35K O.B.O.

  • Gregs appearance: Choosy
  • 1 Scene: with Nick

  • Shippyness: None

  • What we learn about him:
    He can be very skin-deep.

  • Misc.: He had a date last night.

First Scene:
Greg is in the lab looking through the scope. Nick walks in. He brings a hair to analyze. Greg finds out its cat hair.

Best Dialog:
Nick: "Hey, Greg."
Greg: "Shh. I might be looking at the mother of my children here."
Nick: "Somebody's been putting in way too much overtime."
Greg: "No, man, this is serious. I had a date last night and this girl has the most impossible green eyes. Just... bamm. Shoulder-length blonde hair...intelligent...and she smells so good."
Nick: "Cute toes?"
Greg: "Oh...ideal."
Nick: "Mmm."
Greg: "And none are longer than the big toe."
Nick: "Mmm."
Greg: "Both feet. But, you know, what I need to know is what's on the inside?"
Nick: "Oh, what's in her heart?"
Greg: "No...her DNA...and let me tell you -- this girl has got some fine epithelials."
Nick: "Dude, you're sick. Man, you've officially lost it."
Greg: "No, no. There is this guy in Louisville. He charges 300 clams to test your spouse's underwear for foreign DNA. Now, that guy is sick. I'm just a romantic."
Nick: "But whatever happened to getting to know someone over coffee...letting the relationship evolve? Romantic is sending flowers not bogarting her skin cells."
Greg: "Ahh, that's boring."

My Comment:
Greg shows he is the typical male. The girl of his dreams has to be perfect. Im disappointed in him. Otherwise he was funny as always.