Alpha Boy - 1/9

Author: Daniela
Fandom: Teen Wolf
Pairing: Sterek
Rating: PG13
Category: Angst, Adventure, Romance, Humor
Series/Sequel: No
Disclaimer: I don´t own them. Nobody is capable of owning them.
Summary: What´s a boy supposed to do with a big scary wolf?
Warning: M/M, Slash
Feedback: Doesn´t scare me. :)
Released: December 2014
Beta: badly_knitted
Word Count: 2.354

I don´t trust you. And you don´t trust me.
I´m the one keeping you alive.
Yeah. Because you need me to survive.

Fuck that summer which had been a waste of time. Three months of boredom. He had missed the action, the suspense, the mystery, and even... No. Stiles chewed his lip. He wouldn´t go there. Not a chance. Well, what should have been a great summer with Scott and Allison broken up, and him spending most of the time with his buddy had turned out to be a big, fat flop. Not even his Lacrosse skills had improved despite all of the practicing he had done. He sucked. Yeah. The summer sucked. Life was a bore because something was missing. An adventure. A challenge. A spark. Something. He considered that he was just unhappy because Lydia was still in love with Jackson, even if the jerk had left town. Yeah, he was kind of depressed about that. Sure. That´s it. A girl broke -

Three youngsters appeared out of nowhere, blocking his way on the streets. The leader was a beautiful dark-skinned, black-haired female, flanked by two younger males. "What´s up, boy?"

Seriously? Stiles thought, exasperated. He didn´t know them. She was at least four years older than him. "Hey, I´m not looking for any trouble, okay?"

The girl grinned, baring a row of impressive teeth. "Says who?"

Stiles looked around. The street was deserted. Maybe he should run. Maybe he should talk more. Maybe he should stand his ground. "Alpha boy." He gave them his best glare. "I do magic." Yeah. Bad joke. Man, was he in a shitty mood.

The trio roared with laughter. The girl ran her long nails down his arm. "You´re funny, human."

The next second a car rushed to the curb. The boys jumped. The girl didn´t.

Derek´s Camaro. Stiles gaped at the owner inside as if he was changing into a wolf right in front of them. Of course, he didn´t. He just pushed the door at the passenger´s side open. "Get in."

"Uh...thank you." Stiles shook his head. "I can take care of myself."

"Stiles. Get in the car," Derek snarled for whatever reason. "Now." Before I rip your head off.

"Okay. Fine." Stiles waved at the three strangers, then jumped into the seat beside Derek.

The werewolf drove off with squealing tires.

Show off! "What are you doing here?" In a hurry Stiles put the seatbelt on.

"I live here as you know," Derek grumbled.

"I haven´t seen you all summer," Stiles spluttered without thinking because his senses were in a flurry.

"Yeah." Derek shrugged. "Not the socializing type. What was that about?"

"Nothing. Just some stupid troublemakers. I´ve never seen them before."

"Why did they pick on you?"

"How should I know?"

Derek growled.

A pleasant shiver ran down Stiles´s spine. "Got it. They´re werewolves."

"Yeah. So stay away from them."

"I didn´t do anything." Sure he remembered his silly joke but the pack couldn´t have thought he meant what he said, right? "So how was your summer?"


Duh! Stiles didn´t want Derek to get away with the familiar cant. "What did you do?"

"Stuff." Derek hit the brakes. They had arrived at Stiles´s home. Derek must have broken the speed limit. He leaned over and grappled Stiles´s shoulder. "Stay away. Okay?"

"Why so serious?" he quipped to lighten up the mood. Not that a bookworm like Derek would get a Joker reference.


"Sure!" He squirmed out of the car, dislodging Derek´s hand from his shoulder. "Bye."

Feeling a nagging disappointment he watched the car and Derek vanish into the night. "Nice talking to you, sourwolf." For a few seconds he kept staring at the fading red tail lights. "I missed you." The moment the words slipped over his lips he wished he could take them back. Not that anyone had heard his confession but he was stunned that he had said such a ridiculous thing out loud. A stupid, crazy, utterly lunatic sentiment. It was obvious that Derek hadn´t missed him. Not one bit. So what? He knew Derek hated him. He didn´t trust him. He didn´t even like him. Not even after the hours in the pool had he changed his behavior towards him. He was no friend. He was the fucking Alpha.

