Alpha Boy - 6/9

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Sterek
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Adventure, Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Summary: What´s a boy supposed to do with a big scary wolf?
Warnings: M/M, Slash
Feedback: Doesn´t scare me. :)
Released: July 2015
Beta: badly-knitted
Word Count: 3.602

The woods embraced him with spooky noises, like death was lurking around every tree. Stiles didn´t care. He needed to find Derek before it was too late. He needed to tell him that he didn´t want him dead. Not ever. No matter what was coming he couldn´t imagine living in a world with Derek gone.

Once more he came across the pond, whose dark surface was glistering eerily in the moonlight. He stopped and scratched his head. Where could they be? Which way to take? What decision to make? He wished he could scent them like a werewolf, and bemoaning his lack of skills he noticed he had forgotten his precious bat. So what? The thing wouldn´t be of any help anyway. No, but he would feel safer just holding the damn club. He was practically coming here naked. Yeah. So? What´s the plan? Come on! He was spinning around, surveying the area. Where to go? Left? A small mound overgrown with moss was blocking his view. Right? A cluster of bare trees looking creepy in the worst way. God! Am I chasing shadows? Am I lost in the dark? "For fuck´s sake...."

A shattering scream shoved the curse back down his throat; a blood-curling scream like hell was about to break loose. He almost toppled over due to the pain hitting his eardrums. Was that Lydia? Was she hurt? Covering his ears he squinted and spotted a few grotesque shapes moving in the distance. "Lydia? Scott? Allison?" he whispered, and circled the trees, getting closer. Finally he could make out the pack in the midst of the fray. Scott and Isaac were fighting side by side, moving in sync, like they had never done anything else. Lydia was pitted against one of the older Betas. God! No! Stiles put one hand over his mouth to keep himself from screaming. Somebody help her! Please! There. His silent prayer was answered undesirably. Peter was rushing to Lydia´s aid. Yet she screamed again, a piercing sound that made his blood run cold. Once more he covered both of his ears. The Beta did the same, squirming like he had been shoot. Peter lifted his claw, ready for the kill. Stiles squeezed his eyes shut, remembering the image when Derek had slashed Peter´s throat not that long ago. He didn´t want to see such a thing again. He didn´t want to watch someone die like that, no matter how bad a person he was. He wished he could be blind and deaf to all the violence. He wished he could bring himself to not give a fuck. He knew he wished for the impossible.

A few endless seconds later he dared to open his eyes again. The pack was gone. No sign of anyone, least of all Derek. His stomach revolted in fear. Where was Derek? He needed to find Derek. He left the cover of the trees, moving yet closer ready to join the pack in fighting. They wouldn´t make him go away. They wouldn´t abandon him again. He wouldn´t let Derek take the burden all alone. He stopped again, observing. Sweat covered his upper lip. Casually he licked it off. The bitter taste angered his tongue. The taste of regret and missed opportunities.

There! He discovered Derek fighting the second Beta Stiles had never learned the name of. Why was he by himself? Where did Peter and Lydia go? Where were Scott and his two shadows? Where were Kali and her moron lover? In spite of his concerns he couldn´t stop himself admiring how beautiful Derek looked in action. He was simply perfection. Stiles had never craved him more than now. Yeah. Downright silly. The next second the Beta slashed Derek´s cheek open. No! Stiles whined. Derek jerked his head around as if he had heard the tiny sound over the great distance. Quickly Stiles took cover behind some bushes. Not possible. Not-


He froze. "What the-"

A little dark-skinned girl with dreadlocks rose from the bushes. Her white eyeballs were glowing due to the shine of moonlight. She was holding a stone. "Are you the bad man?" she whispered urgently. "Did you come to kill me?" She lifted her arm to throw the stone.

"No." Quickly he showed the kid his bare hands to make her see he was unarmed. "I´m not gonna hurt you, sweetie. What´s your name?"

