Alpha Boy - 5/9

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Sterek
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Adventure, Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Summary: What´s a boy supposed to do with a big scary wolf?
Warnings: M/M, Slash
Feedback: Doesn´t scare me. :)
Released: June 2015
Beta: badly_knitted
Word Count: 5.425

He woke up in darkness, still naked, feeling thirsty. He set out to go downstairs, and stilled. There was a tall shape standing by the window. Gee! He blinked. The shape hadn´t moved. "Derek?" He froze. Shit! Why had he said that? How ridiculous to think that the Alpha would come here to check on him. He blinked again. The shape was still lurking. So, was he dreaming or not? "If you don´t talk you better leave." He turned around and faced the wall. He counted. One werewolf. Two werewolves. Three werewolves. He turned back. The shape was gone. Right. Stupid pipe dream. I´m an idiot. Thank God it´s Saturday. Ignoring his thirst he went back to sleep.

No school didn´t mean his day started untroubled. In the morning Lydia called to persuade him to come over to training.

He said no. "Don´t pretend, Lydia. I know I mean nothing to you."

"You´re wrong. You mean a lot to me, just not in a romantic way."

"No problem. I´m over you."

"Oh, I know that." She giggled. "I have to agree with Peter. You´re an idiot."

"Thanks. I´m feeling so much better. Particularly about you and Peter being friends now."

"We´re not friends. He´s just... helping me to figure out who I am."

"And who are you?" Yeah, me too. I wish I knew.

"I don´t know - yet." There was a long pause.

Stiles knew the connection wasn´t broken, because he could hear Lydia breathing. What is it, huh? He was rubbing his left hand over the seam of his pants. Eew! How he despised the feeling of cold sweat.

"Stiles, you´re important to the pack. We need you," she finally continued. "Come on, don´t be stupid."

"That´s me. Stupido. The Alpha said so." He hung up. His eyes stung with unshed tears. "I hate him. I hate him so much." Yeah, right. That´s why he was staring at the window waiting for Derek to come right at him. That´s why he was biting his nails. He snorted. It was about time to get his mind off of Derek. Naked Derek. Kissing him. Apologizing. Holy Crap! He needed to get out of here. All that brooding was giving him a headache. He needed fresh air. He needed a distraction.

Deaton. He would ask Deaton to come with him to the woods to look at the ash circle. If Kali was still trapped inside Deaton was the best choice to take along. Besides a werewolf of course. He pushed the stuffed wolf under his pillow. His dad couldn´t find out what a wuss he was.

If Deaton was surprised by his call or request he didn´t say a word about it. "Mr. Stilinski. Are you ready for more lessons?"

"Yes. No. Not yet. First I need to show you something."

"Do you?"

"In the woods. Can I pick you up?"

"If you think that´s necessary."

"I think it is."

His departure was delayed because in the kitchen he spotted his shirt with the target hanging over a chair. The one he had ripped at training with Derek. A note was pinned to the collar. He fetched it with haste and read. "I know how much you love that old thing, god knows why, so I fixed it. Dad." Oh shit. A fresh wave of guilt washed over him. He was a terrible son. He should rip the shirt apart and then throw the damn thing into the garbage to punish himself. Nah. He got rid of the one he was wearing instead and put the favored one on, somehow feeling more properly armed for battle now. "Thanks, dad," he murmured and stuck the note under a magnet on the fridge. He would make it up to him. He would have dinner with him tonight.

An hour later he and Deaton arrived at the place he almost got himself killed last night. They found the circle in order but Kali was gone. Shit. Not good. Definitely not good. "I thought I got it."

"I think you did. I´d call it a win."

"Kali got away." He nibbled at his fingers. Where is she? What will happen? When will she take her vengeance?

"Only a human could have broken the circle," Deaton declared, pointing at a small rock disrupting the ash line. "Are you sure you were alone?"

"I think so. Elias was nearby but he´s a werewolf." He scratched his head. "There was something strange, though. I found a stuffed wolf on the ground. The thing is pretty neat, not dirty or spoiled due to lying here for long."

