Alpha Boy - 7/9

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Sterek
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Adventure, Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Summary: What´s a boy supposed to do with a big scary wolf?
Warnings: M/M, Slash
Feedback: Doesn´t scare me. :)
Released: September 2015
Beta: badly_knitted
Word Count: 3.841

I'm not afraid of you.

Stiles, get out of there right now! Get out!

Derek. Derek, come on, wake up.

Get out of the way.

I'm the one keeping you alive, okay, have you noticed that?


Hey! Batman.

Come on now. Time to wake up. Brightness tickled his eyelids. He stirred. Wake up. Wake up. He blinked. Once. His eyelids felt as heavy as if a shitload of sand was resting on them. Crap! His throat tasted sour. He longed for water but was enwrapped in a sensation too warm and comfortable to get up. So he didn´t open his eyes but rather squeezed them shut tighter, savoring the puff of air tickling his ear, and the arms holding him. A very naked him. But so was the hunky guy wound around him. Um.... He really, really wanted to take a look to remember the very moment in lonely times to come. He didn´t, though because a rumble buzzed through the beast keeping him close. Okay. The wolf was waking up. The peace was coming to an end. No. Not yet. Let me have this for a little while longer. Please. I never want to get up again. I never want to leave. His prayers were heard. He drifted off to sleep again.

Annoying spazz. I should give you a spanking. The growled threat which should hurt or insult was rather strangely comforting, driving away the last of his concerns and fears. Yeah. Maybe you should.

The next time he woke up the heat around him was gone, and so was the intimacy. He was alone. He yawned and stretched. Gah! His mouth felt like dry cotton, his lips a bit swollen. The light was dim but the place was all too familiar. He was at Derek´s. My house, my rules. He was in Derek´s bed, dressed in boxers and the same orange blue shirt he had found in it. The bed he had trashed. The bed he had shared with Derek. The bed that smelled like home. Why was he dressed anyway? He remembered being naked. He remembered touching. Oh, jeez, a whole lot of touching. He remembered Derek holding him. He remembered Derek licking him. He groaned. He also remembered clinging to Derek like a lovesick puppy. He noticed his favorite pillow lying innocently and dented here with him, the thing he had traded happily for Derek. The little stuffed wolf was resting on top, its glass eyes scowling. Oh God! How did that thing end up here? Did Derek find it in his bed at home? That was the worst. What must Derek think of him? What must everybody think of him? He tried to remember what else he had done to make a fool out of himself. The injury on his shoulder started itching and he barely held himself back from scratching. His face was itching, too. He touched his cheek, feeling smooth skin with only a bit of roughness. How was that even possible? The sensation of twigs hitting his face slashing the skin open was branded into his mind. And what about his whole body feeling moist as if he had bathed in oil? Holy fuck! What had happened? What had he done? Where was everybody? Scott? The pack? He sniffed. The whole place was drenched with a peculiar scent, even though he was not a werewolf, he could smell how soaked he was in that scent. He noticed that the broken window was covered up with makeshift cardboard. The shards underneath had vanished. Also gone were the books. The shelf was empty. Only the lamp had been put back in its usual place. Ah. Shit. Why had Derek kept him here? What was the best way to get out of here? What was going to happen when Derek came back?

"Feeling better?"

Stiles jumped and almost rolled out of bed. "Ouch!" Scott! "What the hell? Don´t do that!"

"Sorry." Scott grinned, looking like he had just won the most important game of his life. "I thought you had rested enough."

"Uh...what happened? Why am I here?"

"Don´t you remember? You were hit by an arrow shot by Kali. Luckily just a flesh wound in the arm. Worse was that the arrow was spiked. You behaved and babbled like a lunatic for some time. Derek could barely hold you still while he carried you back to the house."

"Oh God." Right. Fresh memories of images and spoken words washed over him. "Oh my God." NoNoNo! I didn´t say those things, did I?

"Yeah. It was really kind of cute when he growled at everyone who tried to help him."

"Funny." Scott sounded unfamiliarly gleeful, Stiles noticed, dumbfounded. "My dad?"