"I´m not allowed to say."

"Oh?" He bent down to her. "Why´s that, kiddo?"

"The bad men. They´re after us." The arm with the stone started trembling. "They stole my wolf. Samual says they´ll steal me if they find me. Samual says they want to kill us all."

Oh, shit! Stiles crumbled. I am the bad man. He reached out to her. "Listen. That´s not-"


The girl flinched. The stone fell from her hand.

"Get back into the cave!" Kali screamed. The girl turned and ran.

Stiles jumped back to his feet, though his heart dropped to his stomach.

"Hi there, Alpha boy," Kali greeted him, fully wolfed out. "I think we should find out once and for all which of us is magic." She aimed a crossbow at him.

"You think wrong," he snarled, and stumbled backwards through the patch of bushes. Cover. He needed to find cover. He needed time to get ready. He needed to get away from her. He was running along with the moonlight pointing the way through the bare trees. He ignored the rough pain of dead twigs slapping his face or that his skin was slashed open. He needed his energy for running. His heartbeat was booming in his ears. His breathing came in harsh gasps. His lungs hurt. Yet he was running faster, feeling Kali´s presence at his heels. He didn´t dare to look back. He focused on the trees flying by...dark and mysterious...god...he was scared...he was running...gasping...hurting....

Finally he managed to fish a handful of mountain ash from his pocket to guard himself. He had to stop and attack her. He just couldn´t run anymore. He needed to stand his ground and fight. Maybe he was only human, but nobody should think he was weak, or worse, fragile. Yeah. He´d do what he could to protect the pack. Stiles Stilinski. Alpha Boy. Right. He dared to smile which felt strange but somehow fit the whole mess he was in. "Okay. C-"

Something hit his body so hard he swayed on his feet. The ash fell from his hand. "Ah!" He continued stumbling on and didn´t even realize that he was injured, until the pain washed over him in waves. He screamed again and hitting a root, he crashed face forward flat to the mossy ground, like a felled tree. The arrow buried itself deeper into his flesh. He screamed bloody murder. He literally howled like a wolf.

"I wonder how much your Alpha will like you dead." Kali cackled.

She sounded closer than he thought she could be after his flight. He squinted. Oh shit! There she was, ready to finish him off. Yet not close enough. He checked his pockets frantically, his fingers sweating. Crap! Not again. Not now. No. No. No.

She loaded the crossbow with a fresh arrow. "Stupid boy. Not an Alpha in any way."

He shut his eyes. He didn´t want hers to be the last face he saw before death took him. He wanted to see the people he loved. His dad cheering him on at Lacrosse no matter he mostly failed to make him proud. Holding him in the night weeping for his mom. His mom telling him stories to calm him down. The last days at her bedside, crying. Standing at her grave, crying more. The sadness in the years after. The longing for her. The emptiness in his heart...until...well...not feeling empty anymore, no, more like full of anger and fear and pure evil lust...all the time... because of...him.

Oh, Derek. I´m sorry. I´m so sorry. I should have told you. I´m a coward. Well. I´ll never know now, right? Having no hope he picked up the last grains of ash and threw them into the air. Not enough to make a circle. Not even enough to fill a thimble. Right. But still... I believe. I can do this. I´m magic. So is love. Derek. I-

The fatal shot never came. Instead he heard Kali scream. "You bastard!"

He dared to open his eyes. A perfect circle of mountain ash entrapped a raging Kali. Oh my God! He did it again! He was the man. Hey! He was gonna make it. Derek would be so proud of him. The pack would...

Brutally he was hoicked up from the ground and smashed down again. "AAAH!" The pain was excruciating. His knees felt like they were shattered. He blinked tears from his eyes. What the...? A tall shadow hovering. Elias! How could he forget about him? The Beta grinned down on him. "Say good-bye."

Right. He was bleeding and he had no weapon. He was done. He was dead.

