Alpha Boy - 4/9

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Sterek
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Adventure, Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Summary: What´s a boy supposed to do with a big scary wolf?
Warnings: M/M, Slash
Feedback: Doesn´t scare me. :)
Released: April 2015
Beta: badly_knitted
Word Count: 4.761

In the morning Stiles was feeling spiritless. Well. That was the price for doing magic circles for hours and then searching the net afterwards, though his constant brooding about Peter´s statement regarding the origin of blue eyes was the main reason for finding no rest. He just couldn´t believe that Derek had killed an innocent. No way. Not an innocent. No matter that Derek was bad-ass and often grumpy he was not a cold-blooded killer. Peter must have lied, right? Peter was playing him. But why? Seriously, why should Peter do that? What was the purpose? Stiles was no threat to him or the pack, was he? Nah.

He rubbed his weary eyes and struggled out of bed. At least his effort in the one matter, namely searching the net, had paid off. Lydia´s suspicion about the bracelet being unique had been right. The thing was ancient Egyptian, a relic that could be the source of Kali´s unexplainable power. That was useful information. The perfect thing to show the Alpha how helpful he was in the plan to save Boyd and Erica. Maybe even essential. He started to print his findings out and rushed to the bathroom. Cleanliness was also essential to keep going. So was breakfast.

"What are you up to lately?" his dad startled him just as he was putting the cleared dishes into the sink.

"Huh? I´m not up to anything." Yeah. Just planning an attack on a dangerous pack. "I´m just hanging with Scott."

"Doing what?"

"Playing Lacrosse. What else?"

"I was driving by the field yesterday. No sign of you or Scott."

Oh shit. He´d deliberately left the Jeep parked outside of school to trick his dad. "Um...yeah...sometimes I help Scott at the animal clinic."

"Uh...uh. Stiles, is there something you wanna tell me?"

He put his hands up, shaking his head. "No, dad." His eyes darted to the door. "I´d love to talk with you but I´m in a hurry."

"Go then. I don´t want you to be late for school." His dad settled in a chair, holding on to his coffee mug. "Maybe we could have dinner together this weekend?" He looked tired and kind of lonely.

"Sure." God. I´m awful. Not that this was his first time lying to his dad but for some reason he was feeling surprisingly bad. The lying had become far too common, that´s why. He was lying to the man who loved and nurtured him every day. Every fucking day. Ah, dad. I´m sorry. I´ll make it up to you.

In front of the classroom he almost ran over Lydia because he didn´t see her. Duh! Lydia nodded shortly at him, she appeared kind of absent herself. Okay. No problem. He could talk to her about the bracelet later. In class Mr. Harris once more picked him out harassing him. No problem either. He simply endured the guy. He got used to him like he got used to many things in life. There were worse things, like thinking that Derek had killed an innocent. Derek Hale. The man he had the hots for could be the same kind of monster as his uncle, though only if Peter had told the truth. He didn´t, did he? Derek isn´t like that. He isn´t bad, just permanently grumpy, right?

His brooding didn´t find rest during break either. In the hallway he almost ran into Elias and Samual, though the two Betas didn´t pay any attention to him. The less muscled Samual was teasing Elias about attending choir practice. "I bet you´ll howl like the leader of the pack. I bet you´ll turn while singing My heart will go on."

"Shut up, jerk face." Elias pushed him against the wall. "Somebody could hear you."

"So?" Samual said, shrugging. "They´d never believe a word I say." The grin on his face faded. "Nobody ever did."

Stiles backed up, shaking his head. What a load of crap. Why should a werewolf bully sing? And why were the two morons going to school anyway? Seriously? They didn´t intend to get a job later, did they? They were on the run, hiding from the pack in Mexico. So why did they pretend to have a normal life? What did they suffer through school for? What did Samual say? Nobody had ever believed that he was a werewolf? Why hadn´t he just shown off by wolfing out?

