oh holy god... His body went rigid with need, so much need to come already. "...please..."

Derek cut him off by kissing him. A scratchy, lingering kiss roughening up his cheeks and lips. A kiss to die for.

Squirming in the playful yet relentless grip, Stiles got harder still. "I like that. You claiming me."

The wolf exhaled some strangled growl, and then he grabbed Stiles´s ass, lifting him up.

Yes, oh god, yes. In the next second he felt his shirt gone and Derek burning a trail of hot, wet kisses down his shoulder. Dizzy from desire he found his way underneath Derek´s shirt, raking his nails over the wolf´s back, gently though, bearing recent damage in mind.

"I´m good. I´m healed," Derek murmured, surging closer. "Touch me." Nuzzling his mouth against the spot on Stiles´s arm, he licked a circle around the edged wound. "That´s for being ridiculously brave."

" were you..." He was rubbing off against Derek´s muscled thigh, a heavenly fierce sensation. hothothot " show me you´re the Alpha..."

"You like that?" Derek stopped and gazed at him, tongue running over his lower lip.

"Yeah," he squeaked, rolling his hips forward, making Derek gasp and, there went the Alpha red eyes like flames in the dark. A glorious crimson. "That´s for making me feel so much."

Okay. Good. Perfect even. "Um...what are you saying?" He was close...close...oh fuck....

"That I want you to be mine." Derek continued mouthing the nonexistent wound on Stiles´s arm like this was the most desirable thing to do. "I thought I made that clear."

"By licking me?" He was riding Derek´s leg like a maniac. Oh, hell. Get those damn pants off. Do something before....

"You didn´t mind that night."

"I didn´" He gasped, almost squirting off. Hey, there, little red riding hood.... "I definitely like it."

"Good," Derek hummed. "It´s the usual way for a wolf to speed up the healing process." He beat his tongue upwards again, along the shoulder to the neck till he stopped behind Stiles´s ear, sucking intimately on the delicate spot. "What about you, huh? Didn´t you leave your drool on my pillow?"

"Derek..." Fisting his hands in Derek´s shirt, Stiles bucked his hips. "Oh - Oh fuck."

"Do you like that, Alpha boy?"

"D-Do I...? Are you kidding? Oh god...don´t...ah..." The werewolf´s hot and moist tongue licking into the shell of his ear was too much. His lips parted and he groaned, a desperate and sluttish sound, and his hips rose again and crashed down on Derek. Holy God! He was into this. Totally into this.

"I thought you hated me."

"I do."

"Yeah, right," Derek murmured, licking over the rim of Stiles´s ear.

Shaking all over Stiles almost came apart. "D-Derek..." The next kiss was too intense to keep up pretending. "Alright, fine, I don´t hate you."

"Good," Derek was growling with pleasure.

That he could do that was awesome. Duh! Derek Hale was the most awesome guy...oh...who was now nipping at his neck. Okay. He was done. A grumpy Derek he was able to resist, but not this new and improved cuddly wolf with bright green eyes and the spiciest tongue. "I never hated you." He seized the werewolf´s neck and pulled him closer, kissing him back messily. "I just...uh..." He pursed his lips.

"I think I got that," Derek purred, claiming the pouty curve, using a bit of teeth.

"More," Stiles pleaded, remembering every little thing.

"Tease." Derek kissed him hungrily.

No. Not teasing. I want you. I want you. Hell, do I want you. Want. Now. He pulled Derek´s shirt over his head, almost tearing it apart. The sight of the wolf´s broad chest made him lick his lips. Mm.

Derek grinned and steadied the squirming boy with a resolute hand, pushing him up the wall.

Oh yeah. Touch me. Take me. Stiles was leaking wet. Come on. Come on. Now. Now.

"You scared the hell out of me. Never ever do that again," Derek rasped roughly.


"It´s fine. At least we´re done playing games." He licked a stripe along Stiles´s jawline, sucking at every mole. "Why didn´t you tell me, huh?"

" could I know that you want me...the human...idiot..."

Derek nibbled once more at Stiles´s ear. "That´s how I told you..."

"I thought you were making a point the pack...some sort of power play to keep me in line."

"No." He unbuckled Stiles´s pants.

Oh god. Don´t come. Not yet. Stiles pressed a hand to his mouth to stifle his moans.

"Don´t." Finger by finger Derek pulled the hand away. "Never hide from me." He sucked two fingers into his mouth, and growled the dirtiest growl. "I´ve wanted to do this since you pimped me out to Danny."

"Yeah? Why did you make me wait so long then?" Stiles snapped, complaint changing into an open-mouthed groan.