Elias hauled him up again and exposed his neck. "No!" Stiles thrashed his legs like frenzy. Not like that. Not with my throat being ripped out. Not by him. Never by anyone but Derek. "Let me go!"

"What? No magic?" Elias mocked him, shoving his pointy teeth into Stiles´s face.

"Fuck you!" Stiles literally spat at him in return.

"Careful. I may take you up on that offer," Elias countered, casually wiping the spit off. His breath smelled like hot caramel. Yuck! Stiles hated caramel. "Never gonna happen!" he keened, squirming. I´m dead. God, I´m so dead. "First I´ll kill you."

"I have to admit. You´ve got guts," Elias sneered. "It´s too bad that I-" The next second he was hauled backwards like a leaf being ripped away by a hurricane.

Shaking all over Stiles gaped at Allison standing by the trees, expression strong-willed and fierce. She was holding her crossbow. One of her arrows nailed Elias to a tree. Elias grimaced. His eyes were flashing a hellish orange. Foam was drizzling from one side of his mouth. Wolf´s Bane! Elias looked pretty well done. Still Allison shot a second arrow into the defenseless boy.

"You bitch!" Kali fumed. She couldn´t do anything to help her lover. The ash circle didn´t fail. Elias was on his own. A lot more foam sprayed from his mouth. His body cramped with convulsions. Unconcerned by his misery Allison shot a third arrow.

Kali had a raging fit. "I´ll kill you! I´ll rip your heart out! I´ll eat it raw!" She dropped to her knees and howled, churning up the earth with all four of her claws. Elias choked out more foam, and fighting the arrows piercing his chest, he frayed the holes bigger. Seeing this Kali started whining like a little girl. "No...please...don´t...not anymore...Eli..."

For heaven´s sake! Stiles should´ve felt victorious but he didn´t. Instead he was feeling sick. Sick to the bones. Yeah. Something was not right. Oh no. The star-strewn sky tipped over and was coming down on him. He gagged. Fuck me!

"Stiles!" Derek grabbed him with rough hands and turned him around. "You idiot! I told you to stay at the house."

"Oh look, the big bad wolf is back to harassing me. Oh yes. Please do so grumpy cat. Alpha me around," he babbled foolishly. Oh, man... He tried to stop the flow of words but couldn´t. Instead he had to listen to a lot of more silly stuff tumbling from his lips. "Always in control. Mean to me. I saved his life, you know. Holding him above the water for hours. Did he treat me better after that? No. 'Course not."


"He smashes me into walls, he kisses me until I´m half-crazy with want, but does he take me? No. ´Course not. He lets me off the hook. He pushes me away. He makes me run into these woods alone. His fault I´m injured. Not fair." His head dropped sideward. "Ugh...I don´t feel so..." He barfed. Oh Crap! "Argh!" Awkwardly he wiped his mouth, gasping for air. The darkness around him increased. Oh god. The sight of the creepy bright moon. The sounds of desperation and death. The nasty taste in his mouth. He almost puked again. "I´m...sorry. I...."

"Save your breath," Derek said and looked at him strangely. Hey! What was that in the Alpha´s face? Was he worried? No way, not the wolfman, not Derek the asshole Hale, the one who always pushed him away, the one who didn´t trust him. Okay. Right. Yet the weirdest thing happened.

Derek cradled him into his arms and howled like he had lost sight of the moon. He sounded like Kali seconds before she had turned mute.

Oh. Well. Maybe Derek was worried. Maybe he got it all wrong. Wouldn´t be the first time. Stiles shivered. Spittle was running down his chin. "Do that again."

"Scott and Isaac will help you with those two, Allison. I´ll get Stiles back to the house," Derek said instead, gripping him tight.

"No," Stiles slurred. "I wanna fight. I´m not useless." He pushed against Derek´s arms embracing him. "Let me-"

"You did enough, okay? You trapped their Alpha. Now it´s time to rest," Derek murmured, lifting him up.

