Alpha Boy - 3/9

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Sterek
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Romance, Humor, Adventure
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Summary: What´s a boy supposed to do with a big scary wolf?
Warnings: M/M, Slash
Feedback: Doesn´t scare me. :)
Released: February 2015
Beta: badly_knitted
Word Count: 3.311

"So?" Scott nudged Stiles´s shoulder.


"You kissed a girl."

"I did, didn´t I?" He grimaced. The truth was Heather had kissed him. She had jumped him out of the blue.

"How was it?"

"Good." No, not really. He had expected his first kiss to be different. He hadn´t expected to be disappointed. He had expected more...

"Not great?"

... heat, passion, desire. "Sure. Yes. Great." He nodded, faking happiness. Reality was a bitch.

"You don´t look happy, though..."

"How can I be happy with all the crap going on with...the pack...and D-" He swallowed hard. Shut up!

Scott´s eyes narrowed. "What?"

Stiles waved him off. "Not important." No. Not important that he was hot for Mr. Big Bad I am not talking to you Wolf. Not important that when he jerked off he was always thinking about Derek instead of a girl. Not important that his life sucked big time. Not important he would prefer to get sucked himself instead. Oh God. Stop this. Fucking stop. He felt extremely sulky today. Well, he had slept badly. "I´m not into Heather, okay? I turned her down." Once again his favorite pillow hadn´t done the trick.

"Okay. Got it." Scott patted his shoulder. "We have bigger problems on our hands anyway. The most feared of them all is waiting to ride our asses. Coach Finstock." They both laughed about Scott´s silly joke.

Lacrosse training started with a shock. The coach introduced a new boy joining the team. His name was Elias. Kali´s second. The moron.

Elias winked at them like they were old friends. His eyes flashed briefly in brilliant gold. The injury on his cheek was still roughly jagged. Elias seized the Lacrosse stick like he´d never done anything other than play the game.

"He looks very young," Scott said in a low voice. "Not even sixteen. And the way Kali treats him-"

"So? He´s bad news." How bad Stiles could watch in the next hour. Elias owned the field. He scored like a winner, and kept the goal clean like he was born for that also. A real talent.

"I don´t even see him using his werewolf powers," Stiles foamed, exhausted from his own failures.

"That´s because he isn´t," Scott said, out of breath himself. He had lost a lot of points in the last hour and only scored once. "He´s that good just being human."

Duh! "Insufferable asshole," Stiles gritted through his teeth.

Elias turned his head in their direction. He smirked.

"I think he heard you," Scott said.

"So?" Stiles pounded his stick into the ground. "I don´t care."

"We should tell Derek."

"Okay." Stiles didn´t want to think about his next confrontation with Derek. Not now heading to the showers. Ah. Don´t. Don´t even... He fell back on purpose, fumbling with his shoelaces, until the coach spotted him.

"Stilinski! Move your ass! Before I let you run a few extra laps."

He jerked up and staggered to the dressing rooms. He appeared in the shower just in time to see Scott leave. Good. He wanted to be alone. He turned the water cold and showered quickly. In the locker room he dried himself roughly. He just had slipped into his boxers when he heard a female voice. What the fuck? He peeked around the corner.

Kali. Sneaking up to Elias.

Stiles held his breath. He expected more violence, more punishment, but what he witnessed was a different kind of disturbing. Kali seized Elias from behind and pulled him into her. Elias didn´t flinch but showed the same creepy smile as his Alpha. Kali...oh...Stiles gaped... licked the cheek she had torn open yesterday, licked the raw edges with a tenderness that Stiles couldn´t take his eyes away from. Elias growled with pleasure. Stiles´s mouth turned dry. He licked his lips.

"Is she okay?" Kali asked.

"Yeah," the boy murmured. "Samual is with her. The cough is a bit better."

"My golden boy." She snuggled her Beta like an average girl meeting with her lover.

Wait! What? Seriously. What! He moved backwards. He had to get out of here. Right now! He had to-

Kali turned her head. "Jealous? Does Hale not take good enough care of you?"

Shocked by what she implied Stiles said the stupidest thing. "Sure he does. All the time."

"Mm, right," Kali said, smacking her lips.

Stiles fled. He grabbed his clothes and hurried outside, half-naked.

Scott goggled. "What?"

"I thought you´d leave without me," he explained, slipping into his shirt. His hair was still damp.

"I think you can´t wait to tell Derek."

"Shut up." No, he wouldn´t tell Scott about the incident. Now more than ever. What Kali and Elias did to each other had nothing to do with saving Boyd and Erica.