Stiles stomped up to his room. He had been so sure about what was going on with him but now he figured he´d got it all wrong. Just a short time spent close to Derek had been more exciting than the whole summer. Derek looked at him and he felt like he was being stripped naked. Derek said a few words and he turned into sparkling water bubbling over. Derek touched him and he was thinking dirty jerking off scenarios. Derek this. Derek that. Derek. Derek. Derek. Crap! Crap! CRAP!

His phone rang. Good. He needed a distraction.

"Hey, are you up for a surprise?" Scott blurted without any intro.

"Sure." He was up for anything. Anything but Derek!

"Derek wants to meet us at his house."

"What?" Stiles breathed into the phone. "What the hell...?"

"Wicked, huh?"

"Why are you telling me? I´m no werewolf."

"Derek asked for you particularly."

"Oh." Stiles flushed. Thank God that he and Scott didn´t skype.

"So will you come?"

"If the big, bad wolf said so." Ah. Crap. Don´t say shit like that.

"Okay." Scott sounded like he bit back a laugh. "After school tomorrow. At the Hale house."

"Okay. Nighty night, bro." He hung up and dropped on the bed, staring at the ceiling. That was kind of weird, right? First he bumped into Derek and they barely talked and yet he called a meeting, asking for him particularly. Why? He was human. He was not part of any pack. He was useless in a fight. Derek had never liked being around him. So? What the fuck was going on? What the fuck did Derek want?

The night went by in a hazy blur of messy dreams, not even his favorite pillow did the trick to help him find the rest he needed. School wasn´t any better; it meant hours of sitting still, plus enduring Mr. Harris. He couldn´t wait to get out and drive to the Hale house already.

Scott made things even worse by bringing Allison along, and Allison brought, yeah right, Lydia. Stiles had not talked to her since the night Jackson evolved from the Kanima into a werewolf. He was angry with Scott because he didn´t tell him. He was nervous, too, because of Lydia, of course, not Derek. God forbid! No.

He was pretty surprised that Allison came at all, even if her hatred towards Derek had fizzled out since Scott had told her the truth about the night Derek scratched her mom, and why she had committed suicide.

Peter, the one he loathed and distrusted the most, opened the door.

"You," Lydia spat in shock.

"Me," Peter replied, sounding equally aghast.

"You," Lydia echoed.

"Me," Peter emphasized, before he turned around. "Derek, your visitors have arrived."

They walked past Peter. Lydia shuddered. Peter´s eyes flashed blue and he smiled. That creep! Stiles clenched his fists.

Derek awaited them standing tall and with his arms crossed, a strapping guy dominating the room.

Stiles gulped. His fists unclenched as if by magic. Dude! Come on! How can you look so....desirable?

Isaac was behind Derek, lurking in the shadows. The young werewolf looked kind of pissed at Stiles, or was his dislike directed at Allison, standing closer to him than to Scott? Well, since they had broken up this must be kind of awkward for her as well.

Derek didn´t look happy that Scott brought the girls along. Neither were exactly his friends. One shot him and his pack, the other brought back to life the uncle he had killed. So, yeah, not exactly warm feelings here. He didn´t comment on their presence, though. "We found Boyd and Erica," Derek broke the news to them instead, skipping any welcoming speech.

"Great!" Stiles blurted to smooth over his inner turmoil. He felt like he was running in circles.

Derek glared at him. "Not so much, because they are in the hands of another pack. Their Alpha wants to make a trade."

"For what? Useless humans?" Stiles flung at Derek. He was desperate to overcome his awkwardness, and what was the best way to do that? Annoying the big, bad wolf, of course. Yeah, right!


Oh! That glare! He should shrivel to a lump and die. Instead he was the most turned on ever.

"We need a plan," Scott figured.

"That´s why I called you here," Derek declared, gazing at Stiles.