"That´s odd," Deaton agreed. "Where is it now?"

"In my room." Sharing my bed. "Maybe the magic was broken by the stone falling down by accident?"

"Never. A human had to put it there. Otherwise the magic remains intact." Deaton scanned the area. "There is nothing we can do here right now. Let´s go back to the clinic and test your improved skills."

"Right." Stiles hid his disappointment. He´d wanted to show this man he was worth the effort he took teaching him. But that hadn´t happened. Instead he had failed once more. A desire to flee seized him but he forced himself to follow his mentor, ignoring the coldness in his hands. He put the blame on the fresh wind blowing through the trees.

On the drive back to the animal clinic he didn´t talk. Guess what? Deaton let him stew in his juices. Yup. The man was worse than Derek when it came to small talk or making someone feel better. Okay. Maybe it was his own fault. He didn´t want to talk. He didn´t want any encouragement right now. He just wanted to sulk in solitude.

At their arrival Deaton got back to business immediately. He shook fresh ash out of a glass jar onto Stiles´s palm.

Stiles ground the sandy matter between his fingers to get a feeling. "I don´t know how I did it last night. It just happened."

"That´s the secret of the spark, Mr. Stilinski," Deaton said, rearranging the mysterious stuff on the shelf. "Let´s get started."

A few tries later Stiles was utterly frustrated. He had failed to make one stupid circle. What the hell? Deaton must think he was telling lies. "Um..." He was staring at his hands which were still feeling cold.

"Your mind isn´t clear," Deaton said. He handed Stiles a broom. "For now there´s no point continuing."

Stiles started sweeping the floor. Okay. Good idea. Whatever made the coldness go away. "I´m sorry. I´m such a failure."

Deaton shook his head. "Not at all. I can see your improvement even though you still don´t believe. What is bothering you?"

"Kali!" Oops! He didn´t realize how much he had suffered keeping everything in. His fists tightened around the wooden handle. "I don´t get her. She treats Elias really harsh, even injured him cruelly, but alone with him she was all soft and snuggly. She even let him dominate her."

"What´s the question, Mr. Stilinski?"

" that the usual way an Alpha treats a Beta h-she´s with?" He was pounding the floor so hard that the broom handle was in danger of breaking apart.

"Usual? I don´t know. I think it simply means he´s her favorite and that she cares for him, but she can´t show that in front of the pack. Wouldn´t it be worse the other way around? If she treats him fair in public and hurts him in private?"

Oh. Right. He stopped the sweeping, stiffening. His muscles ached. "I´ve never looked at it that way."

"The relationship between an Alpha and a Beta is always complicated, but even more between an Alpha and a human."

"Okay." He flushed. "Not that something like that happens very often, right?" Oh God. Deaton is too clever. Don´t say one more thing. Zip it!

"A lot more than anyone thinks." A sudden sadness disturbed Deaton´s otherwise expressionless face. He turned to the shelf and rearranged the jars once more. "There is always more than one side to a story."

What the hell, man? How often can you move a set of jars around? What are you hiding behind those dark eyes? "Yeah? Do you mean there is more to Kali? Something we haven´t figured out yet?"

"I can´t say. We need patience. We need a clear head. Finish and go home to get some rest."

Yeah. He should. And? Did he? No. He waited for Deaton to leave the room instead and then secretly filled his pockets with a few handfuls of ash, stolen from one of the overused jars. He betrayed Deaton´s trust. Well. Wasn´t his first crime, was it? A little delinquent my dad once called me. Right. But Deaton wasn´t his dad. He´d know what he had done by just taking one good look at him. Okay. Time to take the easy way out, the yellow way. "See ya tomorrow!" he yelled, and hurried outside, sprinting to his Jeep. Phew! That had worked like a charm. Yet his heart didn´t stop burning with shame. Shit. Really? What was he doing? Did he even have a plan? Did he know what he was getting himself into? Hmmm. He grimaced. His headache was getting worse.

More troubles were awaiting him at home. Scott, Allison and Isaac besieged his room.