Troubled with many new questions he went back to class and endured two more hours before the bell ended his own suffering. He rushed home and threw the printed papers in his Jeep. He was ready to roll. Kali would be stumped. Yeah. He would show her. He would trim her claws. He would do anything to help Derek beat her. If Derek is worth all that heartache I´ll find out later. That´s right. I won´t prejudge him. Not again.

Kali and her pack were already there stalking the grounds when his Jeep trundled onto the Hale property. No time left to tell the pack about his findings. Crap! He jumped out of the car and dashed forward.

Elias was just hurling a piece of cloth at Derek´s feet.

Derek and his wolf brothers bared their teeth. Horror-stricken Stiles realized the reason for the excitement. The torn thing had once been a shirt. Now it was ripped and bloodied. Oh Crap! Maybe Erica and Boyd were already dead if one of them had been bleeding that much.

Isaak took a flying leap at Elias but Derek roared him back in line. "Stand down!" Derek didn´t move an inch from his position, only his eyes were blazing fiery red. "I don´t know how this is helpful in any way, Kali."

"Give in to my request or they´ll die on the next full moon," Kali said, standing her ground, too. Elias moved to her side.

"Set them free or we´ll fight till death," Derek countered, coarsely.

Stiles sidled over to his friends and settled right next to Derek. He ignored Peter´s gleeful expression as well as Isaac´s scowl. Allison and Lydia didn´t react to his arrival. Allison held her bow at the ready, expression agitated as if she couldn´t wait for an outburst. Lydia kept in the shadow of Peter, touching his elbow as if she was looking for guidance.

A few withered leaves were dancing in the bright sunlight. Yup. Nature didn´t care about earthly idiocy, neither human nor lupine.

"With what pack, may I ask," Kali sneered, clawing her toes into the earth.

Stiles´s attention was drawn to the bracelet around her ankle, shimmering cryptically. I have to get that off her. I need an idea, something foolproof which doesn´t get me killed right away. Right. He bit his lip to suppress a hysterical laugh tickling in his throat.

"My pack is way more powerful than you think. Don´t underestimate them because they´re an alliance of wolves and humans," Derek said, greeting Stiles with a belated nod. "Don´t make the same mistake as many before."

"Don´t wait for Alpha boy to do the trick," Kali snorted. "That will only get your Betas killed."

"I´m not the trickster here," Stiles chipped in. "You´re the ones scheming."

"Are we?" Elias fired back. "Does your Alpha know where you´re going every night? Does he know who you kiss? Does he know what you´re up to?"

Derek jerked his head at Stiles, expression raw and open.

Um...fuck... Stiles met the Alpha´s gaze, slightly distressed. "I-"

Elias made use of the distraction and dashed forward, eyes flashing golden. But Peter was alert and jumped in front of his Alpha and Stiles, teeth and claws reeled-out.

Kali hauled Elias backwards. "No. Not yet. We´ll come back tomorrow." Slowly she turned around, implying her superiority and fearlessness. Not until the edge of the woods did she and her pack start sprinting.

The image of Kali and Elias´s shapes merging into one made Stiles furious. "No way that the bastard didn´t kill anyone innocent so far," he hissed at Scott. His best friend was busy picking up the bloody cloth, sniffing at it. Stiles realized that Scott didn´t even know what he was talking about. Scott hadn´t been present at Peter´s revelation. Oops!

"His eyes are yellow, so he hasn´t. It´s as simple as that," Derek said, and confirmed what Peter had implied in a voice dripping with regret.

So, who have you killed? For god´s sake! What have you done, Derek? I don´t know you at all. "Not too badly done, Alpha. I´m surprised by your diplomatic skills," Stiles mocked Derek to underplay his serious concern. No. That bitch couldn´t let that magic boy business go, could she? And Elias was even worse with his innuendos.

"Watch the area," Derek said to Peter, Isaac and the girls. The four spread out in different directions, though in couples. Better safe than sorry.

Derek seized Stiles by the neck, the tip of his claws pinching into the skin.

"Whoa! I finally get you," Stiles blustered, yet he didn´t pull away. "This is you showing affection."

"What are you up to?" Derek breathed into his face. "What did he mean?"

