Alpha Boy - 2/9

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Sterek
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Adventure, Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Summary: What´s a boy supposed to do with a big scary wolf?
Warnings: M/M, Slash
Feedback: Doesn´t scare me. :)
Released: January 2015
Beta: badly_knitted
Word Count: 3.006

"Stiles! Stay focused!" Derek barked, pushing him down.

Stiles landed on his ass, glaring at the Alpha. Why did Derek single him out? None of the others mentioned the fact that the only one who was allowed to take on Stiles in training was Derek. Naturally he did badly against the Alpha. Yeah, well, he was kind of distracted by Derek looking gorgeous. He liked the well-groomed beard Derek had grown over the summer, and the black, tight shirt which underlined Derek´s muscles. So, even though he had built up a few more muscles of his own, Stiles had no chance of winning a fight against the wolf. Nah. Not a chance. Still he enjoyed being pawed and wrestled and pushed around. Yeah, he just regretted he hadn´t brought his baseball bat to defend himself. So what? Wouldn´t have mattered anyway.

He scrambled to his knees. His pants were ripped. His shirt was dirty. One of his favorite shirts. The one with the target. Yeah. That one. Did Derek even remember their first meeting in the woods? Probably not. He´d only had eyes for Scott, who was already a werewolf. That´s why Scott belonged to Derek and Stiles was only tolerated.

Two nights ago they had settled in at the Hale house. Stiles told them what he had found out about Kali´s past. "Only a few things so far. Kali comes from Mexico. Her father was the leader of an infamous and powerful pack until she killed him. Turned into an Alpha she and a few Betas fled the territory. That happened two years ago."

"Then she´s merciless," Derek said. "We have to prepare thoroughly. Tomorrow we´ll start. Get some rest."

They scattered in the rooms on the upper floor. Lydia and Allison in Cora´s room. Peter in his own room. Derek and Isaac in Derek´s room. He and Scott in a room Derek didn´t say who it once belonged to. The shower consisted of a few buckets of water poured over your head at the back of the house. No, thank you. Stiles skipped the self-display, and just brushed his teeth over the washbowl. He crawled into his sleeping bag and hugged his favorite pillow. He remembered the peculiar look that Derek had given him at the sight of his bedding. Yeah, so? I´m pathetic. I need a fluffy, little friend to feel safe. No need to rub it in. Just leave me alone.

The training sessions over the next two days were intense and sweaty, particularly with all the touching going on. The werewolves even scented each other. That was kind of gross, really. He didn´t want that. No. Seriously? Who would want that?

He noticed that he had scraped his elbow on a stone. He was bleeding. Oh, come on. What else to make this worse? What else to make him look like a wuss? I could howl. No. Rather not. Derek didn´t look amused. Yeah, well, sorry, Alpha man. Simply human. "Okay. I´m not finished yet." He shook a fist at Derek. "I´m just getting started."

"No." Derek pulled him up, smoothing Stiles´s hair in the process. "You take a break."

Stiles shuddered. Wasn´t it a benefit that he had grown out his hair? Wasn´t it nice to feel Derek´s touch, though it was just a pet for a little kid? Wasn´t it sad Derek didn´t take him seriously?

"Scott. Isaac. Your turn," Derek ordered roughly.

The two werewolves got in position. They were shirtless and their chests were heaving up and down, lines of muscles rising and falling. Allison watched them for a few seconds before she continued shooting arrows into a target painted on a tree. She missed the middle by an inch, and cast her eyes down, blushing.

Oh. Good, I´m not the only one making a fool out of myself, Stiles mused, plucking at his elbow.

"Here. Take this." Lydia handed him a tissue.

"Thanks." He ignored Peter´s mocking grin. "I think I should clean this." He walked into the house and entered the room with the temporary kitchen. He fetched the faucet piped with a hose from outside. The water trickled pleasantly cold onto his wound.

"Is it that bad?" Derek said, standing in the doorway.

"No. Just a scratch."

"Let me have a look."

"That´s not-"

Derek seized Stiles´s arm anyway, inspecting the wound.