"No, I can do better. I need you to trust me," Stiles yelped. "Oh, put me down, you big oaf. I´m not a child."

Derek rolled his bright, green eyes, and mumbled something which sounded like God help me.

"Let me take care of your injuries first, Derek," Allison disagreed. "Those arrows in your back..."

"...are not important. I´ll heal."

"Derek, dude," Scott said. "At least let us help you carry him."

"No," Derek choked out. "I need to do this alone. He´s my responsibility."

"Who´s injured? What´s going on? Scott? What´s Derek talking about?" Stiles babbled on, slipping away. "Where´s Isaac? Is Lydia okay? Where´s the girl? You have to save the girl." His stomach cramped and he felt the urge to throw up again. He pawed the air and found Derek´s face. Oh. The grumpy stubble-land splintered into a thousand pieces. Oh. Oh wow. The whole world blew apart into rainbow colors, swirling around and around, making scratchy sounds, hurting, hurting so badly. At the same time the last bit of light was bleeding away leaving a big black hole. Although it was cold he was floating on heat. He struggled against the flames burning into his skin. He wanted to be left alone. He fought the presence keeping him close. He kicked and whined until his body went limp, and the rich cold and scary blackness was biting harshly into his flesh. "Aaah...I wanna go home...please....haven´t I done good? Am I not magic?"

"Shhh." Troubled eyes, green and soulful, were bearing down on him... fire, fire, burning the forests of the night... Was he going nuts? Was he going dark? Was he going somewhere? All this and still not feeling whole. He whimpered.

The floating stopped. He was put down. Where was he? What was happening? His body twitched in pain. "No." The sound of water running. Slippery, wet skin. "Cold."

"Hold still. I´m almost done."

Derek? Where am I? What is this? Are we naked? No. Can´t be. Hey. Was he shaking? Was he hurt? What had he done? Where is that draft coming from? "Cold."

"Whose fault is that, huh? What idiot smashed the window?" Derek took a deep breath. "Seriously? What came over you?" Despite his harsh words he touched Stiles´s back gently, stroking up the spine. "Hold still." A rough but soft sensation prickled into his skin then, making him whine again, loud and desperate, like a little kid, wanting...wanting what he could never have. "Don´t leave me."

"Never." Coziness. Softness. A trickle of water, moistening his lips. Thirsty! He sought the liquid greedily, licking up every tiny drop. The disgusting taste in his mouth. Rinsing. Spitting. Coughing. Aw. Brightness. "More."

"Easy." The grip around his shoulders tightened.

"No. Not easy." Wetness on his face. Oh. Did he spill some of the water? For god´s sake. Was he crying? Was he making this scenario a complete act of foolishness? "What´s happening to me? Am I dying? Are you giving me the bite?"

"No. Stop fidgeting." The sparkling warmth turned away.

"Don´t go. I need you. I don´t care you hate me...I...I..."

A huff. "I´m not going anywhere."

"Der-sourwolf-I need..."


A glorious sensation touched his face and lips, cool and balmy. The spicy warmth came back, embracing him, and he floated again, up and up, enwrapped in a blanket made out of fleece. Is that fur? Is Derek a wolf? Am I sleeping with an animal? Okay. Kinky. Still. He was okay. He was safe now. He was protected by the Alpha. So for once he did what he was told. He slept.


He woke up. Darkness, though a different kind, warm and cozy and very naked. Jeez! His body twitched, though not in pain this time, and a solid smoldering mass moved against him. "Uh..."

"Go back to sleep," Derek said, and was rocking him gently back and forth.

He tried to argue but his lips were too dry to speak more than bits and pieces. "Thirsty."

Derek rumbled. His warmth moved away and vanished.

He whined.

"Be still. I´m right here."

Drops of cool wetted his lips and he licked them all off. "More."

A snort.

Anyway, more was given, but now the injury on his arm started to hurt. "Pain."