"Nothing so far, but I could, you know. Kali doesn´t see me as a threat. I could help more than searching the net. I could-"

"No. Not you. Not a human," Derek turned him down. His grumpy face turned even grumpier. "That´s an order."

"Hey! You just said we´re pack," Stiles barked back, noticing Derek´s grey shirt. What happened to eternal black, Alpha boss? Are you having a fit of madness? Are you pawing for a bit of light?

"I was talking about Allison. Not you. She has skills."

"Fuck you."

"Is that an offer?" Derek dead-panned, letting go of him.

"In your dreams."

"Are you sure we´re talking about my dreams?"

"What?" Stiles grimaced, rubbing his neck. Why for god´s sake was he turned on by this? "What´s that supposed to mean?" Why was he such a mess of emotions being touched by this asshole? Derek can never know. Oh, please. I can´t even...

"Figure it out, stupido."

"Damn you, failwolf. You can´t tell me what to do."

"I can." Derek´s stoic expression faltered one tiny bit. "I am the Alpha."

"You know what? I´m sick of you and your crap." The guy was such a downer. No wonder he got cranky himself. No wonder he was behaving stupid. No way I´m telling him about the bracelet now. No fucking way. Stiles grabbed Derek by the hips and shoved him against the porch railing. He was so riled up he didn´t even mind Scott who was gaping like a lunatic.

"What are you-" Derek was able to splutter before Stiles smashed his lips against Derek´s, kissing him hard, a bit sloppy maybe, but still pretty possessive. For a few seconds Derek stood still, frozen, but then he kissed back with a ferocity that was... was... oh...oh wow. His plan to be in control went down the drain. Okay. Quickly Stiles broke away, catching his breath. God. Play it cool. Come on. You can do this. He dared to glare at Derek and noticed astonished that Derek appeared pretty flustered. His eyes were glazed over, his lips were shining wet and his bunny teeth were showing. He looked perfectly blindsided. Stiles felt the urge to close that mouth with another kiss, one that lasted at least... No. Don´t give him the satisfaction. He squared his shoulders. "Can you just trust me this once?" He bolted to his Jeep, arms flailing. He had every right to kiss Derek. The Alpha had kissed him, too, right? Not even asking for permission. So, he was more than entitled to do the same. Oh God. He had kissed Derek. He had kissed him right in front of Scott. Oh God. He had kissed the Alpha. He was fucking crazy. He drove off with haste, hearing his name echoing through the trees. He didn´t stop. His phone started ringing, playing Blue Moon like the thing was mocking him. Okay. That he had chosen that ringtone was his own fault. So was falling for Derek. Right. He couldn´t blame that at anyone but himself. Stupid. Stupid. Stupid. He should smash his head into the wheel himself.

So. Pretty mad he arrived at the animal clinic to continue his training. He needed to calm down. He needed something to keep busy. He tried to kindle the needed spark with Scott in mind. He didn´t want to think about Derek. He needed to prove that he could do magic without Derek. Yeah. Guess what happened? He failed. Deaton remained insufferably patient with him, though Stiles was spreading mountain ash all over the place, not able to do one complete circle. In the end he felt hollow.

"You need an outlet, something to calm you down," Deaton said, instead of criticizing him.

Duh! "Maybe I should start singing like Kali´s fair-haired boy," he said, disgruntled.

"Maybe you should," Deaton accepted his suggestion. "Whatever helps you to relax and focus."

"That was a joke."

"Not a good one considering it´s true."

"You can´t be serious?" Stiles stared at him. "Oh my god, you are." He eyed his mentor warily. "How can you possibly know about that?"

"I have my sources," Deaton said with the patience of a wise man. Or a lunatic. Was there even a difference? Stiles clenched his fists. Sometimes the guy´s personal quirks were just fucking annoying. Couldn´t he give a straight answer for once? Why did he have to be an enigma every damn second? "I´m going home."

"I agree. You should rest."