Stiles´s knees turned to jelly. Oh, Crap.

Derek pursed his lips and blew on the injury.

Oh my god. Stiles gulped. What now? What comes next?

"Derek!" Scott´s outcry. That would happen. Not what he desired.

Derek dropped Stiles´s arm and rushed outside. Stiles stayed behind for a few seconds, catching his breath. He turned the trickle of water off. The injury burnt worse than before. Why was Derek always wearing black? Not that the color didn´t suit him but it was kind of depressing. Well, the whole affair with Derek was a downer, right? He grimaced and staggered after Derek.

The pack was here. They were six. The Alpha. Kali. Five males. Three of them were around Derek´s age. Their demeanor made clear that they not only came for Boyd and Erica but to carve out territories.

We are seven, Stiles decided. Well, sort of.

Kali appeared even more fierce and dangerous than on that night coming at him on the streets. The boy at her right had pitch black eyes and hair as bright as the sun. Stiles recognized him as one of the boys who was with Kali when she was harassing him. He was the one laughing the loudest about Kali teasing him. Fucking moron!

Kali was barefoot, and she was showing off long, delicate claws which were painted blood-red. A simple but shiny bracelet graced her left ankle. "How´s the Alpha´s magic boy today?" she inquired instead of a greeting.

Oh Crap! Stiles winced. That´s not good. That´s-

"Who?" Derek said, slightly unhinged.

"That human who is allowed to stand next to you."

"He´s not the only human here," Derek replied, unblinking.

"His scent is all over you," Kali needled Derek with a toothy smirk. Her pack roared.

Derek crossed his arms. "So? He´s part of this pack."

"That´s why you´re creeping around his house and school then?" Kali continued, unwavering.

What? Stiles couldn´t believe what he had just heard. Derek was stalking him. Really?

"Is he an Emissary?" the moron interrupted cheekily.

"Certainly not his," Stiles snarked back. He heard a snort from his left, but couldn´t make out which of his friends had made the sound.

"Is he fun to play with?" the boy provoked Derek further, dissatisfied with the answer. "The human bitch." He then leered at Stiles, checking him out from top to bottom.

Derek put a hand on Stiles´s arm, casually picking at the skin with the tips of his claws.

In an unexpected move Kali hauled her claws through the boy´s face, leaving four deep cuts behind. The Beta barely flinched, only his eyes flashed a flaming gold, and then he dropped his head submissively, while blood was running down his face and neck.

The wolves on both sides growled but none of them commented on the cruelty.

Stiles was frozen for different reasons. What is he doing? And why is he doing it? The touch of Derek´s claws scraping along his arm as light as a breath of moonlight shining in the darkest woods couldn´t be called a threat, no, rather an endearment, but that didn´t make him feel less awed. And why do I care so fucking much?

"Didn´t you come here to talk about more important matters?" Derek said, not stopping his caress.

"So eager, Alpha Hale?" Kali countered. "Your Betas' trust in you is not so confident."

"Yet they belong to me," Derek said. The grip around Stiles´s arm tightened just one tiny bit.

"We´ll see what belongs to you, Hale," Kali sneered. "Accept my request. We either rule this land here together or we´ll kill both of your puppies." Her eyes flickered to Stiles. "Maybe even a few more."

"Do not dare to threaten those who are mine," Derek snarled, still caressing Stiles´s arm.

Stiles noted Derek and Kali bargaining only vaguely because he was focused on the crimson drops falling from the boy´s mutilated face. No matter what Kali had done to him the young werewolf gazed at her as if she was a Goddess. He even licked his lips like he wanted her. Holy G- Stiles tore his eyes off of him. His stomach did a flip flop.

"I give you one day to think about my offer," Kali concluded. She turned around.

"There is nothing to think about," Derek said. He signed Scott, Allison, and Isaac to escort the hostile pack off the grounds.

Peter lingered around, a smug grin on his face. "Did you see the boy´s eyes? Can you believe it?"

"Go and make sure they leave our land," Derek ordered.

Peter sneaked across the porch brushing against Lydia standing close. She lifted her hand as if she wanted to hit him. He chuckled, and jumped down to the ground.