"You never stop, huh?" Derek said, and then the prickling feeling in his open wound was back. For seconds Stiles hurt even more. "Ah..."

"Relax. Everything´s fine."

The miraculous sensation moved to his face. Sweetness. Tickling. Oh. What´s that? What´s he doing to me? He giggled. His cheek prickled intensely until there was no pain left. No pain at all. Exhausted he closed his eyes again and nuzzled his face against the stubbly comfort. "Thanks."

"Don´t ever do this to me again."

"´kay." A soft touch to his lips made him smile. "More."

A strange noise. "Idiot. Why in the world you, huh?"

"Sorry." He chuckled in spite of everything. A raw tiny sound that hurt deep down in his soul. The words I said...I should...I must... Something was shoved under his cheek. "What´s that?"

"Your pillow. I thought..."

"I don´t want it. I want you..." He pawed for Derek´s body, clinging.

"You´re ridiculous," Derek snorted. "A ridiculous, underage, goofy boy." Yet he went back to spooning Stiles, brushing the pillow aside. "You´re every wolf´s nightmare."

"Yeah," Stiles agreed, and sticking to the hottest wolf that had ever howled he was drifting back into the coziness of oblivion. Once in a while the pain came back but was taken away over and over again. He merged with the nakedness of his guardian, inhaling his musky scent, until the unbearable heartache made him finally spill the things hurting, hurting too much to find peace. "I didn´t mean what I said. I don´t want you dead. Not dead. Not hurt. Never..."

"Stop that," Derek ordered gruffly. "It´s fine."

"No-I-" He held on to the overwhelming softness. "I´m sorry." He pressed his face into Derek´s armpit, sniffing, drowning in the wolf´s intoxicating scent. "I..."

"Stop crying."

"...can´t." Right. His tears were running wild, moistening Derek´s skin like a flow of sore regret.

Gently Derek was cupping Stiles´s ear with his lips, licking into the shell. "Hey. I´m fine. I know you didn´t mean it. I know, okay?" He nuzzled along the tender rim, lingering at the most sensitive spots. "I know because I was there that night watching you come, saying my name." He paused, breathing in Stiles´s scent. "Over and over again."

"Oh god," Stiles groaned. He should have been embarrassed, or actually mad at Derek for being such a stalker, but instead he was touched by the confession. He could hear no mockery or glee in the Alpha´s voice, only...only...

Derek kissed the tears off his cheeks. "I´ll make you say my name again." He brushed his lips over Stiles´s open mouth. "Many times. That´s a promise...," Derek kissed his fluttering eyelids, "...but for now I need you to rest."

"I like naked you," Stiles confided, and rewarded himself by groping Derek´s ass. Aw.

"Can you do that?" Derek persisted, choking down a squeal.

"Okay, Alpha bear," Stiles whimpered, enjoying the unique gamey flavor on his lips. Hey, there, Big, Bad... "If you do the wolf again."

"I can´t do that," Derek grumbled. "That was just your imagination."

"Oh, yeah?" Stiles teased, gleeful, pinching the firm beauty quivering underneath his fingers.

"Stop that!" Derek barked at him, yet he pulled Stiles closer and sealed his lips shut. A kiss way more serious than the light kisses before. A kiss that made his suffering fade away. A kiss to die for. Oh, Derek. Stiles savored the kiss which was a promise in every way, as well as the counterattack of rough hands roaming down his spine and over his ass. Oh. Oh yeah. Derek, please. Keep doing that. I want you... you can do whatever you want... you can pin me down anytime... Is Derek´s skin starting to change? Is that fur rubbing against me? Is that a snout nuzzling at my neck? Maybe so. Doesn´t matter. He´s here - with me. That matters. Stiles stilled, and wallowing in Derek Hale´s glory, he was feeling good, no, magic, and at that - loved.

Am I dying? Is this what death feels like? And what if? Do I care? Do I?

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