"Thinks you spent the night at my house." A muscle in Scott´s cheek twitched. "He sounded a bit pissed though."

Ah. Crap. "What about Boyd and Erica?"

"They are downstairs. Sleeping it off."

"How are they?"

"Not too bad. They´ll heal. Two Betas of Kali´s pack have been killed. Two were running for their life." Scott sighed. "We won. Kali´s pack is done."

"So everyone is okay?" He didn´t want to say his name. He didn´t dare to ask for him in particular. Sure, he knew he had been here during the night, but still... I didn´t say that...and do that...and that...right? I didn´t touch him...there and there...

"Everyone is fine. Derek had a few arrows in his back, well, he pulled them out as soon as he had the time." Scott shook his head as if he couldn´t believe how crazy the Alpha was. "Whatever. You should have seen us. Allison. Isaac. Lydia. We were pack. Even Peter was at his best."

Stiles cringed. "Don´t say that."

"Peter is not that bad, dude. Lydia was perfectly safe with him. He´s also the one who found Boyd and Erica."

"Yeah, yeah." Peter´s greatness was the last thing he wanted to hear about. "How´s Allison?" He shoved the shirt´s sleeve up, revealing a patch of red skin with a small hole in the middle.

"She´s fine. Isaac brought her home."

"Did he?" He didn´t dare to ask his best friend what that was doing to him. Scott wasn´t looking heartbroken but rather radiant. "My shoulder doesn´t look too bad."

"Derek improved the healing process." Scott laughed. He was in an amazingly good mood considering the night´s events and his rivalry with Isaac.

"What? Huh? What´s so damn funny?" A strange feeling swept over him. Raw. Hot. Wet. Soothing in the weirdest way. A sensation he could barely label but he was missing already.

"I don´t know. Why are you blushing?"

"I´m not," he spluttered, pretty mad at his best friend for gloating over his misfortune.

"Yes, you are." Scott didn´t stop grinning.

"Thanks for being such an ass." He struggled out of the blanket. He had to get rid of his scent. He had to be gone before he could embarrass himself even more. "Derek must be furious because of all the trouble I´ve caused."

"Yeah, well, he was pretty much out of his mind but mostly because he feared you´d die. I even had to get your pillow to make you feel better." He nodded at the stuffed wolf. "I found something else."

"Okay." Stiles got up. "I´m going home." Right. There I will hide for the next century. Yeah. You wish!

Derek burst into the room like he had been eaves-dropping the whole time. "You´re not going anywhere." His glare was beyond any description.

"Jeez! I´ll give you some privacy," Scott blurted and literally dashed away.

Traitor! "But...hey!" His stomach was feeling strange, like it was filled with buzzing fireflies.

Derek grabbed him by the shoulders and put him back on the sheets, though gently. Next he threw the blanket over Stiles, pinning the edges under his legs and bottom.

"Uh..." Stiles blinked and shrunk back from him. "I have dad..." Derek was way too close for his fragile condition. How could Scott do this to him and just leave him at the Alpha´s mercy? "...and what about school?"

"It´s Sunday." A smirk curled Derek´s lips. "Are you scared of me?"

"´Course not. Never was." Liar, liar, pants on fire. Stiles dropped his gaze to Derek´s hands, smoothing the blanket out. Those hands which had softly petted his ass not that long ago. What would they feel like spanking him? Oh God! Seriously. Don´t think stuff like that.

"Right. I forgot. You just hate me."

"I´m sorry," Stiles murmured before he lost his courage and changed his mind. His cheeks turned blazingly hot. He must still be feverish.

Derek wriggled his eyebrows. "What for?"

"Um... for running into the woods alone. For getting shot. For talking nonsense. Well. Just...those...uh...." He squirmed like a fish on the hook.

"Nonsense, huh?" Derek said, sounding slightly irritated. "All of it?"

"Yeah, sure." The odd prickling consuming his body last night was back and didn´t go away. "After all I was drugged."

"Right," Derek huffed. "You don´t remember."

"Not much..." ...just touching your butt... "...are you mad at me?"

"Only for scaring me to death."

