A la Cart

  • Gregīs appearance: Positive

  • 5 Scenes: with the team

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/N, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.: He knew about Gil
    and Sara. He knows that
    "There were all kinds of
    high school games last night".

First Scene:
Grissom walks over to Nick who is in the middle of the road looking at the bloodstain. Greg joins them. They talk. Grissom follows the traces of blood. Nick and Greg follow Grissom down the road. Nick stops, puts an evidence marker down on the road. Greg raises the camera and takes a photo. One bloodstain veers off to the side. They head for the bushes and find a body without a head. They note that the left hand is missing.

Second Scene:
Nick and Greg talk with the girl behind the counter, Christin Gillis. She hands the printout to Greg. "Vinnie Vroom," the dead man beat out a guy named "Hot Rod." They turn around to see Hot Rod get out of his cart. Nick calls out to him. Hot Rod runs. Greg shrugs and motions for Nick to go on ahead. Nick takes off after Hot Rod. He jumps right over the track fence and takes the direct route. Greg takes off, going around the fence to head Hot Rod off. Nick and Hot Rod exit the building. Hot Rod heads for his truck. Nick takes his gun out and holds it on Hot Rod. Hot Rod stops. Greg arrives with the officers, who handcuff Hot Rod. Greg looks inside the truck. He finds a belt and tests it for blood.

Third Scene:
Greg and Nick examine the go-carts.

Fourth Scene:
Greg and Nick report back to Grissom. They go to the lab to test something. Ecklie passes in the hallway and walks in. Ecklie stays to watch the test.

Fifth Scene:
The team is inside racing around the tracks in the go-carts. Sara and Grissom walk up to the fence and watch them. As they round the corner, they wave to them. Grissom gives a thumbs-up sign to them. Grissom joins the team racing. Sara gives him a thumbs-up sign. She remains at the fence watching them from the outside.

Best Dialogs:
Nick: "Hey, did Sara ever say anything to you about her and Grissom?"
Greg: "Not in so many words."
Nick: "So you knew about the two of them?"
Greg: "Yeah."

Nick: "You know, when I was a kid, we used to make these things out of lunch trays and old lawn mower engines."
Greg: "When I was kid, I used to make bombs--little bombs."

My Comment:
Greg says he knew (!!!) about Gil and Sara. Nick seems to be pissed because Greg didnīt tell him. Thatīs so funny. Certainly Greg knew. He always knew everything which was going on in the lab.

He was making bombs as a kid! Holy cow! He truly is the younger Grissom. Mr. Supergeek!

He so doesnīt like to run.

"Well, people's heads just don't fly off for no reason," he says. Grissom raises both eyebrows.

"I love this," he says, happy to be a part of Grissomīs experiment in the lab. They are both one of a kind.

Brass is cool as always. Hodges looks glad that Sara is back. Ecklie is right that Gil and Sara could have had it easier. Catherine could have done Sara's evaluations or Sara could have moved to swing or day shift.

At the end, Sara looks as if she hides something but I donīt know what.

Out of the blue Warrick is divorced. We learn that from this brief dialog:
Warrick: "One minute we're married, and the next..."
Catherine: "You know what? Good for you. Divorces should be like Band-Aids, one quick yank and done."
Warrick: "You think?"
Just two years after he got married. We truly are in Las Vegas.

Nick and Hodges. The new love couple.

Nick: "Okay, Hodges, dazzle me."

Nick: "Guess I better get my go-cart on."
Hodges: "You know, just so you know, I'm a bit of go-cart enthusiast myself."
Nick: "Oh, uh ... that's awesome."

The whole team is racing around the tracks in go-carts. A very nice moment.

Greg looks gorgeous!