Ha! He didn´t need rest. He needed to do something. He needed to prove Derek wrong. He needed to prove to Derek that he was as worthy as Scott, or at least Allison. Yes. He would show the Alpha jerk what he was made of. He would present him Kali´s pack on a silver plate. Derek would apologize for being such an ass. Yeah, right. His anger didn´t hold him back from having the most vivid jerking off fantasies. His anger didn´t make him less horny for the werewolf´s ass. God, he was such an idiot.

He switched his phone back on. Five messages from Scott. Oh, really? He dialed. "What? What does he want?" he snapped at a guileless Scott.

"Uh...nothing, I just wanted to check on you."

"I´m fine."

"Yeah, I can hear that. Derek..."

"...can go to hell."

"Maybe he´s already there," Scott grumbled. "The last two hours he was stomping around like the big, bad wolf. Training was torture." He laughed.

"Is this funny to you?"

"No. I mean, maybe just a little bit. Both of you are."

"What´s your point?"

"You and Derek are acting like a couple who´ve broken up."

"Ha!" Stiles huffed, unamused. "We´re no couple."

"But you act like one."

"I have no feelings whatsoever for that complete ass."

"Okay. Got it," Scott said in a soothing tone. "No reason to get so angry."

"Fine," Stiles agreed, more humble. He shouldn´t be mad at Scott. He wasn´t the werewolf he felt the urge

"Just a second," Scott said. And then Stiles heard him murmur in the background. Who was he talking to? His mom? Allison? Derek? Was Scott talking about him? That he was pathetic? That he lost it?

"You want me to come over?" Scott resumed their chat abruptly. "We could play some games."


"Will you come to the pack meeting tomorrow?"



"He doesn´t want me there. He said I´m useless. So be it. I´m not coming."

"Derek never said you´re useless," Scott said, giving a hearty sigh.

A very profound sound for a guy like Scott, Stiles noted, slightly alert. "How´s it going with Allison?"


"Mm," he scoffed, disbelieving. "Don´t you dare let Isaac beat you, you hear me? He sucks."

"Uh...uh..." Scott said, coughing awkwardly. "I think we have bigger problems on our hands."

"Not me," he lied, and hung up. Kind of rude, but Scott was right. There were bigger problems he had to take care of. He showered and got dressed. He drove to the school. Since Deaton had confirmed that Samual hadn´t been joking about Elias attending choir practice the plan had taken shape. He would waylay the singing werewolf bully coming out of class. He snorted. He just couldn´t believe that Kali let Elias do such a girlish thing. That didn´t get in line with her harsh leadership. That didn´t feel right considering everything he had learned about her so far.

The first baffling sight, though was not Elias, but Allison and Isaac, sitting on a bench, talking. Oh crap. No wonder Scott didn´t want to talk about her or Isaac. He must be devastated. Stiles should have let him come over and play some games. Probably Scott was home right now, sulking. Oh. How about that! He was not. Stiles´s mouth dropped open. His best friend just joined the couple in what you could only call high spirits. Ugh...Scott and Isaac were even touching each other. Allison on the other hand was glowing like she had won the top prize. What the hell? Why is Scott meeting Isaac and not telling me? What is he up to? Why is he lying to me? Now he just needed Lydia and Peter walking down the street, holding hands, and disaster would be waiting to crush him. He shook his head to get rid of that nasty image. Okay. Not that I´m telling anyone what I´m up to but still... what is going on, Scott? Since when do you keep secrets from me? Seriously! Shut up!

He was so distracted by his friends cheering for each other that he almost missed Elias walking out of school. Luckily the Beta slammed the doors before he strutted across the parking lot. Stiles ducked behind some cars, forgetting about the odd threesome. Elias headed for the woods right away. Keeping a reasonable distance Stiles followed him. He didn´t want the werewolf to scent or hear him. He got lucky. Elias started singing as soon as he entered the woods, which made it easy to keep up without the risk of being caught.

"I've got to get to you first before they do.
It's just a question of time before they lay their hands on you.
And make you just like the rest.
I've got to get to you first it's just a question of time.
Well now you're only fifteen and you look good.
I'll take you under my wing somebody should..."