"Oh. I thought..." He fisted the blanket. Hey. I would prefer to fist something else. For god´s sake. Stop that!

"What? That I don´t care for you - the one boy who saved me more than once? That I´m not grateful?"

"How could I know?" Stiles licked his lips. "You never showed me."

Derek quirked an eyebrow. "Ah. The cub is sour because I didn´t thank him sufficiently."

Cub? Did he just call me a cub? Shouldn´t I be insulted? "Not at all. My life is pretty good without having your gratitude."

"Is that right?" Derek leaned closer. "Why´s your heartbeat rising then? You know, there´s no value in lying to me. You already shared your innermost feelings."

"What are you talking about?" Stiles mumbled into the blanket. He stuck to denying, though he remembered a lot if not everything. But right now he hadn´t much strength left to take on anyone, least of all the most irritating werewolf ever. Yeah. He was pretty much fucked.

"You tell me, Alpha boy," Derek teased good-naturedly. "The name fits, you know."

There was something in Derek´s bright, green eyes that made him feel sensational, a fondness that turned him mute. He couldn´t think of a thing to say. He couldn´t even breathe properly. He could only lean in for a - oh god, yes please -

"Hey, Erica and Boyd want to say-" Scott stopped in his tracks. Erica and Boyd crashed into him. "Oooh. Damn it, McCall."

Stiles and Derek jerked apart finding themselves caught by a trio of werewolves gaping at them.

"Hey, Batman. Thanks for saving us," Erica cheered loudly to cover up the awkwardness.

"I did nothing but embarrass myself." He pointed at his shoulder.

"Nah. Derek told us how very brave you were," she confirmed graciously. She wore a shirt too big for her, probably borrowed from Derek, and her hair was a bit on the messy side, but she appeared fine otherwise.

"Derek? Did you really?" Stiles was getting his hopes up. If the Alpha considered him brave...

Derek didn´t give him the pleasure. Instead he bent down and snatched the little wolf off the pillow. "You don´t need that. You got the real thing." Then he strutted out like a fucking badass hero.

Stiles startled but only because Boyd actually chuckled. He´d never seen that guy being amused about anything. Okay. Fine. He pulled the blanket up and pouted behind the covers. He should have known that Derek had never said such a thing as him being brave. "Where´s the little girl?"

"What girl?" Boyd hugged Erica from behind, putting his head on her shoulder. "Are you still hallucinating, man?"

"No. There was a girl. Approximately six years old. I didn´t imagine her," Stiles insisted. He remembered every little detail of her scared face. She had feared he´d kill her. "She must be one of Kali´s pack."

"They held us prisoner for weeks. There was no kid around," Boyd disagreed, shaking his head. "Okay, though you´re kind of seeing things I have to say thanks and all. You are pretty cool for a white boy." Erica giggled about his choice of words.

"Ah...yeah...that´s okay, bro," Stiles returned the tease. He glanced briefly at Boyd´s hands holding Erica. He counted ten fingers. How was that possible? "I´m glad you´re alive."

Erica turned around smooching Boyd´s face. "I got mine, Batman. Now it´s your turn to get yours. Go for the-" Boyd pulled her outside. "Hey, I wasn´t finished yet," she squealed, struggling just a bit.

"I think you were," Boyd replied and lifted her in his arms, carrying her away. "Derek asked us to let him rest."

"Okay, Mr. Black Hunk," she said, smooching his neck. "Do with me as you wish."

Scott winked at Stiles. "Erica and Boyd are a couple now."

Duh! "You think?" Oh. He didn´t want to sound so sour. That was Derek´s way.

"Everything good between you and Derek?"

"Sure. Never better."

"Don´t lie to me."

"I hate those werewolf senses."

"No, you don´t."

"Oh, shut up. What about you and Allison, huh?" he turned the tables. "Everything good?"

"Yeah." Scott grinned like an idiot. "Couldn´t be better. That´s why I have to go now. Stay safe in the wolf´s den, Alpha Boy," Scott said, tongue in cheek.

