Family Affair

  • Greg´s appearance: Irritated

  • 12 Scenes: with Nick, Catherine,
    Sara, Brass and Ray

  • Shippyness: G/N, G/C, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
  • Misc.:
    Greg knows the name of
    Grissom´s spider.

Greg and the team are called to the murder of a starlet. But Catherine sends Greg to the murder of some
scumbag in a motel. Greg is angry because he thinks she could have send Ray to do this. But Greg is a
professional and treats the scumbag with the same respect as the starlet. Sara visits the lab and Greg
greets her happily. They talk about Grissom. Then the team finds out that both cases are connected.
Nick finds "little Stevie", Grissom´s spider, which was missing for years.

Best Moment:
Greg and Sara hug, and then they talk about Grissom, and about how Greg is doing.

Best Dialog:
Sara: "So how´s the world treating you?"
Greg: "You know, still being treated like the lab tech with the crazy hair."

My Comment:
The beginning is beautifully done, the rest is okay, with some personal stuff, which is always
more interesting than the case itself. Do I have to know that Sara is married to Grissom now?
Not really. It´s nice we see more of Greg and that he shows his anger to be treated like the lab boy still.
It´s a bummer that Riley just left. The writers did it again. They brought in a character and then they
just let it vanish. It´s great to see David Berman in the credits after all these years. I liked to see Greg
this angry. He even snaps at Nick. This boy is much too nice. It´s unfair to treat him like a beginner and
prefer Ray all the time. But Greg calms down and treats the other victim with the same respect as
the starlet. That´s my boy. He´s so like Grissom. The moment he shared with Sara is touching. It´s obvious
she really likes him. That the two cases are connected in the end is no surprise at all after 9 years of watching