Stiles shook off Derek´s hand. "Oh my God. What was that?" he whispered, listening to his frantic heartbeat.

"What was what?" Derek didn´t wait for his reply but went into the house.

Jerk! Stiles glanced briefly at Lydia gripping the porch railing, then he chased after Derek. "That creepy thing you did to my arm."

"Not a clue what you mean," Derek huffed.

"You do, you creep. I-"

"Don´t call me that." Derek shoved him against the wall.

"Uff...holy kind of like that, huh? Smashing me into something?"


"Is it an Alpha or a pack thing?"

"Neither. It´s a you thing." Derek´s eyes turned as green as a spring forest. He wrinkled his nose. "What did you tell Kali? Why did she call you by that name?"

"I told her nothing, okay? I was only making a joke."

"A joke?"

"Yeah. Something you never do?"

"You think this is funny?"

"No. Now let go of me, sourwolf."

"You´re insufferable. I don´t know why..."

"Hey, Stiles?" Scott called from outside. "Are you coming or not?"

Not! "Why w-" Derek closed in and feathered a lingering breath over Stiles´s neck, a tip of tongue, an edge of teeth.... Stiles started shaking, literally shaking...

"STILES!" Scott called again. "If you´re not out in five seconds I´m coming to get you."

Derek pushed off of him and walked away. Stiles stayed put for an eternity it appeared, at a loss for words, trying to figure out what had just happened. He touched his neck. Had Derek bitten him? Was he marked? "Coming." He stumbled out the door, almost falling over the small step. "Shit." His heartbeat was still racing like he was prey having made a narrow escape from the beast. And he kind of did, didn´t he?

"What´s up with you? Why are you glowing?" Scott said, using a towel to dry his chest and arms. A few scratches graced his lower torso. Isaac must have pinched him a bit.

Shut up, Scott. "I am not. I just need some air. This house is a nightmare of dust, gumming up my air pipes. No wonder I´m almost having a panic attack."

"Sorry. I didn´t know you were having such a hard time." He looked at Stiles´s arm. "What were you doing in there anyway? All alone with Derek?"

Were there any marks? Were there? And even if there are, don´t you dare to say something about it. He noticed Isaac and Allison standing by the treeline, chatting. Isaac was still shirtless. His back was disfigured by long, deep scratches. Okay. Obviously the fight had ended even. Stiles pointed at the unusual couple. "Since when did they become so cozy?"

"I don´t know." Scott shrugged. "She was in France the whole summer, so I can´t even..."

Oops! Scott was a whole lot of jealous, Stiles realized. "Where´s Lydia?"

"Hiding in her car, waiting for Allison to stop...." Scott sighed. "...waiting for Allison."

"That creep Peter just doesn´t leave her alone. Wasn´t it bad enough he forced her to help bring him back from the dead? Now he even stalks her. I´ll go talk to her."

"Yeah. I´ll ask Derek what time he wants us to come back tomorrow."

"Okay." He tried to ignore all the sensations flushing his body due to just hearing Derek´s name. God! He passed Isaac and Allison who weren´t done talking.

"For what´s it´s worth I´m sorry," Allison just said.

"Was that an apology?" Isaac replied, unusually soft.

"Would you accept an apology?" Allison said, surprised.

"Uh..." Isaac cleared his throat.

Oh, yeah. They appeared pretty cozy. Scott wouldn´t like to know. Stiles rushed on. He found Lydia sitting in the car, dabbing at her eyes with a tissue.


She startled. "Jesus Christ! Stiles! Don´t sneak up on me like that."

"Sorry. You know, you shouldn´t let Peter get to you like that."

"I don´t." She sniffed. "I just miss Jackson so much."

Oh. Of course. How stupid of him not to think about that. "I´m sorry." Okay. Good friend that he was he sat down next to her listening to her talking about Jackson. Yeah. At least she forgot about Peter and it took his mind off Derek, if only for a short time.

Scott came to put him out of his misery not long after. He carried their sleeping bags and stuff. "Derek said we should come back right after school, and sleep at home for a few nights. No need to make our parents suspicious."

