Abra Cadaver

  • Gregīs appearance: Magical

  • 4 Scenes: with the team

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S, G/N

  • What we learn about him:
    He kept himself well-informed
    in the music scene.
  • Misc.:

First Scene:
Sara is in Greg's DNA lab waiting for the results of the test. Greg is wearing a large turban-like hat on his head. He grabs a folder off of the table in front of him and slaps the folder flat side to his forehead and holds it there. Sara asks him questions. Greg rolls his eyes upward and shakes his head. The printer next to him immediately begins to print out another set of results. Greg reaches for that paper and holds the paper flat against his forehead, print side turned away from Sara. Grissom silently walks up behind Greg and starts reading the results for himself. Greg's eyes open in surprise. He immediately puts the test results down and quickly takes off the Swami hat. Grissom leaves. Greg stands there looking quite embarrassed. Sara finally smiles.

Second Scene:
Greg, Nick and Catherine walk through the hallway. Greg hands two CD's to Catherine and one DVD to Nick. Nick asks Greg to get back on the internet to look for more info about the band.

Third Scene:
Greg enters the lab and pulls up a chair. He sits down next to Warrick and reports to him.

Fourth Scene:
Greg reports to Nick and Catherine.

Best Dialog:
Sara: "I know you didn't beep me for a magic trick."
Greg: "Swami doesn't do magic tricks. Swami's here to reveal all of your DNA secrets."
Sara: "I'm very busy, Greg."
Greg: "Blood from the "Chamber of Doom."
Greg: "Same as the d-donor of the blood found on the basement floor but...d-different than the blood found in the alleyway."
Sara: "Different person?"
Greg: "Different...animal."
Sara: "Really? What kind of animal?"
Greg: "Oh, Swami needs more time."

My Comment:
An enchanting Greg/Sara/Grissom moment. Greg has his fun with Sara until Grissom shows up. Greg sobers up at once. Now Sara smiles.

Itīs so cute when Nick calls him G.

Random thought: Is the magician Toby Arcane coming on to Grissom or not?