• Gregīs appearance: Serene

  • 9 Scenes: With Grissom,
    Sara and Dr. Robbins

  • Shippyness: G/G, G/S

  • What we learn about him:
    He seems immature about
    the way he looks. He read
    "The Tell-Tale Heart" by
    Edgar Allen Poe.
  • Misc.:
    Greg and Sara have to
    take a shower together.

First Scene:
A phone rings as Grissom walks through the hallway. He heads toward reception. As Greg and Sara return to the office, Grissom catches a bit of their conversation. Grissom turns around and watches them go, surprise etched on his face.

Second Scene:
Det. Cavaliere leads Sara and Greg through the house and into the workout room where the dead body is located. The body is on the floor, a pool of blood near his head, eyes and nose area bleeding. Greg looks around the room and notices the walls covered with posters of Paul Charles in various body-building poses. Sara walks up to the body and puts her kit down.

Third Scene:
Sara and Greg are going through the room. Greg walks around the room as Sara is near the body holding a camera. Greg stops in front of the rack of weights and points out one of these could be the murder weapon. Sara takes a swab sample of the blood on the carpet. As Sara talks, Greg glances back to make sure she's not looking at him. He looks at the full-length wall mirror and makes a muscle. Greg puts his arm down and looks back just as Sara finishes and glances at him.

Fourth Scene:
INT. PAUL CHARLES' RESIDENCE- DAY: Greg walks through the hallway and into the bedroom. He looks at the things on the dresser. Greg looks at the newspaper and drops it on the bed. Greg walks around to the side of the bed and checks the nightstand. He opens the drawer and finds a handgun inside. Greg takes a photo of the gun and picks it up to put it in a bag. He closes the top drawer and opens the bottom drawer. Inside, he finds three syringes of varying sizes. He takes a photo of the syringes. He picks one up and looks at it.
Sara picks up a framed photo and looks at it. Sara looks at the other items on Paul Charles' desk. She reaches behind his open laptop and picks up his calendar book. She looks through it. Greg walks into the room holding up the bag with the gun. He holds up the second bag with the syringes.

Fifth Scene:
Two men in HazMat suits pull Sara and Greg out of the house. They lead Sara and Greg down the front stairs. The HazMat Man1 pulls Sara into the make-shift decontamination tent set up in front of the house. HazMat Man2 follows inside with Greg. The two men in HazMat suit shower down Sara and Greg.

Sixth Scene:
Judy Tremont answers the phone. Grissom appears out of the hallway and passes reception. He heads off in one direction. Sara and Greg return and head toward reception. Grissom can't help but overhear part of their conversation in which they talk about the time they were showering together. Grissom stops and stares as Sara and Greg continue through the hallway.

Seventh Scene:
Robbins reports his findings to Sara and Greg. Out in the hallway, Hodges stops near the doorway and listens, then he steps into the room and joins in.

Eighth Scene:
Sara and Greg return to the house to look for the source of the mold. They're both wearing face masks. They found it behind the wall together with a bullet and human tissue.

Ninth Scene:
Sara and Greg report their findings back to Grissom. The case can be closed. Grissom is pleased with their work.

Best Dialogs:
Greg: "Sara, I just want you to know that when we were in the shower, I didn't see anything."
Sara: "Really? Gosh, I saw everything."

Greg: "This is just like that Edgar Allen Poe story where the victim's heart under the floorboards betrays the murder."
Grissom: "The Tell-Tale Heart. I thought you didn't like reading the classics."
Greg: "I do when they're about dismembered bodies."

My Comment:
Greg and Sara are a good team. So very good they have to team up in the shower. GRIN.

GSG - Gil Grissom is not amused to hear about them showering together. Oh no. Grissom looks quite confused. His jealousy in this episode is even more obvious than in "Committed". He doesnīt like the idea that Greg and Sara have seen each other naked.
In the last scene when they bring Gil the evidence to close the case, heīs still not very friendly looking. Why Gil? Arenīt you proud of them? Your students did a good job? Finally, at the end, Gil loosens up a bit and smiles about Gregīs comment about Edgar Allen Poe stories.
By the way, Greg assures he saw nothing in the shower (thatīs his story, he sticks to it and only he knows the truth and nothing but the truth) but Sara claims she saw everything (whatever she means by that). Gilīs boy Greg - exposed to a woman. Thatīs something Gil has to be mad about. Thatīs a scandal.
In the shower Greg looks very cute and vulnerable - to bite into.

The way Greg checks his biceps by looking into the mirror makes it pretty obvious he seems immature about the way he looks, right? Why Greg? Not everyone wants a muscleman. Me for example. Neither do Sara or Gil.

Like always it is a delight to watch Hodges - with whomsoever.

Starring Greg