"Ha-Ha! Funny!" He obeyed, and remained in Derek´s bed, sometimes fumbling with his cell, checking for messages, but mostly he rested because his head was still hurting. He couldn´t sleep, though no matter how exhausted he was. Sometimes he heard someone whispering downstairs. A low mumble of different voices but he was certain Derek´s wasn´t among them. Yeah. Actually he waited for Derek to show his grumpy face again and order him around some more or whatever the wolf wanted to do with him. Stiles wasn´t picky. He just wanted to see him. But no. The Alpha didn´t grant him the pleasure of more of his presence. Well. Now that Kali´s pack was beaten Derek certainly had much more important stuff on his hands than cuddling a human. He sighed into his pillow, even drooled a little bit on it. He´d prefer to drool on someone else. Yeah. Pathetic. He was in no way Batman. Oh shit!

Rae! Her name was Rae. He remembered now. He hadn´t imagined her. She was real. The poisoned arrow had hit him after he had met her. Right. He had to find her. He had to know what happened to her. She couldn´t survive all alone in the woods. He couldn´t leave her behind. Her pack was not able to help her now. He needed to do something. Right. He got over himself and threw the blanket off. He wouldn´t wait any longer for Derek. No. Enough was enough. Hastily he got dressed. Well. He had his pants. Huh? What´s that? There was a crumpled piece of paper inside the right pocket. A note. No signature. Careful with the stolen goods he read in awe. What the hell, Deaton? How are you doing this? What´s your secret? Shaking he hunted for his favored target shirt, the one his dad had fixed just yesterday. The thing was nowhere to be found. Sorry, dad. He needed to keep on the shirt Derek had hidden in his bed. So what? It was his shirt anyway. He snatched his pillow and sneaked downstairs, finding only empty silence. Oh, and there were three arrows leaning against the wall like some keepsake as well as his forsaken baseball bat. God. He was so lucky to be alive. He should try to find Derek and... yeah, what? He snatched his bat and moved forward. First he had to find the girl. A silky voice coming from the porch made him stop in his tracks. Peter the fuck Hale.

"He has to know. You have to tell him. Derek, come on. Why not? He´ll understand. He´s yours anyway, no matter what-"

"I don´t want your opinion in that matter," Derek grunted. "How dare you?"

"Can you finally let go of that? I´ve never wanted for that to happen. I liked Paige. I´ve never meant to cause her any harm...."

No. He couldn´t face either of them. Not right now. Not being so vulnerable. He turned and sneaked out the back door, seeing his Jeep still parked where he had left it yesterday.

Unfortunately Isaac was standing guard.


"I can see that," Isaac said, not amused.

"Bite me!" Oops! Not a clever choice of words. He stumbled from the porch, almost falling down. God. Could he be any clumsier?

"Sorry, not my type," Isaac replied with a smidge of amusement.

Asshole! "Stay away from Allison."

"Why should I? I like her, and she figured out that werewolves are the best choice she can make. Don´t you agree?"

"None of your fucking business." Stiles hobbled to his Jeep, which was stupid, because his legs weren´t injured. He licked his lips which tasted like Derek, which was even more stupid. How should he know how Derek tasted? And this stupid shirt was soaked in that scent he couldn´t identify, damn.

"Do you really think you can just ran away? Hide? Do you think it´s that easy?"

"Shut your hole!" Stiles spat. He flung himself into the driver´s seat and started the car. He needed to get away from here. He needed to find a lost little kid, who was not the enemy. He needed to save her.

"Derek won´t let you-"

He speeded away and caught a glimpse of Derek and Peter standing on the porch, though he couldn´t make out Derek´s face. Was he surprised by his flight? Would he be angry? Or worse. Disappointed? Oh, come on. Don´t you dare to think that Derek and you are a thing now. Don´t you dare start picturing a life with you and him being together. Fuck. But he was picturing it. He was picturing a whole lot of silliness.