Against his will Stiles felt enchanted by the song and Elias´s way of performing. Such a talent. How did he end up with a woman like Kali? How could he waste that beautiful voice? What had she done to win him over? What was it about werewolves? Were they irresistible? Was there no chance to say no to them? Rats! He almost stumbled over a damn root. Gee! Focus!

"It's just a question of time
It should be better with you
It's just a question of time
It should be better..."

The sun was setting when they reached a small pond hidden behind an area of bushes. There Kali was waiting, prowling the shores. "She lost the damn thing again," she started complaining instead of a greeting. "Why does she always lose her stuff?"

Elias stopped singing. "You do, too."

"I do not." She growled at him.

"Do too." His teeth came out. "The Alpha of fail."

Stiles winced. Those words....

"Shut up."

"Make me."

She jumped him, though without any claws extended. Elias blocked her attack and tackled her. They both fell to the ground with Elias ending up on top. She showed her teeth but didn´t make a serious move to get him off of her.

"Do you like that, Alpha bitch?" Elias snarled. "Do you?" He bit down on her neck. Kali roared. "I thought so." Elias pulled her top off and buried his face between her breasts. Kali´s roar softened into a purr. "You want me, huh? You want me to fuck you," Elias chaffed. In a hurry he pulled his pants down and then, then he rutted against her.

Oops! Stiles moved behind a tree. Okay. Kali and her fifteen year old Beta were a lot more intimate than having shared a few licks and kisses. Not that Elias looked his age, he was all tall and muscled. Still Kali could have ripped him apart any time. Stiles was stunned about the way she let Elias talk to her and treat her. The Alpha submitted almost naturally. Stiles tried to blank out the lustful grunts and groans. Hey. Am I jealous? Am I turned on by my worst enemies? Am I really that desperate, huh? He pressed his face against the mossy tree. Oh god, oh-

Kali screamed.

Stiles lost his footing and stepped on something weirdly fluffy. What the hell? He picked the thing up. A stuffed wolf. What? How did such a thing end up here? What was a toy doing in the middle of the woods? What´s going on?

He heard splashing. He peeked around the tree. Kali and Elias were done. The loving couple were taking a swim in the pond. Elias soaked Kali with a gush of water. She laughed. The Beta sniggered and sounded suddenly very much his age.

Holy God! Stiles couldn´t believe that those two were the same people who threatened to kill Boyd and Erica. He shoved the little wolf down his pants and sneaked through the bushes.

There. The one thing that was baiting him to come out of hiding. The bracelet, lying forgotten on the moist earth. So careless, Alpha bitch. He crept up to the prize he needed to win the game, and maybe the Alpha´s trust. He didn´t glance at Kali´s nakedness under the moonlight. He didn´t care. Okay. Maybe he checked out Elias a little bit. No. Not his type. He preferred them darker, broodier. For God´s sake! Focus!

"Rae will be upset," Kali said, sounding miserable.

"I´ll find the thing." Elias spooned her from behind, placing playful kisses on her neck. "Trust me."

"Okay," Kali sniffed, leaning into him.

Do whatever you want. Just don´t look over here. Stiles snatched the bracelet and sneaked back through the bushes. Not before he had returned under the cover of the trees did he dare to exhale. He had hoped they would lead him to Boyd and Erica, but this was even better. This was the thing he had never hoped to get his hands on. This was the chance to beat them. He inspected the bracelet more closely. Red and blue jewels intertwined with golden jackals. One outstanding charm. The letter R. Mmh? That could be an important clue. Where did she get the gem anyway? Had she stolen it from her father after she had killed him? He shuddered. How could she even do that? Kill her own dad. She must be evil. Yeah? Why did she turn so cuddly with a boy at least five years younger than her then? Why did she let him control her? Why did she let him sing? Why did she-

-shot out of the bushes. "I knew I scented something foul."

Fuck! Stiles shoved the bracelet into his pocket.

"Isn´t this the one who can do magic?" Kali hurled him into the next tree. "The Alpha´s favorite."

"Not even close," Stiles spat, holding his throbbing head.

"Don´t lie. I can smell he already marked you." Kali stood butt-naked in front of him, while pearls of water were running down her ebony skin.