When they arrived at the Hale house Stiles felt hot and messy, no matter he had recently showered. His skin was itching and his dank boxers stuck uncomfortable to his dick. Oh, great. Not that every werewolf couldn´t smell that.

Derek stood on the porch. His eyes flashed briefly, as if he´d scented a threat.

Stiles turned around to look at the woods. Nothing. He squared his shoulders. Okay. I can do this. I can be calm. I can look at him and stay calm. Yeah. Good plan. He was totally keyed-up. Not calm at all.

Peter appeared beside Derek. He looked pretty satisfied with himself. Derek looked not in the slightest concerned by his uncle´s presence.

Jesus! Not long ago Derek had slashed his throat and killed him. "How sweet. Already bonding, huh?" Stiles burst out. His sudden and unexpected anger overbalanced his awkwardness.

"Not your concern," Derek snapped back. His nostrils flared, he leaned closer, sniffing at Stiles as if he smelled something nasty.

"Sure. Alpha," Stiles goaded him, passing by.

Derek slapped the back of his head. "Quiet!"

"Ow!" Stiles squealed, a little too loud maybe, rubbing the affected area.

"Kids!" Peter chuckled.

"Fuck you," Stiles murmured, and strolled into the house. Furious he kicked a root growing through the damaged floor. "Ouch!" Stupid! Yeah, he hurt himself more than Derek behaving like this. Crap! He shouldn´t get riled up like this. Yeah, though he always did. Derek was the one person able to annoy the heck out of him. Why that was he would probably never figure out. He scratched his itching thigh. God, he shouldn´t have dried up so hastily. The itch spread further upwards....

Derek marched in. His eyes flickered to Stiles´s hand, scratching. "What are you doing?" He grabbed Stiles´s arm, stopping his actions.

Stiles shoved him. "Piss off!" Well. Not that clever but he´d been on edge for days.

Derek didn´t push back but dragged him along to the back of the room.

Surprise. Stiles hit a wall. He bit his lip. "AH! God damn it, you bully! That hurt." He tasted blood. "Holy Crap! What´s wrong with you?"

"Sorry," Derek murmured, kind of bashful. He closed in and pressed his lips against Stiles´s ear. "I didn´t mean to. You don´t smell like you... I need to..."

"W-what?" His mouth dropped open. "What do you mean?" A drop of blood trickled down his chin, but he didn´t care, because now Derek breathed along his jawline, licking away every speck of blood, making him feel perfectly insecure. "D-Derek?"

"My house, my rules, okay?" Derek said, moving his lips along the edges of Stiles´s mouth, pressing against the bottom lip, nipping tenderly at the open wound. "Stop provoking me."

"I...didn´" Stiles melted against him, feeling the hard muscles underneath the flimsy shirt, black, of course it was black, the strength that could kill him in a split second, and the heat consuming everything within a radius of a mile. Despite his supernatural strength Derek turned out to be a tease of licks and light touches, on the lips, behind the ears, along the jawline. Stiles groaned, desperate for a real kiss "For God´s sake. Derek."

"I´m the Alpha."

"Not mi-" Just now the jerk kissed him for real. A lingering and searing conquest of lips and teeth and tongue...Oh my God! He grabbed Derek by the hair and pulled him closer. Fervently he kissed back, submitting...

For an eternity it seemed Derek was sucking at Stiles´s tongue, mm, yeah, oh god, yeah, making him pour out the most ridiculous sounds but then Derek startled backwards, and was gone a second later. That ass! Stiles remained stuck to the wall, breathing harshly. He jumped when Scott walked through the door. "Hey, you forgot your keys."

"Thanks." He stumbled over to Scott and grabbed them with trembling fingers. Shit!

"Did you tell Derek about Elias?"

"No. I forgot." No shit! I almost forgot my own name.

"What were you talking about then?" Scott sniffed the air. "Is there something going on between you and Derek I should know about?"

"What? NO!" Stiles ears burnt. "Between me and Derek? Are you kidding?"

"I don´t know. Am I?" Scott put him to the test. "You tell me. You certainly smell weird."

" not right to use your werewolf senses on me." He played with his keys to keep his hands busy. "Stop."

"Good advice you should maybe take yourself."

"I don´t know-"

"You do know."

He rubbed over his face. "Shouldn´t you rather worry about Allison falling for Isaac?"

"Yeah, maybe, though I understand the attraction. Isaac has a quirky sense of humor, is loyal and as tall as a..."

Stiles burst out laughing. "Seriously? Are you jealous of her or him?"

"That´s not what I meant." Scott´s cheeks turned pink. "Let´s order some pizza. I think we´ll be here for some time."

