73 Seconds

Greg and Sara have to solve the case of a dead man having a young man's face and an old man's body.

Best Quote:
Greg: "Next time we break in a new supervisor I´m in Hawaii. Tossing the sand, drink in my hand. And I won´t do looking at bugs."

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "Did you see the look on Nick´s face on the tram when he saw Russell just lying there?"
Sara: "Awesome."

Morgan: "You don´t look like a history nerd."
Greg: "Neither did you. I mean the nerd part. Not that you are a nerd or that there is anything wrong with being a nerd."

Best Moment:
Greg meets Morgan. AWKWARD!

My Comment:
I like D.B. the new supervisor. I like that he has a family and a private life. But I still miss Grissom and want him back.
Greg and Sara are very comfortable around each other but I don´t understand why is Greg behaving this awkward meeting Morgan.
He´s no boy anymore. Dear God! He´s 36. When Greg mentions meeting Morgan to Sara she changes the subject immediately.
*rolles eyes* Jealous Sara? Just for the fun of seeing Ecklie´s face when he finds out that Greg is dating his daughter I want
Greg and Morgan to getting together. In my heart he´ll always be Grissom´s boy.
Again Hodges is so weird. In a good and funny way of course.
The ending shows a lot of conflict which is good.