What? No. Derek didn´t, did he? Stiles chewed that over. That was only a kiss. A kiss that was more a threat thanů

Kali smirked. "What are you doing here?"

"Taking a hike."

"Cheeky." She slammed his head into the tree once more.


"Cut the macho crap."

"Not macho." Stiles clenched his teeth. "Never was."

"Elias rushed off to get the others. Hale will crumble and give in now that we have you as a hostage."

"Yeah, right!" He was more worried for the bracelet than his own safety. She couldn´t find it. He needed to bring that thing to Derek and the pack. "Good luck with that." Secretly he wriggled his hand into his pocket, fishing for leftovers, and took a few steps back. He needed to do this. Now that he´d got his hands on the key to success he was bound and determined to defend his prize no matter what.

"There´s no escape. I´m faster-"

"Doesn´t matter. I´m magic." Okay. Now! He threw a handful of ash into the air. You can do this. Derek needs you. The pack needs you. Boyd and Erica can´t die. Trust in yourself. You. Can. Do. This. You can! The stuff floated briefly above him and then came down in a perfect circle entrapping her. Duh! Nobody was as surprised as he that he really did it. "Yes!" He pumped his fist into the air.

Kali roared and wolfed out, pushing against the invisible boundary. In vain. The circle bore up against her power like she had turned into a weak, little girl.

"I told you I can do magic," Stiles crowed. "See ya." He sprinted away. He prayed she couldn´t break the circle. He knew she would certainly kill him now that he had humiliated her. He heard her howl. She called for the others. He started running. He hoped that Elias and the others weren´t too close. Their camp must be nearby. What would they do to him if they caught him? Would they rip him apart? Would they send the pieces to Derek to make a point? Would they bury his body in a forsaken grave in the woods? Would they make him disappear so that nobody would ever find him? Christ! Would you stop thinking up crap like that?

He fumbled his phone out and called Scott. "Hey. I found something. I´ll be at your house in twenty minutes."

"What?" Scott mumbled, his voice low and sleepy. "Uh...that would be pointless. I´m not home."

"Fine. I hope you´re having fun with your new friends." He hung up. He didn´t need Scott. He was favored by Derek already because he was a werewolf. He didn´t need Scott taking his advantage and turning it into his own, or worse, telling Isaac. Though he was hurting, he was bursting with pride, too. He had tricked Kali. He had showed the bitch. Yes. His head was feeling a little fuzzy but not too bad. He had done good. His finding would help Derek to beat Kali. He would stun the Alpha with the unexpected capture. Derek would be forced to make amends to him. Yeah. A burning spark lit up his heart and he pushed himself to a record-breaking speed, ignoring his constantly ringing phone. Blue Moon you saw me standing alone....

He reached the school and his Jeep with a stitch in his side. So what? He had succeeded. He was the man. The ride back to his house was a different kind of ordeal. He was just so damn horny, and the little wolf in his pants rubbing constantly against his sensitive cock wasn´t helping to change that. Jeez! I´m not magic. I´m sick. He barely made it home where he rushed into the shower jerking off, exhilarated. Naturally Derek was on his mind. In bed he jerked off a second time, and enjoying the afterglow he panted Derek´s name a few times. He just couldn´t stop. Holy fuck! He was in so much trouble. He was such a mess. Derek would have a field day knowing ... a tiny, raspy noise, sounding like someone was choking made him stop abusing Derek´s name. "Who´s there? God dammit, Scott." He switched the light on. Nobody. He was alone in the room. He shivered. How stupid of him to leave the window open. The nights were already too cold. Naked he walked over and closed it. Strange. He could have sworn he had closed the damn thing before he had started his second round. Well. He wasn´t thinking too clearly then. He could be wrong.

He slipped under the blanket and reached for the stuffed wolf. Snuggling the fluffy substitute he closed his eyes to get some rest at last. Who´s afraid of the big, bad wolf? Not me. Not me. Because I´d like to be eaten.

Holy God! He snorted with laughter. I´m not sick. I´m mental.

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