Isaac scowled at him and disappeared into the house. Scott made a face at Stiles. What? Allison switched places with Stiles. "Oh, Lyds. Maybe you shouldn´t come back here with us tomorrow."

"Are you mad? Anything is better than sitting home alone thinking about Jackson."

"But Peter-" Stiles objected, weirdly disappointed that he wasn´t sleeping here the coming nights. He´d wanted to confront Derek about what had happened. He checked if his pillow was among the pile. Yeah, there. All fine.

"Makes me furious. Which is better than feeling devastated." Lydia flipped her beautiful red hair back. "Let´s go." She started the car.

"Should we ask Deaton for help?" Scott suggested, putting a shirt on at last.

"Maybe." Allison´s cheeks were rosy, her lips full and red. She looked particularly beautiful tonight. Was that Isaac´s effect on her or rather Scott´s recently covered up nakedness?

"Are you sure?" Stiles said. "Derek is on none too friendly terms with the guy since the incident with Peter." He was looking back at the house looming there like a bad sign. He could swear he could see two red circles flashing in the twilight. "I don´t trust him either. He´s too mysterious."

"Yeah, but Deaton knows a lot of stuff. We should bring in whoever is able to deal with the supernatural."

"Right." He didn´t tell Scott he had thought about Deaton himself. Neither did he tell him that Deaton had called him more than once over the summer and asked him to improve his skills with mountain ash. He had always said no to the man. "I´m still saying Derek wouldn´t like his interference."

"Okay. I´ll ask Derek before I do it. Satisfied?"

"Not my decision to make, bro." Stiles stared into the growing darkness. "You´re closer to the Alpha."

"Sure! That´s why you smell like Derek." Scott punched him.


One by one Lydia dropped them off at their houses. Stiles didn´t go in but took the Jeep to drive to Deaton. He didn´t tell Scott. Wasn´t he the worst friend ever? Wasn´t he the biggest hypocrite? Maybe. Yet he felt the need to do this alone.

At first the animal clinic appeared abandoned, but then he heard voices. Deaton wasn´t alone. He had company. "I can only say it would be a lot better if you bring her here." A low murmur in return. "Fine. Are you sure I shouldn´t take a look at that?" The murmur turned more urgent. "I see."

"Dr. Deaton? Are you in there?" Stiles called out. Hasty footsteps. A door banged shut. The next second Deaton walked into the reception room.

"Mr. Stilinski. What gives me the honor?" The vet appeared as calm as ever. Not a sign of excitement disturbed his unreadable expression.

Was the man even real or rather an artificial creature from the future? Or probably from a galaxy far, far away? Help me, Obi-Wan Kenobi. You´re my only hope. No. Stiles bit his lip to keep himself from laughing. "I want to learn more about mountain ash."

"I thought you didn´t believe." Deaton didn´t look in the slightest surprised, though.

"I had a lot of time over the summer to think."

"You were bored," Deaton realized.

That clever bastard. "No. Yes. Maybe." He shrugged. "Since know...uh...I need to protect myself better..."

"I see." Deaton nodded. "Well, come with me then. I´ll give you a handful to practice."

The room was clean and empty. Yet Stiles noticed the bottle of pills Deaton snatched from the table to put it back on the upper shelf. Who had Deaton been talking to? Who disappeared in a hurry? What was the man hiding? Could he really trust him?

The practice started rather ineffectively and turned the opposite of good. He couldn´t do the smallest circle. Soon he felt like the biggest loser.

"Think of the things that count," Deaton advised. "The sun. The pack. The moon. Scott. Derek-"

The ash burnt the skin of his palm. Stiles startled and threw his hand upwards. The ash came down and made a ridiculously tiny circle on the table. Nothing you could call a circle. But still.

"Ah. There is the spark," Deaton stated wryly. "And the truth."

Holy crap! That man scares me. Stiles stared at his undamaged hand. No burns, though his arm was sore from the exercise. I hope he´s not the enemy. I hope I´m doing the right thing. I hope for... something.

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