"What the fuck? What´s going on? Is Derek okay?" he blurted, caught off guard by all three of them slouching intimately on his bed. What happened to respect for privacy, huh? What happened to his best friend back-stabbing him like that? In need of support he leaned against the windowframe, rubbing his brow because his headache wasn´t getting any better.

"No," Isaac scowled. "Certainly not. That´s why we´re here."

Crap! "Really? Isn´t it nice to finally be so appreciated." Yeah. Sarcasm is my only defense.

"Weren´t you always?" Isaac replied, leaning against Allison. The fierce hunter didn´t mind but put her hand on his arm.

"Shit, bro. Why didn´t you answer your phone?" Scott said, jumping off the bed. "We thought Kali got to you."

"I thought you were busy."

"Just because I wasn´t home one night you behave like that?" Scott shook his head, giving a nervous laugh. "Come on."

Stiles shrugged. "You got your things. I got mine."

Surprised Scott looked at Allison and Isaac. Allison pursed her lips. Hey. Not my best friend. Isaac plucked at his scarf. You think I care?

See? Secrets. Not sharing. Assholes. And what about that stupid scarf? It isn´t that cold, is it? Stiles pouted, wriggling his stiff fingers.

"I worry about you, Stiles," Scott confessed, patting his arm.

"What? I´m good." Just a bit cold.

"You´re not yourself lately."

"Oh?" Stiles mocked him, pointedly stabbing his index finger against Scott´s chest. "Look who´s talking?"

"Seriously, Stiles, you were never...ever like that." Scott didn´t back away, neither did he fall for his diversion. "Not even when your mom died. Cheerless. Close-lipped. Secretive. What´s going on?"

"Derek hates me." Oops! Am I nuts? Why did I say that? Frantically he rubbed his temples. Damn headache.

Isaac snorted. "You´re such a little shit."

Allison elbowed him. "Not helping." Isaac leaned in closer, whispering something to Allison Stiles didn´t understand. Was that French? Allison replied urgently in the same language, tightening her grip on Isaac´s arm. The werewolf´s expression softened.

"Oh come on," Scott said. "Do you really believe that after all he did for you?"

"Like what?"

"I know...uh...well..."

"That meant nothing." The unconcealed intimacy of Allison and Isaac in front of Scott enraged him. How dare they? Have they no spark of decency?

Certainly Scott´s mind was focused on him. "That´s why you´re home, sulking, instead of attending pack meetings?"

"Derek doesn´t want me around."

"He does. He didn´t say but we all know he does."


"Derek´s acting weird. He punishes us, you know." Scott sighed. "I already told you that training yesterday was disastrous. Derek actually hurt Isaac." A flash of something indescribable ran over Scott´s face. "Peter had to intervene to prevent something worse from happening."

Yeah, right! Hail to Peter, and a big fuck you to Isaac. Did he care that Derek was behaving irrationally? Sure. Did he feel guilty? Definitely. Did he like feeling that way? No. Why in the world did he like that guy? That broody, stubborn, macho wolfman?

"I didn´t tell you the worst yet," Scott continued. "We can´t find Derek. He´s not home and he´s not answering his phone. We´re worried about him, too. You and Derek are behaving ridiculously." His eyes glowed briefly in golden yellow.

A brilliant color that wasn´t owned by Derek. Right. Stiles tensed. He was mad at Derek but thinking that he could be hurt or in danger was ailing him all the same, and seeing Derek fail as an Alpha was unbearable. "Okay. Fine. I´m coming with you but only because there is something I have to tell Derek anyway."

"Oh?" Isaac rolled his eyes. "What in god´s name could that be?"

Allison shushed him. Isaac silenced, looking at her like a fucking puppy. Worse. Scott regarded both of them with an Alpha-like smile.

Holy Crap! Those three were damn annoying. "Let´s go." He fetched his baseball bat. Better a paltry weapon than no weapon at all.

"I can´t wait to see-" Isaac started, but was silenced once more.

Stiles didn´t turn around to see how and by whom. He already had enough things on his mind to worry about.