A wolfish grin graced Derek´s handsome face. He let go of the fingers plop. "I forced myself to stay away from you all summer. However, with the arrival of Kali´s pack and the nonstop contact I couldn´t hold myself back from touching you anymore, marking you..." He pulled Stiles´s zipper down... "...stuffing your cheeky mouth..." ...and yanked the pants to his ankles. "...and now...I´ll keep my promise."

"Oh...oh god..." Stiles pushed his hips forward, beating his red and eager hard-on against Derek´s tasty six-pack. Aaah. Hurry up. I´m about to....

A shadow of doubt flitted over Derek´s face. "You want me to go on...right?"

"God, yes," Stiles whined, now that his cock was ready to burst. "I´ve wanted you...since...since..."

"Yeah?" Dominant Derek shoved him into the wall and pinched one of his perky nipples. "Since when?"

Oh god, Derek. Please. Please. "I´ll never tell," he said, still relishing in defying the wolf. Hey. My ass is in the air and my crotch is in-

"You will." Rough fingertips scraped over sensitive balls. "I´ll make you tell."

"Oh my God..." Stiles shouldn´t be turned on by this but he was. He really, really was. "Derek! Come on!"

"Bossy." Derek smirked.

"I´m Alpha Boy." He pushed back against Derek, hard, digging his heels into the wolf´s back.

Taken by surprise Derek lost his balance. Together they crashed to the floor in a messy heap of flesh and skin. They laughed in sync.

"Smartass," Derek scolded softly, not stopping his advances.

"Sourwolf." Oh! His tease was literally blown off. "Uh...oh my god, Derek...I...uh...oh my GOD!"

Derek couldn´t reply due to having his mouth full, tasting Stiles. "Mm-mm."

"Ah, yes, take me, bite me," Stiles cheered him on as a white blinding light hit him. "Eat me up."

Derek grunted around him, doing just that.

"Yes. Fuck, yes." God! Such colors! Holy smoke! There! Right there! Magic!

Blue moon, now I'm no longer alone... His favorite ringtone woke him up hours later. He yawned and wrestled his way out of Derek´s embrace.

The wolf snarled and scratched his crotch.

Feeling itchy? Stiles couldn´t take his eyes off him. "Hello?"

"Are you...uh...okay?" Scott murmured in a husky voice.

He needed to touch. He needed to... "Sure. Never better." A spark pierced his heart. Hey. Deaton was right. I´m ready.


"Exhausted," he said smugly, keeping his hand busy along the way.

"Eeew! Don´t ever tell me."

"Oh yeah? How are Allison and Isaac? How´s a threesome?"


"Dead silence. Beautiful." Stiles sniggered. Oh, look. My efforts paid off. "Okay. Let´s make a deal. You´ll never tell me about yours and I´ll never tell you about mine; how it feels to fuck an Alpha..."

"Stiles!" Derek roared.

"Sorry, have to go, the big, bad wolf just awakened." Duh! I was poking him plenty. He grinned at his Alpha. "What´s up?"

The connection was broken. Scott switched his phone off and grinned at Allison. "I never saw that coming."

"Really? With all those werewolf senses?" She pursed her lips. "I knew long ago. Lydia, too."

"Me, too," Isaac murmured, rolling off her to scent Scott´s neck.

"Good for you twooo!" Scott howled, because Allison was going down on him at the same time.

Derek did make Stiles tell. Not that Stiles put up much of a fight. In return Derek told Stiles about Paige. Why he had blue eyes. Grateful Stiles entrusted Derek with his real name. No. Derek didn´t have a laughing fit that lasted for at least two minutes.

So. Awesome fall. The best ever even.

Over the years Derek´s pack turned into the most powerful pack in California. That could have been due to its Emissary, who had the reputation of being awesome and unique. No wonder, though he was a human he was also the Alpha´s mate.

If Deaton was surprised by how things panned out, he didn´t show such an emotion to anyone. He remained as mysterious as he ever was.

No. Peter and Lydia didn´t get together, at least nobody could say so for sure. The fact was that neither she nor he got involved with anybody else - ever.

Scott, Allison and Isaac were as happy as three people could be. So were Kali, Elias and Rae. The Beta couple even got married a few years later. Stiles was the best man. No. Derek wasn´t the flower girl. That was only a rumor passed on by Jackson.

The sheriff learned the hard way what it meant for his son to be with a werewolf due to catching partly wolfed out Derek spanking Stiles bent over the kitchen table. Well. There were stranger things happening in Beacon Hills.

Magic things.

I trust you. You trust me.
That´s how we survive.

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