"Perfect. I´m starving." Oh yes, I am. Not for food, though.

Shortly after, the whole pack was gathered around a crooked thing which you could barely call a table sharing pizza. Stiles tried not to look at Derek at all. He also tried to ignore Peter who was sitting provokingly close to Lydia. The red head didn´t appear fearful, though. She even smiled off and on about the banter between Allison and Isaac. Obviously she didn´t mind that her best friend was falling for another werewolf.

"Did you find anything else useful about the pack, Stiles?" Derek opened the session.

Stiles almost choked on the slice of pizza he just shoved into his mouth. He coughed. "N-not much. Elias and Samual, the two younger ones of the pack were bitten and turned by Kali. Elias only a few days after she had killed her father."

Derek nodded. "So, they´re both most loyal to Kali. Anything else?"

Yo, man. Elias is definitely loyal. "Elias is on our Lacrosse team. He´s good." Oops! He didn´t intend to say it like that. He almost sounded jealous.

"He´s just trying to make you feel insecure. It´s best to ignore him. Don´t take him on by yourself," Derek said, looking at Stiles only.

Hey. Scott is in Lacrosse, too. "Kali´s pack turned powerful surprisingly fast. Nobody knows how but I´m willing to find out."

"We don´t have time."

"I know, okay? Sorry, I can´t do magic."

"Not very Alpha, is it?"

"Not my fault Kali´s delusional," Stiles muttered heatedly. God, why did I make that stupid joke? Why do I always make things worse? "I could spy on Elias, find out more."

"No. Not you. It´s too dangerous," Derek turned him down.

Stiles just wanted to start a discussion when Peter interfered. "I don´t know. Stiles might be right. Something is unusual about Kali. She is very young, yes, and yet she appears much more mature than she looks. I also think she hides something apart from wanting the power. Elias is peculiar, too. That he has yellow eyes is particularly strange."

"So what? Why´s that even important?" Stiles said.

"I expected blue eyes the way he acts," Peter said.

"Blue eyes, yellow eyes, what does that even mean?" Stiles snapped, fed up with their secrecy.

"That doesn´t concern you," Derek grumbled. He glared at Peter then.

Of course. I´m only the errand-boy. Just keep me at arm´s length. He turned to Scott to ask if he knew anything about the color thing, but Scott was busy watching Isaac and Allison.

The newly-made friends just shared the last slice of pizza, and giggled over some private joke. What the hell? Stiles shook his head in disbelief.

"They were enemies," Scott murmured. "Not long ago she stabbed him multiple times."

"Well, he´s a werewolf. She´s a hunter. Where have I heard that story before?"

"Not funny, Stiles," Scott said, and hung his head.

Oh, come on. Be a man, Scott. Be a werewolf. "Okay. Maybe you should let her know that you still want her." He paused. "Or him."

"Drop that," Scott muttered, though his cheeks reddened once more.

"I will if you go over there and show Isaac who is the better wolf," Stiles pushed him hard.

"Okay. Okay." Scott scudded over to the couple.

Stiles pumped his fist into the air. Check! Now what? He noticed that Derek had disappeared from the room, as well as Peter and Lydia. Shit. He had to find her. He couldn´t leave her alone with Peter. Who knew what else the creep would do to her. He rushed outside on the porch. The stars were blinking. The moon was three quarters full. The air smelled heavenly fresh and green. A beautiful night for a creep to make a move.

"Lydia´s not here."

Derek! Of course he must bump into Derek of all wolves. "Where is she?"

"Upstairs. Peter´s showing her around."

"Are you fucking kidding me? She doesn´t like the guy."

"Well, there´s a thin line between love and hate, isn´t there?" Derek tilted his head. His eyes were hidden in the shadows.

Stiles gulped. Say something. Say anything. God! Why is he so...

"Don´t you think so?"

"No," he croaked. "I think you either love someone or hate him. No thin line whatsoever."

"Is that right?"

"Yeah." He heard laughter from inside. Allison. At least she was having some kind of fun. "What about your eyes?" he choked out.

"What about them?"

"They once were blue. Peter´s eyes are blue as are Jackson´s. Scott´s are yellow."

"So? Why do you care?"

Are you kidding? "I always cared. You just didn´t notice."

"Didn´t I?" Derek moved forward and crowded him against the porch railing. "Right now I notice you´re bleeding."

"Am I?" Stiles touched his lip, fingers trembling. Once again Derek was in his personal space. Once again he did nothing to hold the wolf at bay. No wonder Derek had no respect or boundaries concerning him.