The Hale house came across as abandoned. Not a sound was heard, not even a bird singing which struck him as kind of creepy. The four of them clambered out of the Jeep.

Scott called out for Derek. No answer. "Check the house, Stiles. We´ll search the area."

Stiles nodded. Where was Derek? Why didn´t he get in touch with them, at least with Isaac who was by all means part of his pack. "Derek? Hey, big guy? Are you up there?" He climbed the stairs, trying to calm his heartbeat down. He found Derek´s room empty with the floor swept clean and the bed neatly made, though it was only a mattress with a blanket. The few books on the shelf were put in order alphabetically. Stiles snorted. Derek Hale. Wolfman. Book-lover. He checked every corner for slight traces of use. Had Derek slept here at all last night? Had he some other place to stay over? A secret lover´s nest maybe? Stiles´s shoulders slumped a bit. Oh, come off it! He strolled to the window with the milky glass and peeked out. He spotted nothing to soothe his nerves.

Kali and her pack were coming out of the woods. Shit! Where the fuck was Derek? Where was Peter? Where did his friends go? Why did the Alpha leave the property so unguarded? Has he lost all sense of reason? Have we all lost our minds?

Even from here Stiles could make out Kali´s toothy grin and that her eyes were on fire. Elias put a hand on her shoulder. Was he trying to calm her down? Wasn´t he afraid of getting slashed up again? Was he the one in charge after all?

Stiles tumbled down the stairs and took position on the porch. He would guard this house as well as he could. Gripping his baseball bat he struck a hero pose like that would do him any good. Derek was right. He was ridiculous. He was no use in any fight. Out of the corner of his eye he noticed that Scott, Allison and Isaac were on their way back. He swallowed. They were still far away, though, more than enough time for Kali to slash his throat.

"I learned about your tricks last night, boy. Don´t think I can´t handle them," the female started their clash. Elias and Samual sneered. The older Betas appeared calm and daunting. A ruthless pack made out of steel and blood.

In spite of being scared shitless Stiles stood his ground. What was he supposed to do? How had he wound up here anyway? Why did he get himself into this crap? His palms were cold and sweaty and his headache was killing him. He took a shuddering breath. God! I´ll never complain about my life being boring again. I- A hand dropped on his shoulder. He almost screamed.

"It´s me," Derek murmured into his ear.

Oh yeah? Where the fuck have you been? What´s your game? Yet his fears were erased like a snuffed out flame. Derek was here. He was alive. He was at his side. He forced down the stupid smile that was fighting to crawl out of his aching throat and over his trembling lips.

Kali threw a small object on the ground. Stiles stared and stared. HOLY SHIT! The frayed thing was a finger. A dark-skinned finger. Boyd´s finger. The smile just teasing Stiles´s lips slid back down his throat like a snake sliding back into a pit of despair.

"Your little punk stole what´s ours!" Elias snarled. "Give it back to us or you´ll regret it."

Kali growled at him. That was all. She and her Beta appeared to be as one today.

"I don´t know what you´re talking about, Kali," Derek said. "My pack was here last night. Every one of them."

"You´re a liar." Kali was rocking on her heels. A small band of white trimmed her left ankle now that the bracelet was gone. "Not that I´m surprised. All men are liars." Her mouth twisted into an ugly grimace. "Good. Have it your way."

Scott, Isaac and Allison had arrived and secured the flank. Allison put an arrow on her crossbow and aimed the weapon straight away at Kali.

The Alpha was not impressed. "Next time I come here I´ll bring you a better trophy." She clawed the finger with her right foot. The thing that once belonged to Boyd flew through the air and smacked on the porch right next to Stiles. "His head."

Isaac jerked forward but Scott hauled him back, embracing him from behind. Allison was looking like she was about to shoot her arrow and was only waiting for the ultimate signal. Stiles could feel that Derek was somehow shaken up and on the verge of saying the word. Oh no. Please don´t do anything rash. Be the Alpha. Should he touch Derek to calm him down? Was that the right thing to do? Did he even have the privilege of doing so?

