The Accused Is Entitled

  • Gregīs appearance: Cautious
  • 5 Scenes: with the team
  • Shippyness: G/G, G/N, G/S
  • What we learn about him:
    He doesnīt know who
    Polanski is.
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
A group of people watch the television set both inside the lab across the hall and in the hallway. A second television set is also on the news coverage inside the CSI Lab. Nick turns of television. The CSIīs discuss the case. Greg walks in holding the test results. He hands them to Grissom and gives his report. Nick picks up the remote and turns the television sound back up. Everyone's attention focuses back on the screen. Marjorie Wescott says that the evidence Las Vegas CSI did collect has been completely and irretrievably compromised. Catherine gasps. Grissom looks equally surprised at the announcement.

Second Scene:
Grissom tells the team that Tom Haviland's attorneys exercising their right to a speedy trial. They're pushing for their day in court. Greg says, "I'm only done processing half the evidence." He has to call in help Catherine advices.

Third Scene:
Nick works on the security video tape from the camera above the crap table. His pager beeps. Nick looks at the pager. He turns his head. In the background in the next room, Greg holds up the pager and waves. Nick sighs and gets up to see what Greg wants. Nick pushes the glass door open and enters the DNA lab. Greg reports to him. Nick leaves to go back to the Audio/Video Lab. Unaware that he's being watched through the glass window, Greg holds the dice (The EVIDENCE!) from one hand to the other and rolls it on the table in front of him. Greg looks up and notices the silver-haired man standing outside the glass window. It's Phillip Gerard, Grissomīs mentor. Greg doesn't smile.

Fourth Scene:
Inside the DNA Lab, the usually boisterous Greg is dressed completely covered. From the head wear to the protective mask. He isn't taking any chances. He picks up the result paper and heads out the door to go to Grissomīs office. He reports to the boss. Sara joins them.

Fifth Scene:
Grissom, Catherine and Greg leaf through a table full of tabloid magazines. They are all looking for photographs of Tom Haviland. Grissom tosses a The National Informer magazine on the table and reaches for another issue of the same tabloid. Each magazine either has a picture of Tom Haviland or some mention of the movie star's name on its covers. Catherine puts the National Informer tabloid she was reading through down flat on the table for Grissom to examine. Grissom leans in and looks at the pictures. He reaches for the magnifying glass and examines up close a particular photograph. He's found what he's looking for and is going to go to court to give a testimony.

Best Dialogs:
Nick: "You beeped me from across the hall?"
Greg: "Uh, yeah. I waved; you didn't look up."

Greg: "Psst, Grissom. We got a development. I went over those swatches that Sara gave me from the bed sheet."
Grissom: "Are you whispering?"
Greg: "I don't want that Gerard guy to hear me."
Grissom: "Well, he's not here, so stop it."

My Comment:
Greg plays with the evidence (dice) and gets caught by Dr. Phillip Gerard, Grissomīs mentor. Oh boy!
Does Greg know Gilīs mentor? The frosty look Gerard gives Greg. The look Greg gives back. I never saw Greg look this way.

Greg dresses completely with head wear and mask to avoid any accusations in order to incorrect results. Greg is whispering the results so Gerard, the opponent, canīt hear him. Way to go! Problem is he whispers to Grissom, a man who is losing his hearing. Thatīs somehow both, sad and funny. Of course, Grissom snaps at him. Besides Sara suspects that Greg has told Grissom something she had entrusted to Greg. (season 3 - Revenge is best served cold). "What's, uh, going on?" she wants to know. What have you told him, Sara? That you only love Grissom?

Greg beeps Nick from across the hall. Cute.

Actually Greg is the savior of the whole team here. In his kept tabloid magazines Grissom finds the final proof to convict Tom Haviland. "I hid all these when I heard Gerard would be snooping around," he confesses. *grin*
Oh well...his devotion belongs to one man only. Gil Grissom.