Stiles was fidgeting like a fool feeling those flaming looks. He felt the need to jump up and down like he was having a fit, worse he felt the need to fling himself at Derek, clinging. Whoa! Stop! He couldn´t think of a clever thing to say to kill the tension. He certainly didn´t say I missed you, which would have come close to having a death wish. Yes, he had missed Derek. Yes, he was happy to see him again. No. He could never tell Derek that. Ha! That joke was on him. Period. His eyes strayed around the room. Derek had made a few improvements. The floor was swept clean and most of the bulky junk had disappeared. Stiles also noticed the heater and the sofa in the back. Did Derek plan to stay here for good? Did he want to live in his burnt down home? Did he want-

"Stiles?" Derek touched his arm.

"What?" Crap! Why was he so jumpy?

"I need you to do some research."

Right! "Sure, Derek." Hey! Why not? Some research for the Alpha could turn out to be fun, maybe even more, he considered, feeling the imprint of Derek´s grip burn on his skin.

"Fine." Derek looked kind of disappointed at his quick agreement. Had he hoped for a little more action? Had he hoped for more resistance? Had he hoped Stiles would refuse the offer? "The Alpha´s name is Kali Mace. I want you to find out anything you can about her family and her country of origin."

"Anything we can do?" Lydia said, sounding pretty indifferent. She had moved closer to Allison, peering at Peter from the corner of her eye.

"Yes. In the next couple of days we have to prepare for the pack´s arrival here. We have to share. We have to smell like each other. We have to bond."

"Dude! Ugh!" Stiles complained. "Is that really necessary?"

"If we want to save Boyd and Erica, yes."

"You want us to cuddle?" Stiles mocked him.

"No, you idiot."

"What then?"

"Sharing space. Getting to know each other. So we can at least succeed in pretending that we´re pack."

"We´re happy to do all that if we can save Boyd and Erica," Scott interrupted their spat. "Right, guys?"

"I´m certain Stiles would be happier if he could do a lot more," Peter implied with glee.

"Shut up," Derek growled.

I hate Peter, Stiles realized not for the first time. He dared to look at Derek and was rewarded with a smoldering glare. Not Derek, though. "Okay, but only to save Boyd and Erica."

"Yes, only for them," Allison said. Lydia just nodded.

"That´s fine," Derek said, and he slumped as if a burden had just rolled off his shoulders.

They agreed to make up a story to settle things with their families so they could come back tomorrow and stay overnight. They were done for today. The small group unraveled. Derek and Stiles were the first through the door almost bumping into each other. Derek´s jaw clenched. His eyes flashed red. Great! Stiles grimaced. His walk turned into a sprint.

The werewolf trio gathered on the porch watching them leave. Stiles forced himself not to turn around to throw one last look at Derek, though he noticed that both of the girls did turn around. Hey! How about that?

They didn´t talk to each other on the drive back. They acted like they were strangers, not friends who´d gone through a lot together. Scott eyed Allison and Lydia whenever they whispered in secret in the backseat. Stiles focused on driving not saying anything.

Lydia had that creep written all over her face. Allison tried not to look at Scott at all.

Stiles wanted to say something to Lydia. I´m sorry that Peter hit on you. Be careful. How are you? Whatever he wanted to say he didn´t. The moment passed and the girls got out of the car.

"So, what do you think?" Scott said at once.

Stiles shrugged. "I don´t know. I´m curious. I can give you that."

"Yeah? What was that back there?"

"You know Peter. He´s..."

"I´m talking about you and Derek."

"Well, I´m annoyed that he dragged us into this. Aren´t you?"

"Sure, but we´ll do this for Boyd and Erica, right?"

"Right." Yeah, he was lucky that Scott´s werewolf lie detector obviously wasn´t working because he was distracted by his reunion with Allison. Scott was always so easy to fox.

He headed home to his computer and started researching. Yes, he wanted to save Erica and Boyd, but he knew that the inspiring spark pushing him on really sprang from Derek. He was doing it for Derek. He wanted to impress the Alpha. He wished he could do magic to bedazzle him. He groaned. Oh, man. He was nuts.

Hours later he shut the notebook down. He had found bits about Kali´s past he was sure Derek wouldn´t like. A past he didn´t know Derek was able to stand up to with just a fake pack behind him. Yes, he had the Alpha´s number. Yes, he could call him right away, but he didn´t have the nerve. Not today. Again he wished he could do magic. Yeah, sure. Fat chance that will ever happen. Exhausted he went to bed, not thinking about Derek. Neither was he dreaming about wolves, nor the woods and the moon...

...or doing magic.

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