The decision was taken away by a stifled scream wavering through the air. They all jerked their heads around to look for the source.

Lydia! She was standing in front of the tree line. Her mouth was hanging open in a grimace of horror as if she had seen death himself. Peter was backing her up by supporting her right elbow.

Where had those two been? Why was Lydia screaming like that? What´s going on? Stiles swallowed the last of his spit. Something was wrong. So very, very wrong.

"There will be a lot of more screaming tomorrow." Kali smirked, and then she raced toward the woods, pack in tow.

Lydia flinched as they were coming right at them, but Peter quickly moved in front of her. Kali´s pack swerved to the left and missed the pair by a mile. Only Samual came way too close to Lydia, and Peter had no choice but to smash him into a tree. Samual squealed. Kali stopped and turned around. Samual was catching up effortlessly, but his right arm was dangling lifeless at his side. Kali slapped Samual over the head. The boy dared to bare his teeth at her. Surprisingly he was not further harmed for the profanity. In sync the two wolves sprinted along to close the gap to the others. The pack submerged into the thick of green where a bird was just now striking a miserable note.

Derek exhaled. That sound was all the Alpha surrendered considering how gloomy things were.

Oh Crap! Knowing Derek for some time Stiles figured that the lack of emotion was rather a bad sign. He turned his attention to Lydia and Peter coming over. Stiles was stunned that Lydia was able to walk at all seeing how much she was shaking. Peter kept close to her ready to catch her in case she might faint after all. She didn´t.

"Lydia?" Stiles was bouncing on his feet. "Are you okay?"

She nodded curtly at him but stayed close to Peter. The creep looked pretty content with himself.

"We have to do something, Derek," Isaac got to the point, shaking off Scott´s hands. "We can´t wait any longer."

Derek ignored him and stepped into Stiles´s personal space instead. "What did you do?"

"Who said it was me?" He almost lost his grasp on the bat. Stupid cold sweat.

"Stiles." Derek´s nostrils flared along with a flash of pointy teeth.

"Okay. Fine." He was flailing his hands, swinging the bat around like a weapon. As if that would help him against an Alpha. "I followed Elias into the woods last night."

"You did what?"

"I found out that the bracelet Kali is wearing is ancient," Stiles explained. "The thing could be the main reason that her pack has that kind of power." He was looking at Lydia. Say something. You and I had that idea together.

Lydia´s eyes widened. Yet she stayed mute creeping closer to Peter.

Really, huh? "I got lucky. I caught Kali and Elias unawares." He looked at the others for a sign of support or understanding. No. Not happening. "I stole the precious treasure right under their noses."

"You could have got bitten. You could have got killed," Derek flustered, his jaw working, making a horrible cracking sound.

"I would make an awesome werewolf," Stiles baited him. Okay. Maybe he shouldn´t enjoy their clash that much. Maybe he should keep it down a notch. Maybe - I don´t give a fuck.

"With Kali as your Alpha?" Derek countered, rasping with rage.

"Not your concern, Dude. Not part of the pack, remember?" he pitched back. "I think Kali is weaker without that thing. That´s why she didn´t attack today, only making empty threats." His headache was gone. So was the coldness. He was feeling hot, a searing kind of heat that was bouncing off of his skin, leaving every hair on his body standing right up. He barely noticed the pack dancing around them like they were going slowly mad. All he could see was Derek. The angry brow. The heated glare. The scent of frustration. Wait! What? How could he even-



"What do you call empty threats?" Derek barked. "Boyd probably got tortured and mutilated because of your actions."

Oh God. No. He hadn´t realized that. He hung his head, rubbing his face. "I didn´t think about that."

"You never think. You´re rash and disobedient."

"I do what I want."

"I´m the Alpha. You do as I say."

"No!" Moving forward Stiles thrust his bat against Derek´s chest.

The wooden tip barely touched him but Derek winced.

Hey! His arms fell to his sides and the weapon scraped over the wooden floor. "What´s wrong with you? Are you hurt?" he squeaked, fighting back a sour taste twisting his belly into a knot. He tried to touch Derek with his bare hands.