He drove to a place where he could park his car unnoticed. The sun had already set. He had to hurry. He fetched a flashlight from the compartment on the passenger´s side and rushed to the pond. At his arrival he was panting madly. The poison must have weakened him more than he thought. Pressing a hand to his twinging side, he searched the nearby area. Somewhere there had to be a hidden cave. Kali ordered the girl to go there. Finally he discovered a small entry at the rear of the overgrown mound. "Rae," he whispered, kneeling down. This was no cave but a hole. "Are you in there?" He didn´t dare to shout. He didn´t want to scare her any more. "Hey, kiddo? It´s me. Batman." He crawled forward, switching his flashlight on. "I´m coming in, okay?" The small tunnel stank of sweat and fear. "Come on. Talk to me." He waited. Nothing. "Please, kiddo. I´m not gonna hurt you. I wanna help you. I´m a friend."

"S-Samual?" A broken whisper.

"Sorry. No," he sighed. "I´m Stiles." Alive. Thank god, she´s alive. "I´ll get you to Samual, okay?" The answer was far from comforting. Sniffing sounds. She was crying. "I want Samual."

Oh, man. "I know, sweetie. I know. You´ll be with him soon. Promise." He reached out to her. "Take my hand. You can do it." After what felt like an eternity a small figure crawled towards him, sniffing loudly. "It´s okay, sweetie. You´re almost there." He got hold of one of her hands. She was ice-cold. Shit! "Come on now. We have to get you somewhere warm." He was angry with himself for not bringing a blanket. Gently he pulled her out of the earthy tunnel, dragging plenty of leaves and twigs along. "There you are." He patted her trembling back and lifted her on his arms. Uh. She was pretty heavy. The muscles in his back whined. Shut up.

"I want my wolf," the girl mumbled against his neck.

Me, too. "All in good time," he soothed her, feeling her cold little fingers moving over his skin. God help me. He needed to hurry. He started walking, mumbling flowery phrases like "Everything is gonna be alright" and "Keep your head up". Yeah, sure.

"Sing me a song," Rae pleaded, hoarse.


"Elias always sings."

Don´t I know that? "I..." can´t he wanted to say, but feeling the small body shaking in his arms he couldn´t deny her petty wish. He cleared his throat. "Uh...well...okay. Don´t expect too much, though. Okay, here we go." He hummed to find the tune.

"Look for the bare necessities
The simple bare necessities
Forget about your worries and your strife
I mean the bare necessities
Old Mother Nature's recipes
That brings the bare necessities of life."

The girl´s breathing softened, the shaking diminished. "I like Balu. He´s nice."

"Yeah, sweetie." Batman. Balu. Whatever makes you feel better. He kept singing until they reached the Jeep. His heart was pumping like mad by then and the barely healed injury in his arm started itching again, but fortunately Rae had fallen asleep. He put her in the passenger´s seat and buckled her up. As fast as possible he drove to the animal clinic. Deaton was the only one to go to, no matter how the meeting with his mentor would turn out after his betrayal. Deaton was the man that could help a girl belonging to a wolf pack. He couldn´t go to a hospital. He didn´t know what they would do with Rae after taking care of her. He didn´t want her taken away from her family.

He found the clinic rooms gloomy and obviously unattended. "Dr. Deaton?" Alert he walked around, keeping Rae close. She was still asleep but her eyelashes were fluttering as if she was having a bad dream. Well. The sight of two covered up bodies on the operating table made him flinch. Who were they? Elias? Kali? The bad dream just turned very real. Stiles didn´t want to know who died, though they once were the enemy. He rushed on to the room behind the operating room. The recovery room. There he found Kali and Elias lying on two camp beds, sleeping. The sight of their entwined fingers made him feel ridiculously jealous. Stiles stared at the beaten couple. Kali´s nails were short and edgeless, feet and hands. She looked surprisingly vulnerable and much too young to be in the slightest vicious. She looked utterly drained. Elias appeared worse, like dead even, though he was breathing. Don´t you dare to pity them. They tried to kill you, for god´s sake. And then he noticed that the bracelet was back around Kali´s ankle. What the actual fuck?

Rae stirred on his arms. "Samual?" She started fighting his grip.

Kali opened her eyes. They were as golden as Elias´, though a darker shade.

Stiles stumbled backwards, feeling the tip of claws grabbing at his spine. Ah. Crap! Backlash!

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