Derek´s green eyes were on fire. He reached out and thumbed the edge of Stiles´s lip. "I should heal that pouty curve back to perfect, m-m..." He paused, and then... he grinned, teeth suddenly wolfish.

Stiles gawked like a deer trapped by the predator.

Derek drew his thumb back and licked the tip.

Actually he´s sucking it. Stiles couldn´t tear his eyes away nor could he move. The sight of Derek caressing his thumb left him petrified.

"...but not yet," Derek finished with a wet plop. Casually he moved his hand lower, and tugged Stiles´s hoodie in order. "Don´t go into the woods alone." He jumped off the porch.

Stiles watched him strolling towards the darkness until he was swallowed up, still gawking. What did he say? He couldn´t mean that, right? Derek didn´t mean to heal his lip with a kiss. He just misunderstood.

"Boy, you´re so oblivious," Peter said from behind him.

Stiles was proud that he didn´t even flinch before he turned around to face him. "Yeah? Why´s that?"

Peter smirked. "No way I´m telling you. I´m not that crazy."

"Why are your eyes blue?"

"I took an innocent life," Peter said, not gloating anymore. No, the creep was looking dead serious.

Now he flinched. "What?" That can´t be. That means that Derek... Derek...

Lydia teetered on the porch. "Stiles, can you give me a ride home? Allison is kind of busy."

"S-Sure," he stuttered, still aghast by Peter´s blunt confession.

Lydia nodded curtly at Peter. "Thank you for... telling me."

"Anytime," Peter said, with blue eyes cold but soft.

Stiles was glad to get away from those eyes. He was also more than eager to leave Derek´s house before he ran into the Alpha again. He couldn´t face him right now. Not with the knowledge of what Derek had done. Hey. You can´t be sure. Peter could have lied. You can´t believe a word the creep says. Right. Not a fucking word.

"Did you notice the unique bracelet that bitch Kali wears?" Lydia interrupted his struggle.

"Not particularly. Why?"

"I´ve never seen anything like it before. And I thought I´m well versed in jewelry."

True. Lydia was a lot into that kind of stuff. If anyone was an expert among them on that subject it was her, though she was asking him to do what he was best at. "Okay. I´ll look into it. If that´s what you want." He grabbed the wheel tighter. "Is there something else you wanna tell me?"

"No. Why?" Her face closed off and she turned away.

Okay. Fine.

After having dropped Lydia off he paid Deaton another visit. He had to keep practicing. He needed to get better, so he wasn´t the most useless in this fight.

"All that to help Derek," Deaton said in the middle of the exhausting session. "I´m surprised."

"I´m doing it to save Erica and Boyd," Stiles huffed, sweating through layers of ash sticking to his skin. He coughed. The damn stuff also gummed up his air ways.

"Right." Deaton swished heaps of ash off the table. "That´s why you don´t succeed. You think too much about them. Shut them out of your mind. You need to focus on the spark."

"Why don´t you like Derek?"

"Who says I don´t?" The vet turned his back on him, and rummaged through the bottles on the shelf. His shoulders actually tensed one little bit.

It´s obvious, man. Stiles wriggled his fingers to loosen them up.

"Derek reminds me too much of his father," Deaton confided to the shelves. "He´s got a lot of issues and a hot temper. He´s difficult to train or to give advice. Talia was way more in control of her emotions."

"Like you," Stiles stated, slightly amused. Yeah. Well. Derek certainly owned all those flaws.

Deaton turned back to him. "Well spotted, though I admit that always being in control is not a lot of fun."

"Derek´s not a total failure, though," Stiles said, and grimaced because he was defending Derek. "Neither was his father, right? Talia wouldn´t have chosen him otherwise."

"He had his virtues," Deaton agreed, unscrewing another jar. "Focus now."

Stiles opened his hand. Deaton tipped the jar over. The ash trickled onto Stiles´s palm. He closed his eyes. No, Derek was not all bad. He had his virtues, too. He was brave. He was strong. He was intense. Derek let him lose control. That was good. Derek wanted to save Boyd and Erica. That was honorable. Derek asked for help. That was admirable. Yes. He wanted to help Derek. Nothing was more important than showing the Alpha that he could count on him. He wanted Derek to succeed. He wanted Derek to trust him. He wanted Derek. Oh man!

"See. You can do it."

Stiles opened his eyes, and found Deaton standing in a perfect circle of mountain ash. Oh. "...oh my God. It worked. Oh, this is– I did it."

"You focused on what matters. That´s how you did it. That´s how you´ll succeed in the future, always, if you can hold on to that spark."

Stiles felt like he was glowing. "Yeah. Okay. I want to. I really, really do."

For the first time he believed he could actually do magic.

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