"No." Derek moved backwards.

"He very much is," Peter revealed, crossing his arms. The expression on his face marked how pissed off he was. Everybody but Lydia and Derek took a step back from him. "He came home this morning from God knows where, bleeding like a slaughtered bunny. Kali´s pack was obviously very well informed where my dear nephew sneaks around by night so they were able to ambush him. He´s lucky he escaped."

"How serious is it?" Stiles mewled, having lost a lot of his anger.

"It´s nothing. It´s nobody´s business but mine," Derek grumbled, cheeks reddening.

"I think at least the one person who you got hurt for should know," Peter snapped at him, unusually irritated.

Oh. Look at that! Peter is really mad at Derek, Stiles mused in awe. What´s going on? Where was Derek sneaking around? What´s he hiding?

"Shut up," Derek hissed at his uncle, eyebrows raised. The color on his cheeks darkened to a glorious shade.

Stiles played on the distraction. He rushed forward and tore Derek´s shirt upwards. There was a big red hole in the middle of his chest. A genuine hole! "Oh my God! Derek!" Stiles yelled, frantic. "Are you out of your mind? You can´t walk around wounded like that. You have to go to Deaton."

Derek shook his head gruffly and dragged his shirt back down. "It´s no problem. I´m already healing." He reached out to Stiles. "Give me the bracelet."

"Why?" His fingers danced around the bat handle. "I´m the one who got it off Kali."

"So what?"

"I am the one giving the pack the opportunity to go into battle." Displeased he continued stroking along the length of his bat to calm his nerves. "Just... some appreciation would be nice."

Derek´s lips curled. "What kind of appreciation are you talking about?"

"Huh?" Stiles choked out. His dick twitched. Holy God!

"Patience." Derek´s tongue darted out, moistening his lips.

The sight sparked Stiles´s needs to soar. Jeez! Stop that! "What are you saying?"

"You did good, okay?" Derek sighed. The warmth in his eyes died down. "Now let us do the rest."

"Still not getting what-" Stiles said, flailing because, you know, reasons.

"You´re not coming with us. You stay here."

"What?" Stiles´s anger flared up again, blinding him for all reason. "No way. What about Lydia? She´s just as incapable of fighting."

"Hey!" The red-head raised her voice. "No need to drag me into this. You have no idea what I can do." Peter laughed and grabbed her hand. "Lydia is perfectly safe with me."

"Stiles," Derek insisted. "Kali hates you the most for taking the bracelet."

"No fucking way, you asshole! I´m not staying behind while you play hero and win the day."

"That´s not what this is about."

The pack was barging closer, eyes darting back and forth frenzied between the Alpha and the boy.

"Give it to me," Derek ordered once more.

"No. I deserve to keep it. I´ve got enough bruises to-" Shit! He bit his tongue, but too late.

"You got what?" Derek scowled, pawing for the hem of his shirt.

Hastily Stiles jumped out of reach. He figured that Derek knew the truth anyway. He was never good at lying to someone´s face, least of all the one werewolf he was crushing on.

Derek didn´t chase after him but he sniffed the air, grunting.

Stiles didn´t know if he was trying to scent the bruises on his body; if he really could do that. He flinched anyway.

Derek jerked back sharply like he had been slapped. The other werewolves whined in sympathy.

Stiles groaned, squeezing his eyes shut. "There´s like, zero chance of us pretending that nothing happened to me, is there?"

"No," Derek huffed.

Stiles cracked one eye open, knowing he was screwed. Usually he would find the look on Derek´s face hilarious. The dude looked trapped, frown practically etched in. Stiles opened his mouth twice to say something, feeling the heat spike hotter and hotter between his shoulder blades.

Derek turned to the pack. "Isaac is right. It´s time to do something. Wait for me at the edge of the woods."

Isaac and the girls obeyed at once, though Scott and Peter stayed behind.

"Stiles, maybe Derek is right...?" Scott started, eyes darting to the woods.

Stiles could tell that all he wanted to do was to follow Allison and Isaac. "Now you, too?" He glared at his so-called best friend. "Fuck. Why am I only foreplay material?"

"Our little Stiles," Peter laughed, creepily. "Isn´t he the one with the words?"

"We have no time for more discussions," Derek snarled. "You stay here or I´ll make you stay."

"Mean. Unfair. Ruthless. That´s what you are, no Alpha in any way," Stiles spat at him. "That´s why you´re bonding with Peter. You are like him. You deserve each other."

Derek´s eyebrows shot up. "Peter is family. No need to feel threatened."

"Are you fucking kidding? Me feeling threatened?" Stiles snorted, rolling his eyes. "Who do you think you are?" That´s why you call it sarcasm if you´d rather hurt yourself, right? "Someone I want?"

"No," Derek huffed, teeth gleaming. "You hate me obviously."

"I do hate you. You´re a killer. So you can die in those woods. I don´t care." The knot in his belly tightened, hurting like a biting snake. Ah! Man! "I hope they´ll rip you apart and leave the pieces for every predator to feed on." Holy Crap! What are you doing?

"Say that again." Derek´s eyes turned crimson. Hellfire-like.

"You can..." Derek raced into the woods before Stiles was able to finish.

Scott stared at Stiles like he was some peculiar thing. "Dude...way over the line." Wolfing out he chased after Derek.

"That must have hurt, kiddo," Peter said, frowning upon him as if he was seeing him for the first time. "I´m once more impressed by your unique skill to make things worse. I think you finally pushed him far enough to go for a kill." He shook his head, as if he´d never seen that coming, then he followed his Alpha and the pack, moving in a smooth and sleek way that was unrivaled.

"I don´t care," Stiles screamed after him. "It´s obviously not the first blood he had spilled." He stormed into the house and slammed the door shut. The building shuddered. "I hope the whole fucking dump just crumbles." In a fucking mood to trash whatever was left of this piece of shit he hunted through the house, hitting his bat into walls and steps. "Fucking werewolves!" Once more he entered Derek´s bedroom ready to mess up the neatest room in the house. First he fished the bracelet out of his pocket and smashed it into the lamp right next to the mattress. The innocent victim toppled over and crashed to the floor. Wham! It was a miracle that the light bulb didn´t burst into a million pieces. The window glass was not so lucky. His bat hit the brittle pane full force shattering it. Jagged shards clattered to the ground. Whoa! The damage didn´t kill his anger. Hell no! Next he brushed all the treasured books off the shelf. No. Still not feeling any better. He jumped on the mattress, rolling around in the clean linen, bathing in the jerk´s scent, hating himself. Oh yeah. He was disgusting. Soaked up in self-loathing he discovered one thing that gave him a reason to hate himself for real, turning his world upside down. The shirt that Derek had once worn only briefly in Stiles´s room months ago. The blue and orange striped one. Yeah. There it was, lying in Derek´s bed like some kept treasure that actually belonged here. For a whole minute he gaped at the stupid thing. Gee! He hadn´t even noticed that it had vanished from his drawers. No surprise. The thing was kind of ugly. Why had he even bought it? Why was Derek keeping it? Why was he sleeping with it? Why did nothing make any sense right now?

"...fuck..." His heart burnt like fire. His throat tightened. No, please. No panic attack. Not now. He pressed the shirt to his face and inhaled. That was Derek´s scent, wasn´t it? Derek! The grumpy wolf who was sleeping with a ridiculous shirt that belonged to a ridiculous boy named Stiles Stilinski. Oh, god. The words I have said to him. Oh my God! Derek! What if... what if....the source of Kali´s power came from something else? What if I was wrong? Why did Derek trust me anyway? Why did I let him go? Why didn´t I keep my mouth shut? He leaped up and stumbled to the door.

It was the middle of the night. A full moon was shining. No way he would run into those woods all by himself. Not because of some stupid shirt. Not because of sourwolf. Not because he needed to say how sorry he was.


In record time he was out of the house and into the thick of woodlands. Little Red Riding Hood on the way to scare up the wolf. He cringed. Oh, crap! The irony.

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